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Apple Watch Series 7- All the interesting tech specs you need to know!


The Apple Watch has been one of the most amazing smartwatches in the industry, and each new generation turns into the wearable of decision for those utilizing an iPhone. Apple Watch has been improved throughout the long term, with numerous generations each getting new elements and abilities. The new Apple Watch Series 7 dispatched for the current year includes a greater display, S7 chip a crack-resistant display, and quick charging, all while holding highlights. For example, SpO2 tracking was present last year with Series 6. So is the Apple Watch Series 7 a major jump over the Series 6, or simply a little iterative step?

Features at a glance

  • Five all-new aluminium colours : Green , Blue , Product Red, Starlight , Midnight
  • Always-On Retina display. 
  • A new QWERTY keyboard
  • WR50 water resistance
  • IP6X certification
  • Dust resistant and crack resistant
  • 50% thicker front crystal
  • More Brighter display
  • Standard size keyboard
  • USB Type-C cable
  • Front crystal with a flat base, making it crack reistant.
  • OLED Display
  • On-demand readings of blood oxygen as well as background readings.
  • 8 minutes provides 8 hours of sleep tracking
  • Water resistant to 50 metres. 
  • Available in : titanium, stainless steel and 100% recyclable aluminium.
  • 20% more screen area than Series 6.

Two-minute review

Apple Watch Series 7- All the interesting tech specs you need to know!

The Apple Watch 7 replaces last year’s Watch 6 as the first-class model in Apple’s wearable range, joining the Watch SE and Watch 3 for those requiring a second screen to supplement their iPhone.It isn’t so quite a bit of an upgrade over last year. The primary difference is the screen, which is 20% bigger. It actually packs the amazing list of capabilities that make it well worthy of your thought, and it’s most certainly the best Apple Watch yet… however, just marginally. While most will purchase this Watch so they don’t need to remove their phone from their pocket as frequently, or on the grounds that they need a decent fitness companion. You’re likewise getting acceptable heart rate monitoring and a range of valuable apps, all wrapped in an attractive package.

The package comes in five new colours: Green, Blue, Product Red, Starlight, Midnight What’s more, the greater screen infers everything is fairly more obvious than on the Watch 6 or SE. It additionally has the always-on display that implies you don’t have to raise your wrist to see the time, something the Watch SE doesn’t offer and the glass covering the attractive OLED display is somewhat curved. Despite the fact that we couldn’t actually see a lot helpful for this.

The main other primary element is that the bigger and brighter display permits the Watch Series 7 to offer a Full Keyboard with QuickPath, making replying to messages easier.

Unlike past Apple Watch models, the Series 7 doesn’t add any new sensors as far as hardware, however, there are some new elements that come with watchOS 8. The software update adds Fall Detection to workouts, including cycling, and there are a few enhancements to the cycling exercises as well, with the Watch ready to identify when you start a cycling workout. There’s additionally the option of Pilates and Tai Chi to the Workout app. Rather than simply being the option to unlock your Mac and iPhone when a face mask is distinguished, it is additionally ready to go about as a digital key for your home for instance, if you have a viable lock.

Price and release date 

Apple Watch Series 7- All the interesting tech specs you need to know!

Apple Watch 7 was released on September 14, with a sale date of October 15. It comes in the standard little and enormous sizes, albeit these have been marginally extending to 41mm and 45mm.

The Apple Watch 7 cost begins at $399/ £369/ AU$599 for the 41mm variation. And rises to $429/ £399/ AU$649 for the 45mm model. 

For a cellular version to permit you to utilize it without the phone -The 41mm version costs $499/ £469/ AU$749 and the 45mm model expenses $529/ £499/ AU$799 – in addition to the expense of an extra data plan. 

There are likewise Apple Watch Nike Edition and Hermès variations of the Series 7, with the costs of those going up very dramatically.

It is accessible in five new aluminium wraps up: Midnight (black), Starlight (grey), Green, Blue, and RED. There are likewise three new Nike Sport Loop colours, just as new Apple Watch Hermès bands. 


  • 41mm and 45mm size choices
  • Aluminum, stainless steel, titanium
Apple Watch Series 7- All the interesting tech specs you need to know!
Apple Watch Series 7- All the interesting tech specs you need to know! 10

The Apple Watch Series 4 made some immense design changes similar to display and the Series 5, Series 6, and Watch SE embrace a comparative design. The Series 7 likewise adopts a comparable design. Be that as it may, it offers a greater display and it is more strong than its predecessors with IPX6 water and dust resistance.

The display has been pushed nearer to the edges, with a 40 per cent reduction in bezels, estimating only 1.7mm around the edge. Like Series 5 and Series 6, it’s an Always-On display. However, the Watch Series 7 has new watch faces that exploit the rounder bezel.

The casing sizes have changed somewhat for Series 7 as well. And moving from 40mm to 41mm and from 44mm to 45mm. The case sizes changed with Series 4 as well. Moving from 38mm to 40mm and 42mm to 44mm so it’s to a lesser degree a change than already. Straps continue to excess viable across all Apple Watch models.

Like past Apple Watch models, the Series 7 has a Digital Crown on the right. With an Electrical Heart Rate sensor built-in, alongside a side button. There is additionally a heart rate sensor on the underside of the casing and there is a blood oxygen sensor as well.

Apple Watch Series 7- All the interesting tech specs you need to know!

Case choices incorporate aluminum – with five new colors, stainless steel, and titanium choices, in different colors.

This has come in five new colours on offer with the Watch 7. And Which have fancy names like ‘Starlight’ yet are basically grey, green, blue, silver, and red. Be that as it may, the colours are more muted here than on past models, and are more attractive thus.

It has improved robustness – with IP6X. This watch is currently basically dustproof and waterproof, which means dirt, water and other damaging particles can’t get under the frame.

The glass on top of the bright and distinctive OLED display has moreover been hardened to decrease the shot at scratching or breaking.

Apple Watch Fitness+

On Monday, September 27, Apple Fitness+, the first fitness service built totally around Apple Watch, will present another body-conditioning exercise type with Pilates and a basic way of practising mindfulness anyplace, whenever, with directed Meditation. Fitness+ is likewise presenting another program called Workouts to Get Ready for Snow Season.

Fitness+ will present Group Workouts with SharePlay. Where users can work out with up to 32 people on the double to keep each other motivated. Later this year, Fitness+ will grow 15 new nations — Austria, Brazil, Colombia, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates. Where it will be accessible in English with subtitles in six languages, so more people all throughout the planet can experience the exercises driven by a diverse and inclusive group of trainers whose approach is inviting to all.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is centred around fitness: regardless of whether it’s the basic Move Rings that fill and encourage you to be dynamic, the consistently expanding number of workouts that can be tracked, or the new cycling highlights, obviously, Apple is attempting to make the Watch 7 additional attractive to practice fiends.

Notwithstanding, in case you’re someone who’s really into running, cycling, swimming, or practically identical, it’s as yet hard to propose the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Series 7- All the interesting tech specs you need to know!
Apple Watch Series 7- All the interesting tech specs you need to know! 11

Battery life

Apple Watch 7

Apple promotes that the Watch 7 should run 18 hours on a single charge, however, we consistently moved past 24 hours, even with some battery-sapping GPS use in the day.

You can likewise charge quicker than any time in recent memory, on account of the quicker coils inside and the new silver-banded charger in the box.

This is the quick charger – it comes in the box, however has a USB-C connector, and no block to charge it from.

While this quick charging is helpful, it doesn’t paper more than one of the huge issues: the battery life on the Apple Watch 7 isn’t adequate. Indeed, if you charge it nightly then you will not have any issue with it effectively enduring the entire day.

Notwithstanding, if you need to do some sleep tracking, then, at that point, you’re a bit stuck. You can give your watch a 20-minute juice-up before bed to guarantee that it makes it effective as the night progressed, yet you’ll have to develop a routine of giving it about an hour on the charger each morning to ensure you do not run out of power during the day.

Battery life of 24-30 hours from a single charge essentially isn’t sufficient for a cutting edge smartwatch – there are many watches from different brands that can go for quite a long time without needing to be connected with a charger, and that is something Apple ought to aim for.


Apple Watch 7
Apple Watch Series 7- All the interesting tech specs you need to know! 12

This Apple Watch Series 7 highlights a redesigned front crystal with a more grounded and more strong geometry that is more than 50% thicker than that of Apple Watch Series 6, making it more break safe without compromising optical clarity. Apple Watch Series 7 is likewise certified IP6X dust-resistance, making it more durable in environments like the beach or the desert, while as yet keeping up with superb swimming execution with a water resistance rating of WR50.


In line with Apple’s commitment to the environment, Apple Watch Series 7 has more reused content than some other Apple Watch, highlighting 100% per cent recycled rare earth components in all magnets, remembering for the Taptic Engine; practically 100% reused tungsten all through the item; and a 100% reused case on aluminium models. Apple Watch Series 7 is likewise made without harmful chemicals like mercury, PVC, beryllium, and BFRs.

WatchOS 8 with th redesigned S7 chipset

WatchOS 8 is the new software from Apple for 2021, in any case, similar to the design of the new watch, it doesn’t bring a ton that is new to the Apple Watch insight.

The Watch 7 is controlled by a ‘new’ chipset inside, which is the S7 chip, however, this isn’t any more powerful than the S6 found in the Watch 6 – it’s simply redesigned to fit in the new chassis.

All things considered, we reliably found down that the Watch 7 responded to anything we requested from it. Flipping through apps is slick, gliding effectively under swipes from the finger or spinning pleasantly when utilizing the Digital Crown to explore through menus and so forth.

The enormous button as a side will allow you to jump between apps, while the Digital Crown makes communicating with lists or resizing things a basic task.

We found that the Siri command– raise the Watch 7 to your lips and ask a command– responded well around 80% of the time, which is still a little on the low side when you’re attempting to just set a time. It doesn’t instil confidence and will mean you may regularly default to simply squeezing a button to ensure it fires.

Apple Watch 7

One element we did enjoy in WatchOS 8 was the new Portrait Mode photos watch face – this permits you to pick your favourite snaps, and the Watch will utilize the information embedded to insert the clock between the subject and the background.

It looks truly decent, and the ability to spin the Digital Crown to make the subject of the image greater or more modest was a great touch as well.

You likewise get handwashing notifications as well – in this pandemic era, being ‘made’ to clean up for 20 seconds, and being reminded to do as such when you walk in the door, are an extraordinary element and one we’d purchase the Watch for.

It’s truly cool and works very well – it features components of the interface in blue, permitting you to realize what you’re touching and tapping. You can even reconfigure this to open certain apps with a committed gesture – it will be interesting to check whether Apple widens this feature to work outside of the accessibility menu in later updates.

Apple Watch 7

While it sounds like WatchOS 8 doesn’t include an enormous sum along with everything else, it has a couple of little flicks and tricks to play with, similar to various timers and upgraded informing choices if you like to respond to missives from the wrist that do improve the general functionality of the device.

Purchasing Apple Watch Series 7

Purchase it if…

You’re on the Apple Watch 4

If you love your older Apple Watch and you’ve not experienced the consistently on display. You’ll get a kick out of the greater screen of the Watch 7. And finally, be able to do away with those bothering wrist flicks to simply see the time.

Don’t purchase it if… 

You’re ‘into’ fitness

While we like fiddling with Fitness+ if you are after structured workouts that will assist you with truly advancing your fitness. The Watch 7 isn’t so much for you. You can download some respectable apps, yet you’d be ideally served by a dedicated fitness watch.


The Apple Watch Series 7 is a steady upgrade over the Apple Watch Series 6 and might have passed off as an Apple Watch Series 6s. The greatest difference. Visually, on the Apple Watch Series, 7 contrasted with the Series 6 is the greater and brighter display. Quick charging has been a worthwhile update. If you are utilizing an Apple Watch Series 6, there is not any motivating force for you to upgrade to Series 7 immediately.

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