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ZAGG Braided Watch Band: Elevate your Look!


If we want to give a new look to our Apple watch then we are having various options to customize it by changing the bands we can change the look of the Watch. There are a lot of extraordinary Apple Watch bands, including Apple’s first-party bands. Generally, the most preferable is Apple’s bands because there is of excellent quality. Moreover, that won’t create any issues with your sensitive skin. However, they’re very expensive to buy, every individual won’t able to buy them. But if you want your Braided Solo Loop at an affordable price then ZAGG Braided Watch Band is a great option.

ZAGG Braided Band will enhance the look of your apple watch, which looks decent while you’re wearing it on your wrist. This will give a new and customized version of your Apple Watch band. This great Apple Braided Solo Loop dupe is available at half price, which is not that expensive as per your budget. Moreover, it will give a new look to your apple watch within your budget.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  1. Firstly it is made with a flexible nylon material made with reused materials that fit the planet.
  2. Also very close similar to an Apple Braided Solo Loop.
  3. It is a budget-friendly Apple Watch Band.
  4. Moreover, it is very comfortable to wear on a regular base like for sports, etc.
  5. Multiple choices are available in colors and sizes.
  6. Most beneficial is that it is eco-friendly and good for your planet.


  1. There is a durability issue in their bands.
  2. Limited sizes are available as the Apple Braided Solo Loop.
  3. Not similar colors as Apple.

At Glance features: ZAGG Braided Watch Band

  • It is a comfortable flex Stylish Band that suits all your looks and is easy to wear.
  • ZAGG Braided Watch Band contains some post-consumer recycled nylon materials, which are eco-friendly and also fit our planet.
  • It looks Classy and also has rich color options which look sophisticated, with a Braided Band.
  • Besides it has a Two Year Warranty you can replace it for up to two years if your Braided Band gets damaged.

Similar to Apple’s own Braided Solo Loop


The ZAGG Braided Watch Band is made with a flexible reused nylon material. Moreover, it feels basically the same as Apple’s own Braided Solo Loop, which is made with stretchable reused yarn and silicone threads. It even seems as though Apple’s version, so it’s a very decent dupe. Since the ZAGG Braided Watch Band is a single-piece band like the Braided Solo Loop. You’ll insert both ends of the band into the two slots on your Apple Watch. The flexible nylon material has a decent piece of stretch, making it simple to slip it on and off your wrist. Along these lines, you make sure to get the proper size so that if it loosens up inevitably, it will not be too loose.

Talking about the price point is one of the most amazing things about the ZAGG Braided Watch Band. It disables Apple’s Solo Braided Loop price point by half. Likewise, since the ZAGG Braided Watch Band is substantially more reasonable, getting different colors is easier to pick in Apple is simpler. What’s more, for some individuals, that $50 contrast in cost is nothing a big deal.

Price and Availability


You can buy the ZAGG Braided Watch Band from Amazon and direct from the ZAGG site. While ZAGG is a brand that you might come to at enormous big-box retailers like Best Buy, it doesn’t appear to be online at such retailers right now. However, this might change later on. The ZAGG Braided Watch Band costs $50 at both Amazon and ZAGG and comes in four colors. It includes Storm (different shades of whites, grays, and blacks), Navy Blue, Forest Green, and Wine. Furthermore, it is accessible for 41mm-40mm-38mm, and 45mm-44mm-42mm Apple Watch sizes and comes in small, medium, and large wrist sizes.


The competitor of the ZAGG Braided Watch Band is Apple’s Braided Solo Loop. The Braided Solo Loop comes in a bigger variety of colors. Also, it includes fun seasonal ones, limited versions colors, and more sizes to accommodate each wrist size. It also appears more durable over the long run, however, it will in general loosen up simpler as well, so it’s a compromise. In any case, obviously, the sticker price of $99 isn’t ideal for everybody.

Furthermore, if the $50 cost of the ZAGG Braided Watch Band is excessively high for you, then there are a lot of knockoff braided nylon Apple Watch bands on retailers like Amazon as well. However, the quality of those can be a winning hit or miss. However, for a negligible part of both ZAGG and Apple’s bands, you could get something else for your buck if you want that different variety of bands to match your everyday outfit.


ZAGG braided

The issue with Apple’s Braided Solo Loop was that it extended over the long run, and It was at absolutely no point ever ready to shrink in the future. So it turned out to be lighter. Anyway, it is continuously a worry about their durability while you are using it. So far, the stretchy ZAGG Braided Watch Band doesn’t survive, however, the worn thread is a clear place of concern. In any case, it just shows up toward the end, which is nearest to the Apple Watch itself, so the rest of the band looks great.

The ZAGG Braided Watch Band also just has three sizes, which might be limited compared with the nine different sizes Apple offers. Obviously, while ZAGG offers four extraordinary colors for the Braided Watch Band, it doesn’t have the very seasonal choices that Apple does.


ZAGG Braided Watch Band is not the perfect one however it is half of the cost with lesser quality because of their frayed threads coming from both sides. This leads to concern about durability in the long term. If you’ve been wanting an Apple Braided Solo Loop band for your current Apple Watch but didn’t have any cough up the $99 for it, then ZAGG Braided Watch Band is an extraordinary choice to consider. It closely looks and feels like Apple’s band, yet entirely it’s half of the cost.

Fewer options are available in colors with limited sizes which is quite disappointing. Also, it is flexible, stretchy, and comfortable enough for the entire day’s wear. Regardless of whether you sweat from exercise sessions or the summer heat. At the point when you have the right size, it stays set up, won’t move, and feels as if it doesn’t stretch out as much. Additionally, the colors available look great with any outfit and work for sporty or even sophisticated looks.

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