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iPad for students: No.1 in Amazing Note-Taking!


An iPad for students should be something that should have great features and is budget-friendly. You can easily take notes, read through digital books, make presentations, complete your assignments, and do anything related to your schoolwork.

Of course, iPad for students can come in different sizes. While some may look for a small iPad to throw in the backpack, others want something capable of editing long videos and even working with audio. 

Cutting to the Chase: We think that it is best to be frank from the start. While not every iPad will be for every student, for an average gal and guy, we recommend the iPad 9th generation!

Best iPad for Students on a Budget

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Best Portable iPad for Students

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Best Drawing iPad for Students

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Best Content Creation iPad for Students

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Best Overall iPad for Students

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Apple Student Discount vs. the MSRP

iPads for students
iPadsMSRPStudent Discounts
iPad (9th gen)$329/£369$309/£349
iPad (10th gen)$449/£499$419/£469
iPad mini$499/£569$449/£509
iPad Air$599/£669    $549/£609    
iPad Pro 11-inch$799/£899    $749/£839    

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it worth buying iPad for students?
Considering the costs, the iPad Pro can be pricy, often ranging from $700 to over $1000. However, there is a way around it. The first option is thrifting an old used iPad for half the price. Secondly, options like iPad 9-gen or 7-gen can be more affordable. Notetaking on an iPad combines handwriting and digital features. It is useful for recording lectures, importing slides, and practicing math problems.
How do I get a free iPad as a student?
As a student, what you should do is reach out to your school to see if they are part of the programs like ConnectED. Apple donates iPads to students in the program, mainly in the K-12. If your school participates, you might get your hands on a free iPad. Even if it is not your forever, you can use it at school or even borrow it overnight. 
How much discount on iPad for students?
Apple does not provide a uniform discount for students across the board. What it does is that it offers varying discounts based on what you are purchasing. Students can save up to $50 on iPads.


And there you have it folks! This lineup of iPads offers various options catering to every person’s needs. But of course, if you are looking for a mix of affordability and functionality, the iPad 9th gen stands out as the top choice. 

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