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Huawei Watch GT3 Pro VS Apple Watch 7: The Great Comparison!


The Huawei Watch GT3 Pro VS Apple Watch 7 Grand Comparison will include fantastic specifications for both manufactories competing at the highest level of the market. The Apple Watch Series 7 boasts different health tracking commands and appointment reminders. The Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro also debuted with almost competitive features that kept pace with its rivals.

The Apple Watch 7 is the best and most recent smartwatch. It has a larger, always-on Display, a round layout with a more fabulous casing, enhanced durability, and faster charging.  The most recent Apple Watch in the lineup, the Series 7, was revealed in September 2021. And it is nearing the end of its production cycle. There is obvious to say that Apple Watch Series 8 will not be released this year. New Apple Watch models generally debut in September.

The Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro is in a beautiful position to bring the company’s wearables closer than ever to perfection. Huawei’s watch software is improving, which is significant progress for the line. The Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro is the company’s most attractive smartwatch and strives. To balance the style and utility, notably with its fitness features, high-end design, and long battery life. It shouldn’t be surprising that the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro outlasted its competitors regarding battery life. The GT series has always been about defeating the competition. However, the company’s long-lasting smartwatches have just started to show off their stylish and fitness prowess.

Design Comparision

Huawei Watch GT3 Pro VS Apple Watch 7

To accommodate various tastes and wrist sizes, the Apple Watch Series 7 comes in a new 41mm and 45mm case size. In addition to the rounded, square appearance of prior versions. The Apple Watch Series 7’s design has been improved with smoother, more rounded edges. Depending on the size and case material, weights range from 32 to 51.5 grams with stainless steel as the Apple Watch versions are the strongest. Compared to the preceding generation, there has been a minor weight gain. All Apple Watch Series 7 models include a black ceramic and crystal back, which houses four LED clusters to support health-monitoring functions like heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, and ECGs.

Huawei doesn’t specifically define the titanium and ceramic timepieces as his and hers. From the knurled angular metal structure to the blasting, flat metal design, the bigger Titanium model has a much more manly vibe. It extends the angular design to every link and only deviates from the styling for a beautifully curved clasp. A mini-latch mechanism that clips & unclips every link in place. It allows for adding and removing links without the need for tools. The GT 3 Pro Titanium edition’s display, a sizable 1.43-inch AMOLED screen, is the same size as the more oversized Huawei Watch GT 3 if you’ve seen it. The entire glass fascia confidently rises out of the machined unibody core of the watch, framed by dials.

Health Features

The Series 7 Apple Watch provides the same healthcare monitoring features as the Series 6 model. The electrical heart rate sensor can be used to take electrocardiograms, while LEDs and infrared light provide blood oxygen monitoring. A 2nd Gen optical heart rate sensor calculates metrics including calorie consumption, resting heart rate, and a heart rate that is too high. The Apple Watch can recognize low, high, and irregular heart rates. It can also monitor for conditions like atrial fibrillation & alert users when anomalies are found. Other significant health-related features, such as fall detection, are made possible via an integrated accelerometer and gyroscope.

The Watch GT 3 Pro’s fitness functions are its main selling point, appearance and battery life. But it isn’t much of an improvement over the considerably less expensive GT 3. The line is designed with runners in mind by featuring training schedules, exportable paths, and VO2 Max testing. However, over 100 sports are available, including a brand-new driving range workout focusing on golf. You’d be better off purchasing the GT 3 if none of these newer forms appeal to you and you do not wish to pay extra for the GT 3 Pro’s look. However, the watch reaches beyond the earth’s surface because of its 5ATM waterproofing, which creates a freediving mode.

Software Comparison

Huawei Watch GT3 Pro VS Apple Watch 7

Except for a few apps that were only available on a specific model’s new hardware. Apple’s watchOS previously appeared the same on all of its smartwatches. However, Apple Watch 7 lacks new sensors, so the company changed watchOS 8 to accommodate a larger screen. WatchOS 8 offers a few unique features for the Series 7 and standard functions. Like sleep tracking, cycle tracking, calendar alerts, weather notifications, and a Find My app for Apple Watch. With a few modifications, it’s primarily the same UI used for months. All buttons, from the control panel to the calculator app, are more prominent. Some applications, like HomeKit, also use creative animations. It’s valuable Apple Maps’ more comprehensive user interface because it makes it easier to see surrounding sites.

The Watch GT 3 Pro’s UI is a pared-down smartwatch UI and runs on Huawei’s HarmonyOS operating system. It is a development of the one featured on the initial Huawei Watch GT. The GT 3 Pro is one of the few high-end competitors to the Apple Watch for apple fans. It functions nearly equally on iOS and Android smartphones, except for third-party app support. The Huawei Health app pairs with the watch to establish a connection. Also, with the app, you can download the new watch facelifts and software updates and view your health on a large screen. The GT 3 Pro’s interface is far more snappy than the original GTs and supports a few third-party apps. There are no third-party apps available for iOS users since the AppGallery app store is only accessible when the watch is paired with an Android or HarmonyOS phone.

Display Comparison

The displays on the Apple Watch 7 are more prominent, with about 20% more screen space. The redesigned display is shaped to bend slightly over the top glass borders. It shrank down the borders to only 1.7mm, 40% less than those on the Apple Watch Series 6. The OLED ultra-low energy temperature poly-silicon and oxide display (LTPO) in the Apple Watch Series 7 enables Always-On functionality, allowing the watch face, consequences, and other information to be continuously visible without the screen going black when the Apple Watch is not in use.

This feature is also found in the Apple Watch Series 5 and Series 6 models. The display fades when the arm is lowered to conserve battery life, but essential components like the watch hands are always illuminated. The display returns to full brightness when the watch face is touched, or the wrist is raised, and Apple has tuned watch faces for the capability to reduce battery consumption.

The Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro’s display is consistently impressive. Due to its construction, the 1.43-inch AMOLED panel has an excellent black value, and Huawei claims a resolution of 326 PPI. When the brightness sensor is off, our measurements show a max screen brightness of 495 cd/m2. As a result, the watch was visible in every test scenario. When a wrist movement is detected, the position sensor accurately activates the display.

Huawei provides a smartwatch with a customizable Always-On display. The Always-On display must be actively terminated by pushing a button to use other features. The light sensor also effectively controls the brightness of the Always-On display. But at night, the display is constantly on, which is unpleasant and drastically cuts down on battery life.

Battery Life

Huawei Watch GT3 Pro VS Apple Watch 7

The battery capacity of the Apple Watch 7 can last a maximum of two days, but only if you forego using popular features. Instead, the daily activity monitoring, always-on display, and a few phone calls answered from the wrist verified the 18-hour battery life. Thanks to a redesigned charging architecture, Apple’s Magnetic Fast Charger USB-C Cable, and an 18W or higher power adapter, the Apple Watch can recharge 33 percent more quickly than the Apple Watch Series 6. This indicates that up to eight hours of sleep tracking can be obtained with just 8 minutes of charging time. The Apple Watch Series 7 comes with a rapid magnetic charger USB-C cable. However, customers will need a 20W or more power adapter to enable rapid charging. Additionally, third-party fast chargers are now readily available.

The Watch GT 3 Pro’s battery life mainly depends on the various sensors’ use, particularly the Always-On display. While using all sensors, carrying the device for a full day, turning on Always-On-Display, and engaging in some physical activity with the GPS turned on,  it performed a minimum battery lifespan of 5.5 days. When the Always-On display is disabled, the wristwatch likewise achieves a battery life of 10 days before needing to be recharged. However, it fell short of Huawei’s stated 14-day runtime.

Price Comparison of Huawei Watch GT3 Pro VS Apple Watch 7

With a price of $399, the Apple Watch Series 7 is the company’s most recent smartwatch. Users seek capabilities like blood oxygen analysis, ECG, an always-on screen, and more luxury finishes. It may select the Apple Watch SE, Apple’s most feature-rich, high-end smartwatch. With a starting price of $279, the Apple Watch SE combines capability and affordability while still providing many essential Apple Watch functions, such as an artificial heart rate monitor and fall detection.

The Apple Watch Series 3 offers many basic capabilities for just $199, making it a better choice than the $399 Apple Watch Series 7 if cost is your primary issue and you do not require advanced health functions. Because the Apple Watch Series 3 is an older model, there are certain compromises to be made. These include a smaller display, an outdated chipset, and the absence of a compass, fall detection, an ECG, and blood oxygen tracking.

The price of the wearable depends on the strap you choose from one of the two Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro variants. Starting at $370, the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro Titanium Edition may be purchased. Currently, it is accessible in the UK, Australia, and other areas where Huawei does business, but it is only imported into the US. The Black Fluoroelastomer or Grey Leather strap is included in the starting price of $370 for the GT 3 Pro. The watch may also be purchased with a Light Titanium link strap for a dressier appearance. With an RRP of $530 when equipped with a ceramic link strap, the Ceramic Edition GT 3 Pro bucks the trend of smaller choices being less expensive.

Which is better in the Huawei Watch GT3 Pro VS Apple Watch 7?

The Huawei Watch GT 3 pro performs substantially better than the Apple Watch Series 7 in terms of value, providing comparable functionality while being significantly less expensive and having a 10-times longer battery life.

Is Huawei GT 3 Pro worth buying?

This fantastic smartphone combines the most remarkable traits of Huawei’s prior models in a chic, elegant form. It’s simple to recommend if you’re looking for a fantastic all-around smartwatch, especially at a low cost.

Is Apple Series 7 worth buying?

The Apple Watch Series 7 would provide iOS users an unparalleled experience due to the seamless integration of watchOS and iOS. Of course, you need an iPhone to make use of these features.

Is Huawei watch GT 3 compatible with iPhone?

Huawei releases the Watch GT3 Pro, which works with Android and iPhone devices. A sleek smartwatch that runs HarmonyOS 2.1 and can be synced with both iPhones and Android devices has recently been declared by Huawei. It is called the Watch GT3 Pro.


The Comparison of the Huawei Watch GT3 Pro VS Apple Watch 7 is the excellent specs of both the MNCs. The best wristwatch for anyone with an iPhone is the Apple Watch Series 7, the best Apple Watch model to date. This is the perfect opportunity to advise adding cellular connectivity to your smartwatch firmly. The keyboard is necessary. Additionally, the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro is simply a GT 3; you pay more for its superior design and a few other enhancements in fitness monitoring.

The excellent ceramic or titanium construction of the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro gives the timepieces a premium appearance and feel. Both their battery life and health and fitness monitoring abilities are first-rate. The GT3 Pro is a loyal, conventional-looking smartwatch for Android and iOS. It isn’t as excellent as some of its rivals because it doesn’t have solid third-party support.

But several reviews claim that the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro beats the Apple Watch Series 7 in several areas. Such as the cost or budget, the qualities, and many more. The most recent iteration of GT 3 Pro beat Apple and other rivals.

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