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TicWatch Next-Gen: A New Flagship of Mobvoi with Wear OS!


Since it regularly launches competent smartwatches at reasonable rates. Sometimes even undercutting the competition, Mobvoi is a well-known brand in the Wear OS industry. Consider the company’s premium TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra Next-Gen GPS, which, although not running the most recent version of Wear OS. It serves as a credible rival to the Galaxy Watch 4. By trying to make up for shortcomings in other areas.

Mobvoi seems to be developing a new flagship watch that may replace the top model at the moment. Following the early buzz surrounding Wear OS 3 last year, Google’s smartwatch technology appears to have faded. Even though there have been feature drops in between, the excitement started to fade when it became evident. Only a tiny percentage of smartwatch fans could use the latest version of Wear OS. Without even purchasing a new Samsung Galaxy Watch.

There may have been a time when Samsung and Google were exclusive, but that appears to be history. The Montblanc Summit 3 was unveiled as the second most wearable of Wear OS earlier. And it seems like Mobvoi will take the third position with a new flagship later this year.

Assumed Features

Mobvoi has reportedly contacted a select group of customers about a new product. Based on this information, a premium Wear OS wristwatch appears on the way. Although no name is given, it is probably the TicWatch Pro 4 Next-Gen.

The TicWatch Pro 3 debuted in 2020, and the Ultra that followed in 2021 captured the attention quite a bit. The next TicWatch wearable will probably be priced on the higher end of the range even though cheaper TicWatch wearables have also started to arrive.

Mobvoi describes a “flagship” watch with a luxury design. Extended battery life, NFC payment compatibility, GPS support, and IP68 water resistance are all mentioned. To us, that seems like a rather expensive smartwatch.

Upgraded Features

Atrial fibrillation and stress monitoring are specially included in the message; the TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra already has these functions, but Mobvoi suggests that the next model will provide even more advancements.

There is newfound energy behind of Wear OS platform and the devices that support it, as we learned at Google IO 2022. According to the email, the device in issue is “soon to be introduced,” and Mobvoi appears to want to be a part of that.

The phrase “improved premium design” implies that the watch won’t undergo a major makeover and will resemble past TicWatch Next-Gen flagship models, which have a substantially circular dial without the need for a rotating crown. Also, since the Pro 3 Ultra presently records cases of irregular heartbeat and atrial fibrillation, the term “IHB/AFiB” indicates that there may be room for improvement.



The first and last points are highlighted for your attention. The TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra Next-Gen from Mobvoi has a Snapdragon Wear 4100, 1GB of RAM, and a 577mAh battery with a 72-hour “Smart Mode” battery life. The company’s current Wear OS flagship.

Google Pay NFC payments indicate Wear OS and IP68, GPS, and communicator are essential features of any contemporary wearable. The Pro 3 Ultra already provides stress detection and abnormal heartbeat/atrial fibrillation, but the email from today implies that there have been enhancements.

Finally, the phrase “enhanced premium design” infers that Mobvoi would only refine the current style that all TicWatch Pro versions have up to this point maintained. The Pro is typically a significant watch with two side buttons and no revolving crown for manual navigation.

What is Wear OS?

It’s reasonable to assume that devices running the Wear OS operating system, formerly Android Wear, have had mixed results in recent years. Wear Google-developed OS to compete with the mighty Apple Watch. The only companies maintaining the Wear OS flag flying are Mobvoi with its TicWatch line and Fossil with its outstanding line of smartwatches. The Apple Watch, meantime, has kept getting better with each year that goes by.

However, the future appears to be bright. With the upcoming model release of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro, Google has recently increased its time and effort invested in Wear OS, while Samsung has shifted its watches to the platform. The Google Pixel Watch will be available later this year. By the time 2022 concludes, the Apple Watch will face some significant competition, including whatever the next TicWatch model is.

Does Google own Mobvoi?

Zhifei Li created Mobvoi in October 2012. The voice search service from Mobvoi, integrated into the well-known messaging app WeChat, debuted in May 2013. Chumenwenwen, a voice search app developed independently by Mobvoi, was released in 2014 and offered various daily information in over 60 vertical areas.

TicWear OS by Google 1.0, a wearable operating system developed by Mobvoi, was introduced in 2014. TicWatch was created in collaboration with Frog Design by Mobvoi. TicWear 3.0 was a feature of the TicWatch that Mobvoi introduced in China in June 2015. On websites like, Tmall, Suning, and Amazon, the TicWatch has been selling more Android smartwatches than the Apple Watch, which is now the market leader in China. 100K+ users and 100M+ in sales are on TicWatch.

Chinese speech search and voice commands provided by Mobvoi are available on the Moto 360. For the first time, it was available on a Wear OS by Google device in China. Mobvoi Store, an official Wear OS by Google partner, has just opened in China.


Even if the device doesn’t measure up to the company’s boast that it has a luxury look, it’s still encouraging to learn that a new Wear OS 3 smartwatch is on the way. It will either be the 3rd or 4th member of this still-exclusive club when it debuts alongside the Pixel Watch this autumn. There is currently no information on when or whether Mobvoi’s current smartwatches will receive Wear OS 3 updates.

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