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Apple’s data and privacy portal-Obtain and organize your data effectively!

OApple has quite recently dispatched its Data and Privacy portal, enabling users to download a copy of their own information held on Apple’s servers. The Data and Privacy portal is a one-stop shop for users needing to perceive what sort of personal data Apple has about them on the company’s servers. Users can ask for data, which would then be able to be downloaded and examined. While Apple has recently given data to users according to popular demand by different means, including contacting AppleCare, the new drive extensively simplifies the interaction for its users.

What is Data & Privacy portal?

Basically, the Data and Privacy portal is a one-stop-shop for viewing, managing, and revising data associated with your Apple account. Honestly, the Data and Privacy portal doesn’t add any new usefulness to Apple’s services. You could generally request a copy of the data Apple gathers on you, for instance. However, beforehand, this was a tedious interaction that included specifically reaching Apple Support and waiting for a response. The Data and Privacy portal streamlines out and simplifies the cycle — and it additionally packages a few other related tools into a solitary web page.

Using Apple’s data and privacy portal

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If you’d prefer to assume control of your data (or simply get a look at what you’ve sent Apple’s direction), here’s the secret!

  1. See Apple’s Data and Privacy portal at
  2. Then, Log in the page with your Apple ID and password.
  3. If incited, enter your two-factor authentication code.
  4. Hit Continue.
Apple data and privacy portal
Apple data and privacy portal

From here you’ll have to choose if you need to make amendments to the personal data put away by Apple or on the other hand if you need to totally erase your Apple ID and its associated data.

Correct your data

  • Complete steps 1 – 4 above.
  • Select Get started beneath the section labeled Correct your data.
  • Review the sections to get to and right data identified with your Apple ID and your Apple Store transactions.
    • You can oversee your Apple Store transactions, billing and transporting preferences, iPhone Upgrade Program, and more here: Apple Online Store account settings
Apple data and privacy portal
Apple data and privacy portal

Delete your account

  • See Apple’s Data and Privacy portal at
  • Then, Log in the page with your Apple ID and password.
  • If incited, enter your two-factor authentication code.
  • Hit Continue.
  • Hit Get started beneath the section labeled Delete your account. Review the data in regards to the deletion of your account.
  • Apple will verify any deletion requests and says the interaction could require as long as seven days to finish.
  • Follow Apple’s suggested steps (back up your data, sign out of devices, and so on) before you delete your account.
  • Pick a justification behind deleting your account utilizing the pull-down menu.
  • Enter Continue.
Apple data and privacy portal
Apple data and privacy portal
  • Review the data in regards to the deletion of your account (once more).
  • Enter Continue.
  • Review the Deletion Terms and Conditions and check the box to affirm you’ve read and agree with the conditions.
  • Hit the Continue, then, at that point Choose a contact method that will be utilized to get account status updates.
  • Select the Continue.
Apple data and privacy portal
Apple data and privacy portal
  • Record or print out your unique access code.
    • This will be utilize to verify your identity if you need to contact Apple Support.
    • This code can likewise be utilize to cancel the account deletion measure.
  • Enter the access code to affirm you’ve really written it down.
  • Hit Continue.
  • Select the Delete account to delete your account and associated data.
  • Apple will begin the verification cycle before to deleting your account.
    • Your record will stay active during this period.
    • It could require as long as seven days for the verification process to finish.

If you visit Apple’s Data and Privacy portal utilizing the account you’re deleting, you’ll see a notification along the right half of the site telling you that your account is deleting.

Request a copy of your data

To discover, exhaustively, the data that Apple continues to regarding your buy or app use history and the data you store with Apple, like calendars, photos, or documents, you can request a copy of your data report. This report is accessible in the U.S., just like the EU.

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You can choose which data you’d like in the report, including:

  • App utilization and activity data (as a spreadsheet)
  • Documents, photos, and videos (in their unique format)
  • Contacts, calendars, and bookmarks (as VCF, ICS, and HTML design)

Here’s how you request :

  • Complete steps 1 – 4 above and log in as usual.
  • Hit Get started beneath the section labeled “Obtain a copy of your data”.
  • Review the areas you wish to download data for and select the box next to each.
    • Downloads will not include app, book, film, TV program or music buys, nor Apple Online Store exchange and marketing communications history.
  • Enter the Continue.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 26145-36750-appl-1024x383.jpg
  • Apple will split your data into file sizes somewhere in the range of 1GB and 25GB. Choose your preferred size from the box.
  • Hit Complete request.
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When your data is prepared, Apple will notify you by email at the location register to your Apple ID. It can require as long as seven days to measure as Apple guarantees that the request was made by you and that your data is secure.


Apple has dispatched its Data and Privacy site, permitting Apple users to download all that Apple actually connects with your account, from Apple ID information, App Store activity, AppleCare history to data put away in iCloud like photos and documents. This is presently just accessible for European Union accounts, to comply with GDPR, and will carry out worldwide in the coming months. There are additionally basic shortcuts ways to updating your data, briefly deactivating your account, and choices to forever delete it.

The new online tools permit users to get a copy of all data associated with an Apple ID. You can request account details and sign-in records and data like contacts, schedules, notes, bookmarks, updates, photos, and documents. Apple likewise stores information like app utilization statistics for Apple Music and Game Center, a purchase history of things purchased from the App Store and iTunes Store, AppleCare support history, and advertising records.

Note data like iCloud Photos will consume most of the day to create as there are conceivably several gigabytes of records.

Read more!

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