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Would you be able to use an Apple Watch with Android?

The Apple Watch is quite possibly the most sound and alluring wearables available, so there make certain to be a lot of Android clients enticed by its smooth lines and really helpful usefulness. Notwithstanding, do you have to surrender your Android telephone to accept the Apple Watch? Would you be able to utilize an Apple Watch with your Android phone?

The most recent age of Apple Watch has truly set the highest quality level for smartwatches. While Wear OS is unquestionably moving forward, Apple has figured out how to make an item that is firm, steady, and aware of the way that a smartwatch still needs to function as a wristwatch. So the short and basic answer is No, you can’t utilize an Apple Watch with Android Phones. The less straightforward answer is that you can kind of, sort of, get an Apple Watch to laconically trade information with an Android telephone. Be that as it may, this is a seriously restricted set up and we can’t actually suggest it.

Apple Watch needs an iPhone to get started!

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It’s the lasting inquiry each time new Apple Watch software of another watch comes out: would you be able to utilize the Apple Watch with Android?

There’s no avoiding it: in case that you need to actuate and set up your Apple Watch, you need an iPhone. You need to utilize the underlying Watch application on your iPhone to actuate your watch, set up things like iCloud and Apple Pay, and enact cell availability in the event that you have a watch with LTE.

It’s absolutely impossible to pair an Apple Watch with an Android phone after arrangement. While it is a Bluetooth gadget, the Apple Watch is made expressly to work with the iPhone.

A cellular Apple Watch with an iPhone

This might appear to be somewhat insincere, but on the other hand, it’s, in fact, right, as this technique allows you to utilize your Apple Watch with an Android telephone. Or on the other hand, more precisely, it empowers you to utilize your Apple Watch while utilizing an Android telephone. You’ll require a cell Apple Watch, alongside admittance to an iPhone. You’ll additionally need your nano-SIM card for your telephone.

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What you need to do is pair the Apple Watch with your iPhone, initiate cellular capacity on the watch, at that point swap the SIM card from your iPhone to your Android gadget, as laid out here.

Would you be able to use an Apple Watch with Android?

Since the Apple Watch with LTE can work semi-autonomously and has its own phone line with your carrier. Both your Android telephone and Apple Watch will get calls set to you. You may likewise see instant messages, however, this may be not exactly dependable.

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You additionally will not have the option to offload any information, similar to wellness information, to your Android telephone. Once more, your telephone and watch aren’t matched now; they’re only attached to a similar cellular account.

With Family Set up and watchOS 7

In case that you live with somebody or are at any rate close with somebody, who utilizes an iPhone, it could be more conceivable than any other time in recent memory to utilize an Apple Watch with an Android telephone. You actually can’t combine the two together. Yet because of watchOS 7 and Family Setup, you would now be able to set up an Apple Watch on a companion or relative’s iPhone, instead of needing one of your own. You would then be able to utilize the watch autonomously, however, a few highlights will be absent. In any case, which ones are missing can rely upon the Family Setup settings.

You may likewise have to confide in your companion or relative not to take a gander at your Apple Watch movement. So you, in any event, have some feeling of security.


Hope we have got you covered with how you can use an Apple Watch with your Android phone. It’s absolutely impossible to match an Apple Watch with an Android telephone after arrangement. While it is a Bluetooth device, the Apple Watch is made expressly to work with the iPhone. The only workaround requires a cellular Apple Watch, and you’ll still need an iPhone.

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