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The top UK mobile networks for 2022!


The UK’s mobile network comparison never gets any simpler. There are hundreds of operators, plans, and bundles to choose from whether you’re looking for a better smartphone or a month SIM-only package. It’s all too easy to register for what seems like a wonderful deal only to discover you could’ve had a cheaper price or more annual data elsewhere. There are many mobile networks but The top UK mobile network for 2022 are among the following.

You can select from dozens of online operators in addition to the four main 4G and 5G cellular services. Each virtual operator has its own SIM-only bundles with smartphone plans. As well performance, cost, and customer service might vary greatly. Getting the best offer requires effort.

Sky Mobile

The top UK mobile network for 2022

The Expert Reviews Mobile Network Awards 2021 were awarded to Sky Mobile. However, it won in all 4 categories, namely customer service, value, and reliability. The Sky Mobile users we polled had nothing but positive things to say about the network. A whopping 98 percent of respondents rated the company’s customer service as excellent or very excellent. While 96 percent thought they were receiving good value for their money. And 96 percent said they would refer a friend to it. In our assessment, Sky Mobile got some of the top performance and dependability ratings.

RootMetrics still ranks it as the weakest of the four big channels. A growing amount of UK major cities now offer fast 5G connections in addition to faster 4G speeds. Sky has among the lowest consumer complaint rates in the industry. Although Ofcom hasn’t released its own numbers for the company this year.


The top UK mobile network for 2022

With its adaptable methodology and excellent value Goodybags, Giffgaff always has been a fantastic network regarding value. And at the 2021 Expert Ratings Mobile Phone network Awards, it came in second in three of the four categories. It ranks second just to Sky Mobile in terms of dependability as well as value. 94% of consumers described the network as “satisfactory” or “very satisfactory” in terms of value for money. The most recent data from Ofcom, meanwhile, shows it to be the best value. Also, with respectable service and support ratings as well.


The top UK mobile network for 2022

EE is now very difficult to top, whether you’re seeking the fastest 4G speeds or a splitting 5G connection. Which is over two times faster than its nearest competitor, Vodafone. In the 16 cities wherein RootMetrics conducts its thorough tests. The average daily 5G download rates exceeded 100Mbits/sec, with over 50% accessibility in 11 among them. While other networks may be speedier in some urban areas, EE leads the pack nationally.

According to Ofcom surveys, EE consistently receives positive ratings: 92 percent of its consumers are satisfactory service. And EE receives fewer problems per 100 million users than every network. With the exception of Tesco Mobile, which receives just three, and Sky, which receives six on average. Our survey’s findings corroborate this; 81% of EE subscribers said they were satisfied or extremely satisfied with their customer care. While 88% said they would suggest the network to a mate.

Tesco Mobile

The top UK mobile network for 2022

Tesco Mobile offers some excellent SIM-only bargains, especially on its lengthier 18-month contracts. You can receive 25GB of data for as little as £12.50 per month or a massive 100GB for only £17.50. Additionally, these have extras like family incentives, which give you a discount. Or extra data if you sign up for multiple contracts on the same account. Our test findings revealed that the most mass of Tesco Mobile users had no trouble watching video or music while on the go. Tesco Mobile is powered by the O2 service, so you won’t receive the quickest connection. But stability and coverage aren’t an issue.

This is one of the UK’s greatest value networks. So don’t allow the bad reputation of the supermarket’s own-brand products to deter you.

iD Mobile

The top UK mobile networks for 2022!

Value is almost always a strong point with both, with affordable rates on phones ranging from entry-level to high-end flagships.

Also worth looking into are the SIM-only deals. On the one side, it has some of the top affordable plans. Allowing you to receive as than 24Gigabytes of data for less than £10 per month. Only if you take advantage of the correct deal. A data rollover option enables you to get the most out of your plan. However, choosing a one-year contract further reduces the cost. In addition, iD Mobile offers one of several best-unlimited data plans for about £18 to £20 per month.

The biggest factor working against iD Mobile would be that it uses Three as its host network. Which is currently inferior to EE and Vodafone in terms of 4G performance. There is still work to be done to increase the availability of Three’s 5G services across the UK. In which every plan includes free 5G anywhere your phone supports it. Three’s 5G services are also excellent.


The top UK mobile networks for 2022!

Vodafone has achieved a decent mix of performance as well as value for money. Despite not being as quick as EE or as inexpensive with the no-budget networks. With either a UK average download speed of 25.2Mbits/sec, it has outperformed O2 and Three in terms of performance. It has also shown it can handle fast 5G, with average 5G download rates of 192.2Mbits/sec throughout Glasgow. And capabilities of over 140Mbits/sec across Manchester, Cardiff, and Birmingham. Rootmetrics measured the highest 5G speeds around 491.1Mbits/sec in central London. Additionally, availability in the UK is expanding quickly.

Well according to the Professional Reviews Phone Network Awards 2021 poll, Vodafone has certain concerns involving customer satisfaction and service. Only 66 percent of users in this area rated the network as “good” or “very satisfactory. And 78 percent said they would refer a friend to it. Only Three, as well as Virgin Mobile, performed worse among the big networks.

Only channels had far more Ofcom grievances per 100,000 subscribers according to Ofcom’s most recent report. Nevertheless, Vodafone is still worthwhile to consider because of its Limitless Max 5G data plans. Which are less expensive than EE’s counterpart.

Which cell network in the UK offers the best coverage?

The top UK mobile network for 2022 is provided by EE, according to RootMetrics. In Wales and England, Three is second best, followed by O2. O2 comes in third place in Scotland and Northern Ireland, after Vodafone.


According to independent testing conducted by RootMetrics, EE has today been named the top UK mobile network for 2022 for the eighth consecutive year. The findings show that EE maintains its lead in tests conducted across the UK. Taking home six of the seven RootScore Awards in the categories of overall performance, trustworthiness, speed, data, call, and data.

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