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Sonos Roam Review: Most Compatible Speaker in Market!


Sonos dropped its superior, super convenient speaker like the Sonos Roam. The speaker is being promoted as a class chief—the most elite in the super convenient section. Not at all like most versatile speakers that mean to convey esteem. The Sonos Roam has no such point.

. We will check whether the Sonos Roam can satisfy everyone’s expectations and follow through on its execution guarantee.

Sonos Roam Style

The Sonos Roam weighs 430 grams and stands 17cm tall. Making it sufficiently convenient to drop in a pack or grasp. As its name proposes, the Roam doesn’t intend to sit in your lounge. However, in utilizing open-air situations. This is clear with the speaker’s IP67 rating for water and residue obstruction, which can keep the music playing while you are by the pool or out in the downpour. Presently. This implies that the speaker can be lowered and submerged for 30 minutes.

Sonos Roam

Construct quality to the side. The Roam has a pleasant moderate plan with a three-sided shape and a matte completion. The speaker includes a Sonos logo and a grille on the front. It has elastic sides and shock-safe adjustable feet on the base. The left half of the speaker has four buttons, incorporating a play/stop button with two volume buttons and a button to quiet the mouthpiece. The power button and USB-C charging port are situated on the speaker’s rear.

Its look might be fairly Spartan. However, these decisions simplify the Roam to utilize and work. I would say the main precarious part was changing from the speaker’s Wi-Fi mode to its Bluetooth mode. You want to press the power button until you hear a tone – hold it excessively lengthy. However, the speaker will switch off.

Notwithstanding this minor disturbance. Sonos has smoothed out the arrangement cycle for its speakers. The Roam benefits from this colossally.

Sound Quality of Sonos Roam

Sonos Roam

The Roam chooses a double driver framework with a dedicated subwoofer and tweeter that punches well over its size. The degree of volume here is very high. With the speaker effectively ready to occupy a medium-size room with sound. Indeed. Even with a few groups talking behind the scenes. The volume on the Roam was noticeable, absent a lot of exertion.

Also, the equivalent is said in outside conditions. On account of the light shower recently. Nearly sums to the size of three rooms during the gentle show that occurred on the fifth of this month. The Roam remained discernible outside in the downpour at 75% volume.

Sonos Roam

Sonos likewise offers an Automatic Trueplay component to additional upgrade the listening experience. Trueplay naturally advances the Roam’s soundstage for your current circumstance. I didn’t view this element as very helpful in open-air settings. Yet it has an effect in spots or rooms where the sound will generally repeat a ton. The Trueplay includes chips away at Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The available sound insight here is magnificent. Particularly considering exactly how little the Roam. It may not be audiophile-grade however comes very close.

Battery Life of Sonos Roam

The Sonos Roam conveys promoted to convey as long as 10 hours of battery duration and as long as 10 days in rest mode. I observed that the speaker missed the mark regarding the imprint. Offering minimal under nine hours of battery duration while testing the speaker at around 60% volume through Bluetooth. Utilizing the speaker on Wi-Fi takes up more battery duration. Even though it was preposterous to expect to test battery duration with Google Assistant or Alexa turned on.

There’s a USB Type-C link to drive up the speaker in the container. It also upholds remote accusing and is viable for any Qi remote charging cushion. The Roam requires barely 90 minutes to completely charge while utilizing a 30W charging connector. Likewise, you can purchase the Sonos Roam Wireless Charging Base for Rs 6,000 independently. However. We’d suggest staying with a standard connector.


The Sonos Roam does a ton of things well indeed. The sound quality here is hopefully acceptable for a conventional speaker. While the speaker is additionally bounty boisterous on most extreme volumes with no bending to the sound. The high sound levels likewise permit you to involve the Roam in specific outside situations. Battery duration is respectable, even though I’d like to have a connector in the container alongside the link.

Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa backing are likewise added to the speaker utilizing the app. Albeit, this component isn’t exactly open to Indian crowds yet. So it was impossible to test it. Notwithstanding. Having voice aide support is a significant ‘Star.’ Another incredible component accessible on the Roam is Sound Swap. It can “toss” music to and from a Sonos Roam to another Sonos speaker.


The Sonos Roam does a lot of things well indeed. The sound quality here is hopefully acceptable for a speaker. While the speaker is likewise bounty uproarious on most extreme volumes with practically no contortion to the sound. The high sound levels additionally permit you to involve the Roam in specific outside situations. Moreover, the friend app and many elements likewise surrender a leg over the opposition. The battery duration is fair. Even though I’d like to have a connector in the container alongside the link.

To the extent that sound quality goes, this is the most top-notch sounding convenient speaker you can get in India. While the general sound experience settles the score better assuming you have other Sonos speakers in your home. For that sum, you ought to have the option to get an all the more impressive-sounding Bluetooth speaker.

Sonos took as much time as necessary to foster its first super versatile speaker. Yet the Sonos Roam merited the stand-by. It’s not difficult to utilize. Sonos might have been behind previously. Yet it’s started to lead the pack in the versatile speaker space.

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