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Finest Website Defacement Monitoring Services in 2023!


The top website defacement monitoring services will quickly notify you of any illegal alterations to your website. And assist you in safeguarding your online assets.

Over 359,000 hosts are running a weak version of Windows NT attacked by the Code Red virus in July 2001. Visitors to hacked websites are presented with the text: “HELLO! Thank you for visiting! Chinese Hackers!”

Although Code Red and “Hacked by Chinese!” are already internet lore. The threat of website defacement is still genuine. It’s difficult to react fast unless you are watching a page, as hackers can attack your site anytime.

From free services appropriate for sporadic bloggers to expensive platforms for giant company owners. There are alternatives to fit every budget. So, listed below are the top website defacement monitoring services.


Website Defacement Monitoring Services

Hexowatch is a tool for tracking and detecting website changes. With the help of this application, you can visually inspect your website. You can spy on your rivals and keep track of any website changes.

Hexowatch enables you to keep an eye out for website graphic changes. And it helps you keep an eye out for changes to a particular HTM component or the contents of any field. You may keep an eye on a web page’s viewable content. It lets you keep an eye on the dominating names’ ownership and admiration records: Hexowatch Examine API endpoints and HTTP posts for changes in response.


A solution for preserving and monitoring websites in the cloud is the Changetower website defacement monitoring service. It assists you in discovering cosmetic adjustments, code upgrades, and more. It Alerts you for keywords that are provided. And also, important keyword and phrase changes report to you by this program. When a page on your website goes offline, it reloads and notifies you. You can keep track of HTML with this service. Also, You can stay time-based code snapshots using it. This service emails the team to let them know about changes.


Website Defacement Monitoring Services

Get notified immediately whenever your website’s content, DOM, or pixels change. A password-protected panel and form actions are among the many sorts of web pages that the cloud-based Fluxguard may render.

Fluxguard can assist you with QA automation and simulated transactions. Also, with visual analysis, app performance monitoring, and defacement monitoring. By analyzing the web page’s screenshots, codes, and content, you may do away with the need for manual testing after each modification.

This service automatically keeps track of new connections. It can detect Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and emojis in addition to English. It Supports many browsers and resolutions.


One of the most universal tools for defacement prevention is OnWebChange. The service has grown tremendously and now has tens of thousands of users. British developer Tom Carnell first created it in 2009. The advanced monitoring features are somewhat to blame for this. Users can first choose one or more web page regions to keep an eye on. If you manage pages with dynamic content, this is great.

Every time a change is made, OnWebChange will let you know. Send you an email or a push notification on your Android or iOS device. Power Users can also create automated website content adjustments using HTTP CallBacks and their login information like as restoring a page that has been defiled. Additionally, users have access to multi-region tracking, which enables them to browse the websites. However, you were doing it from various locations around the globe. Additionally, you may track any publicly accessible website using the “Browser Mode” option.

Site 24×7

Website Defacement Monitoring Services

End-to-end monitoring services are offered by the Site 24 hours a day. And “Website Monitoring” includes defacement detection. You may set up various combinations to receive notifications whenever your website is hacked.

This website looks for keywords in HTTP responses. Do a keyword search that takes the case into account. Multiple sites are used by the service to monitor. You will get a notification when a specific proportion of the material is modified. Additionally, it alerts the user when an image’s size or number increases. You will get a notification when the script size and CSS count surpass.


Web admins may enjoy a multi-layered feast with StatusCake. This British website provides a range of places to examine your sites for defacement and downtime. The initiative has 48 monitoring centers in 28 different nations.

Many centres support the more current IPv6 protocol. To demonstrate how quickly a website loads when verified. Compared to less sophisticated rivals, this provides subscribers with a far more refined experience. You may choose the spot from which you wish to watch pages. In addition to that, you can adjust the frequency of inspections. Even a speed test is available on StatusCake.


Website Defacement Monitoring Services

Sucuri provides comprehensive website security monitoring, protection, and performance advantages. Daniel Cid, a developer, founded Sucuri in 2010. To provide web admins with a better understanding of the security condition of their websites.

Using a specific safelist, the Sucuri Website Firewall can manage malware protection. It ensures that only authorized users may connect to your website. Sucuri also keeps track of updates to your pages and may provide the proper alerts. Additionally, offers a free virus and security inspection for websites.

The service also keeps a specialized incident response team on staff if something goes wrong, which is available 24/7 to help you restore your site. All support inquiries come with a 12-hour reply guarantee for members. The firewall with provision for safelists and bans, continuous scanning for break-ins, and malware removal are additional features included in the basic tier.

What is “Website Defacement”?

By “defacing,” we mean that the hacker modifies the visual presentation of the entire website, homepage, or specific web page. Depending on the hacker’s goal, the site is frequently updated with its content, logo, and image.

Technically, this is conceivable if you gain control of the DNS registrar or damage the webserver. Here are a few well-known websites that have already been vandalized.

Is there a way to get notified when a website updates?

Many Services let you keep an eye out for website modifications and alert you when one happens. Enter the URL for the desired article’s location. pick a region or Select a web preview element, then choose the frequency of checks. Start monitoring after entering your email address.

What causes website defacement?

By obtaining illegal access to a system, hackers alter web pages. Although the approaches might differ, common ones for gaining access. Including openings in third-party plugins and compromised login information. When hackers find these holes, they may take control of a site. And create whatever modifications they want.


Visualping, Fluxguard, Site24x7, ManageEngine Applications Manager, Hexowatch, etc. These are some of the best Website Defacement Monitoring Services which can monitor programs that track content changes. And notifies you when your website is down. You can keep an eye out for website vandalism using the aforementioned techniques. Most of the services provide you with a free Trial version. So you can try some of them to see which one suits you the best.

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