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Lypertek PurePlay Z5-ANC earbuds PureControl app!


Lypertek, a startup that appeared out of nowhere a few years ago, has quietly established a reputation for providing truly wireless headphones that far outperform the value-oriented price point they sell at. The Lypertek PurePlay Z5, its most recent product, offers a comparable value proposition. Although is slightly more expensive due to the incorporation of active noise-cancelling technology—a first for Lypertek. The PurePlay Z5 headphones are a great-sounding pair of truly wireless earbuds that once again sound significantly better than their price tag would imply. However, they don’t quite reach the same heights as their predecessors.


Lypertek Pureplay Z5 DESIGN

The Lypertek Pureplay Z5 wireless earbuds are unobtrusive, with a short dangling stem and a little silver circle emblazoned with the Lypertek emblem on the exterior of each bud. These wireless earbuds don’t seem as quality as some others at this price because they’re made completely of plastic, but they appear to be pretty sturdy and won’t be easily broken. They’re also IPX4 certified, so they can survive mild rain, but I wouldn’t wear them during a downpour.

These are quite comfortable, and you’ll forget they’re even there because they’re so light. They come with eight different silicone tips and three sizes of foam ear tips. These help you find the perfect fit, giving you far more options than most other wireless earbuds.

Sound Quality

Lypertek Pureplay Z5 SOUND QUALITY

The audio performance is likely the best aspect of these buds, which is what they’re all about, indicating that Lypertek has its priorities right. The Z5 earphones provide an extraordinarily rich and complex sound for the price. You might easily mistake these tones for those of a much more costly product.

So far, performance is adequate but subpar when compared to competitors. However switching to LDX mode in the PureControl ANC companion app significantly improves audio performance, with a noticeable improvement in clarity and soundstage openness. This is the first function you should try after installing the app on your smartphone. It’s nice that Lypertek thought to provide extra audio settings, but it’s odd that by default LDX mode isn’t activated to highlight the earbuds’ greatest sound.

Microphone System

Lypertek Pureplay Z5 MICROPHONE

The Lypertek Z5 features a dual-microphone setup as well as cVc 8.0. In this specific arrangement, one microphone is utilised for noise cancellation. Moreover, another for speech capture, with a hybrid combination of active and passive noise cancellation. The microphone system does both work and voice help.

For recording speech, it uses the microphone at the base of the stem. Most likely lies within the stem and a lengthy channel that the sound must travel through, giving it its passive noise cancellation capability. Because it only picks up adjacent sounds and rejects distant ones, this design achieves a sort of beamforming.

Touch Interfaces

Lypertek Pureplay Z5 TOUCH

Another area where the Z5 excelled was in the field of design, as Lypertek frequently substitutes push buttons for the touchpad on all of their TWS products. In terms of responsiveness, there is fully featured, reassignable, and works extremely well with the touch control set. One or two other models in this category have surpassed.


Surprisingly, Lypertek abandoned the usual PurePlay software in favour of a new PureControl ANC app for the Z5. It does not request excessive permissions on your phone, does not require an account, and is simple to use.

  • View the earphones’ remaining battery life.
  • Modify the controls
  • Locate your earphones on a map.
  • Firmware should be updated.
  • Refer to the wearing directions.
  • Select ANC, Ambient, Normal, and switch on/off Auto-Ambient.
  • Turn on the LDX mode (adding a few dynamics to the sound)
  • Choose from seven different equalisations presets.
  • Make and save two unique equalisers.

The software connects quickly, is simple to use, and because the equalisers can adjust the sound to your taste, the LDX mode makes music more dynamic, and the Auto-Ambient (more on that later), app enhances the Lypertek PurePlay Z5.

Price and Availability

The Lypertek PurePlay Z5 earbuds are available for $129 / £119 via Lypertek’s webshop and from a variety of other retailers, including Amazon (opens in new tab). They are currently only available in black.

The earphones come with a : Wireless charging case, a USB-C charging cable, a user handbook, a warranty card, and 10 sets of ear tips: 2 foam and 8 silicone.

In this price range, there are various possibilities for earphones. The $119 Amazon Echo Buds 2 and OnePlus Buds Pro feature impressive ANC capabilities. However, the Lypertek PurePlay Z5 earbuds are a great option if you’re on a low budget and need high-quality music.

Is wireless charging supported by the Lypertek Z5 ANC?

Yes, the case is compatible with any Qi wireless plate. It is available for £25 from the Lypertek website.

What ear tips are included with the Lypertek Z5 ANC?

For the optimal fit, the Z5 ANC comes with a variety of ear tips, including PureSpace Silicone Tips (in XS, S, M, L, XL), PurePower Silicone Tips (in S, M, L), and PureComfort Foam Tips (in S and M).


The Lypertek Pureplay Z5 is recommendable if you want good sound and a lot of manual control. Not only can you customise the music to your preferences, but you can also customise the touch controls to what seems natural to you.

One of the finest advantages is that they come with so many ear tips in the box that you’ll be able to quickly find the appropriate fit for you. Therefore, you’ll be able to wear them for hours, at any time of day, and for almost any sort of activity.

The one big drawback is the ineffective ANC, but these earbuds nevertheless manage to filter out some noise from the environment around you, allowing you to focus on the music to some level.

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