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Apple TV remote controls: Some shortcuts and button combos !


Your Apple TV (2012) remote can do definitely more than the straightforward arrangement of buttons make it appear! The Apple TV remote is a straightforward piece of gadgetry, however, it sneaks up suddenly thinking that each button can do different things. Here are some Apple TV remote controls and tricks that you should know to take your Apple TV game to a higher level.

Secret apple tv remote controls

Fundamental controls!

  • Click the Up, Down, Left, or Right to move between things.
  • Choose Select to pick an item.
  • Press Menu to return.
  • Press Pause/Play to begin or stop media.

Home Controls

Press and hold Menu for 3 seconds to jump all the way back to the principle Apple TV Home screen.

Move/hide icons

In Apple tv remote controls, we also included how to move and hide the icons.

  • Press and hold Select for 2 seconds to enter jiggly mode and re-arrange symbols.
  • Press Pause/Play to hide a symbol.

Video controls

Press and hold Select for 3 seconds while watching an iTunes video to raise speaker settings, audio, closed captions, and subtitles.

Apple TV remote controls: Some shortcuts and button combos !

Rewind controls

  • Press and hold on to Left to rewind 30 seconds.
  • Press Left to rewind constantly.
  • Hold Left over and again to switch back and forth between slow, medium, and fast rewind speeds.

Fast forward controls

  • Hold down and hold Right to quick advance for 30 seconds.
  • Press Right to quick advance constantly.
  • Press Right repeatedly to switch between slow, medium, and quick forward speeds.

Slo-mo controls

  • Hold down, Pause and afterwards press Left or Right to rewind or go ahead in the slow movement.

Time skip controls

  • Press Pause and afterwards press and hold Left or Right to rewind or go ahead in the slow movement.
  • Press Play again to continue ordinary viewing.

Chapter mode controls

  • Click Down to change to chapter mode.
  • Press Left to jump back a chapter and Right to bounce forward a chapter.

Episodes- watched and unwatched

  • Select and hold down Select while in iTunes TV shows to stamp all or individual episodes as watched or unwatched.

Switch keyboards

  • Click Pause/Play when entering text to switch between alpha, numeric, and symbol keyboards .
  • Press and hold Select for two seconds to raise accented characters and afterward press Pause/Play to pick the one you need.

Restart controls

  • Select and hold Down + Menu for 6 seconds to restart your Apple TV.


Press and hold Play/Pause for 5 seconds to place your Apple TV into standby mode.


  • Keep holding Right + Menu for 5 seconds to match the remote to Apple TV.
  • Keep holding Left + Menu . This will unpair the remote.

You’ll need to do this incase that you have more than one Apple TV so as to avoid conflicts.

Remote App

There’s an app for iPhone and iPad on the App Store which is included in the Apple tv remote controls— and one incorporated into the Apple Watch! — so you can likewise control all your media directly from the entirety of your devices.

The iPhone/iPad Remote app makes text entry a lot simpler, and all the apps are handy in case that you don’t have your hardware remote within reach.

Manually Activate the Screensaver

Apple tv remote controls

While you can simply wait a couple of moments for the Apple TV’s screensaver to come on, you can enact it manually by double tapping the Menu button while you’re on the home screen.

Switch Between and Force Close Apps

Apple tv remote controls

The Apple TV has an app switcher like what iOS has on the iPhone and iPad. You can enact it by double-tapping the Home button on the Apple TV remote. Once activated, you can utilize the trackpad to swipe between applications. To force close an application, explore it, and afterwards swipe up.

Skip Forward or Backward by 10 Seconds

Apple tv remote controls

Tapping the right and left edges of the trackpad skip a video forward or in reverse by 10 second additions with each click.

In case that you rest your thumb on one or the other edge, a little 10-second symbol shows up on the video’s timeline at the bottom, indicating that you have the appropriate situation to click down and skip forward or backwards.


The Apple TV remote may be the most noticeably terrible remote for a streaming gadget. It’s thin, it’s awkward to hold and it’s unbelievably simple to lose. So how would you control your Apple TV when you’ve lost it? There are a couple of different ways, and they’re all lovely simple to get a hang of. Here we learnt just a few apple tv remote controls and shortcuts!

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