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Check out Nokia 5710 slider phone with in-built hidden wireless earbuds! Sounds amazing?


HMD Global has revealed three new Nokia feature phones, and the global feature phone industry is worth $1 billion, according to analysis firm IDC. The year can appear to be 1999 if you squint. These modern phones are anything but simple. With Nokia 5710 wireless earbuds XpressAudio, one among three new feature phones by HMD, the Finnish company holds the licensing for the Nokia phone brand, revealing the trick by exposing the wireless earphones concealed by a sliding mechanism in the rear.

As older consumers reject smartphones & younger generations attempt to wean themselves from them, the market for feature phones is still sizable.

New 5710 XpressAudio has a similar design

New 5710 XpressAudio has a similar design

Similar to the recently updated Nokia 5310 XpressMusic, this new Nokia 5710 wireless earbuds XpressAudio has a similar design and comes in black & red or white & red color schemes.

It also has matching wireless earphones that can be changed, hidden, and stored in a compartment on the back of the phone.

When it debuts in July, it will only cost £74.99, which is a reasonable price for a phone with wireless earphones that can also be synced with other devices.

Without this unmistakably modern feature, the 1999-released new Nokia 8210 could have deceived some people into thinking we were still in the year 2000.

The 8210 was a genuine antique Nokia phone and one of the earliest ever manufactured cellular devices. The brand-new 2022 model is a part of HMD’s Nokia Original line, which also includes the 3310. The 8210 enhances voice-over LTE conversation quality with 4G connectivity, a larger 2.8-inch display, and a built-in WhatsApp app for more advanced communication choices.

Nokia 2660 Flip

Nokia 5710 wireless earbuds: Nokia 2660 Flip

If you prefer to flip your phone over sliding it, the new Nokia 2660 Flip is also based on the Nokia 2660 from 2007. Because of its extended battery life, hearing aid compatibility, plus large buttons, HMD suggests it for persons over 55.

Still, this phone is for anyone wishing to pare back features and engage in a digital detox. In the UK, it will cost £64.99 in black, blue, or red.

These three phones will also be available in areas of Europe. However, a comparable model of the 2660 Flip was released under the confusingly different name of the 2760 Flip.

These new phones are not smartphones, there is no doubt about that, but when HMD advertises the 8210 as having “weeks of standby battery like the good old days,” it’s difficult to resist feeling nostalgic and inclined to pay out on one. In the UK, the 8210 4G will go on sale in late July for £64.99 in the sand, red, & blue.

Nokia T10

Nokia 5710 wireless earbuds: Nokia T10

The Nokia T10, a new Android tablet from HMD, unveils. It is the successor to the T20, which we evaluated last year and scored a strong 7/10.

Following the success of the T20, which distributes to employees by larger organizations. The corporation informed us in a briefing that it was for both the enterprise and consumer markets.

The T10 sports an 8-inch display or a polymer body that is created to withstand bumps and scratches, whether in the office or in your child’s hands. HMD promises two updates to Android 14 plus three years of security updates. It comes pre-installed with Android 12. A Wi-Fi version with 3GB RAM & 32GB storage will cost £129. At the same time, a variant with the exact specifications but the ability to use a 4G SIM card would cost £149.


Nokia wasn’t afraid to release one or two weird phones in the 1990s and 2000s. The Finnish company is back with the Nokia 5710 wireless earbuds XpressAudio. This low-cost feature phone includes a set of genuinely wireless headphones.

One of three new or refreshed phones that HMD Global unveiled this week. It manages to appeal to both OAPs and the TikTok generation. It provides a digital detox and a week’s worth of battery life promise. Retirees prefer simple controls or a lack of intelligent capabilities. At the same time, youngsters may prepare more to leave their iPhones at home, at least for the weekend.

The earbuds for the 5710 concealers are behind a sliding cover on the rear of the device. Instead of some proprietary wireless crap, they are Bluetooth so you can pair them with other devices. It features an FM radio built-in and can play MP3s from a microSD card. That charges them when you’re not using them.

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