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Use Calendar with Siri commands effectively!


Siri isn’t only simply the voice commands on the entirety of your Apple gadgets. It’s your personal computerized collaborator too. Furthermore, with a digital partner, you’ll most likely need to utilize Siri to deal with your hectic timetable. All things considered, chances are high that we as a whole have events, gatherings, appointments, and scheduled occasions to monitor each day, so keeping them all together on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac simply makes sense. Here we will see how you can use Siri with the calendar app on iPhone.

Nonetheless, while contributing everything manually is absolutely possible, utilizing Siri to add, update, and even cancel events simply makes your life a lot simpler, and who doesn’t need that? So here’s the beginning and end you can do with Siri with regards to managing your hectic timetable.

Adding new calendar entries with Siri

Adding another calendar appointment utilizing Siri is a breeze.

  • Press and hold the Home button. The little ring you hear implies Siri is listening in for your guidelines.
  • Tell Siri concerning a calendar appointment you would prefer to make. “Set up an event about the publicizing chart at 9 a.m. Thursday.”
  • Confirm or cancel the appointment. Say “cancel” or “Yes” or tap Cancel or Confirm to one or the other or confirm the appointment. Siri will caution you if your proposed appointment covers with a current one.

Add a calendar event with Siri

At the point when you’re making the rounds, it very well may be an issue to open up Calendar, make another event, and afterwards round out the entirety of the details. Indeed, it’s a lot simpler to simply tell Siri and have her add it to your Calendar for you.

  • Initiate Siri by holding down your Home or Power button, or simply say “Hey Siri“.
  • Tell to Siri what you need to plan, including date and time, alongside a name if applicable.
    • For instance, say Schedule a call with Rozy tomorrow at 12 pm.” obviously, you’ll replace the names and date and time with your own data.
    • If that you have numerous calendars and need your event to go to a specific one, make a point to make reference to it to Siri. Else, it will simply go to your default calendar.
  • Siri will then, at that point show a see of your event and request that you affirm.
  • If that there is some kind of problem with the event information, you can advise Siri to Change to edit details.
  • You can likewise Cancel the event if that you change your perspective.
  • In case that you need to add it to your Calendar, simply say Yes when Siri confirms.
Use Calendar with Siri commands effectively!
Use Calendar with Siri

Update a calendar event with Siri

In some cases, you’ll have to make adjustments to your planned events due to extremely late changes and whatnot. We get it, stuff happens, and it’s normally an extremely normal thing. Siri can help you make changes to your appointments, and it’s really simple!

  • Enact Siri by holding down your Home or Power button, or say “Hey Siri”.
  • Reveal to Siri that you need to move or reschedule an event.
    • Just say something as per “Move my 3 pm meeting tomorrow” or “Reschedule my doctor appointment to next Tuesday.”
  • At the point when you have numerous events in a single day, Siri will request that you confirm the event you need to update.
    • On the off chance that it’s a repetitive event, Siri will inquire as to whether you need to adjust only that event or every single future event. You can tap on the options or talk them to her.
  • Tell Siri know what details should be modified.
    • For instance, you can say “Move my meeting on Thursday at 10 am to tomorrow at 3 pm.”
  • When you give Siri another time and date for an appointment, she will request that you confirm with a Yes, either verbally or by tapping the button.

Cancel a calendar event with Siri

In the event that you at this point don’t have to have a meeting on your calendar, simply cancel it totally. Siri is happy to help with that also.

  • Actuate Siri by holding down the Home or Power button, or simply say “Hey Siri”.
  • Disclose to Siri which event you need to cancel.
    • For example, you can say “Cancel my meeting today.”
    • If that you had numerous gatherings with somebody, Siri will request that you confirm the particular one that you need to cancel.
  • Siri will need you to confirm what you just advised her, so just say Yes or tap the button.
Use Calendar with Siri commands effectively!
Use Calendar with Siri

Use Calendar with Siri

View and check your Calendar with Siri

Once in a while we’re simply crazy busy and neglect what’s on our calendars. Relax, you can simply inquire as to whether there’s anything scheduled on a specific day.

  • Actuate Siri by holding down your Home or Power button, or simply say “Hey Siri”.
  • Reveal to Siri something as per, “What’s my timetable for today?” or “What’s on my calendar for Today?” or “What is on my calendar for May 20?”
  • After you indicate a date for Siri to check, she will advise you if there is anything scheduled, just as show and read off what they are.
Use Calendar with Siri
Use Calendar with Siri

Utilize Siri with third-party calendar apps

In iOS 12, Apple added Siri Shortcuts, which permits you to rapidly do regular assignments with your most loved apps just by asking Siri. This implies you can have Siri work with your favourite third-party calendar apps, as Fantastical, just by inquiring. Siri will likewise become familiar with your schedules over the long run, proposing normal tasks on the Lock Screen or in Search. Yet, you can add them physically through the Settings app.

  • Dispatch Settings on your iPhone or iPad, then, at that point Scroll down and tap on Siri and Search.
  • Investigate Suggested Shortcuts and check whether there is one for your preferred third-party calendar app.
  • If that it doesn’t appear in the ideas, or if that you need to see more, simply tap on All Shortcuts.
Use Calendar with Siri
Use Calendar with Siri
  • Go through the list and track down your number one calendar app, then, at that point tap on See All.
  • Check the accessible shortcuts, and tap on the one you need to utilize.
  • Press the Record button to record your own customized expression to start that alternate way.
    • If there’s a mistake or mistranslated word, simply tap on Edit and pick from the other expected expressions.
    • If that Siri didn’t hear all that you recorded, or if it’s wrong, you can tap on Re-Record Phrase.
  • To utilize a Siri Shortcut, simply activate Siri and afterward reveal to her the custom expression you recorded.
Use Calendar with Siri commands effectively!
Use Calendar with Siri

The activities accessible depend upon what’s supported in your third-party calendar app. The accessible easy routes for every third-party calendar app depend upon what the developer has provided help for. Some third-party apps likewise include the Add to Siri shortcut button. Tapping this carries you to the screen to record an expression, and whenever it’s saved, you can simply tell it to Siri and have the shortcut run.


Remaining coordinated is simple with the Siri Calendar on your iPhone. Siri makes it drop-dead easy to add or access calendar entries, without having to stop to type in all the data. By taking a couple of sentences, you can change appointments, add location information, or have Siri read off what’s on your calendar for some random day.

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