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The Aura Strap 2: A Revolutionary Tool for Your Wellness Journey!


Tracking fitness and health is becoming increasingly sophisticated. Personal health tracking has profited from the reduction of sensors, even if heart rate monitoring is high-end tech. The newest function appears to be body composition tracking, which enables users to learn more about the composition of their bodies without having to undergo costly or invasive examinations. One of the few Apple Watch smart straps on the market right now, the Aura Strap 2 promises to offer the measurements you’d typically need to step on a smart scale to gather. To track and analyze body composition and hydration levels, Aura altered the Strap design, and the way measurements are taken with Strap 2.


Aura Strap 2

Similar to the first Aura Strap, the second model connects to the Apple Watch using the same lug design. However, in the middle of the Strap are two surgical steel electrodes that do contain nickel. These electrodes are located on either side of the Strap. To ensure that you obtain a comfortable fit, Aura has upgraded from the softer nylon material strap it previously used to one made of silicone and also includes multiple-sized straps in the box. But it’s a challenge to get those straps in place.

It’s as simple as clipping an ordinary Apple Watch strap into place after you find the belt that works. Since the electrodes are positioned so that you must draw the Strap over your wrist to remove it, doing so can be difficult if you have large hands.

While the Aura Strap 2 isn’t inherently unattractive or poorly made, it is made with form over function. It is encouraging to observe that it fits much more quickly than the original Strap and is substantially lighter and thinner. This Strap was put to use with a Series 7 Apple Watch. It would have been good to have had an adjustable strap, or at least the option for one.


The actual app is relatively intuitive and well-designed. That holds for both the app’s iPhone and Apple Watch versions. You may tap on any metric to gain more details on the iPhone’s “Body” page, which summarizes all your most recent measures.

You can start tracking workouts and view recent activities on the other tabs. Additionally, the Settings tab allows you to manage your account. The “Body” tab of the iPhone app is essentially a condensed version of the Apple Watch app. Each recent measurement will be listed for you, and tapping on any of them will display a description of what is being measured.

It’s good news for Apple users because many of the parameters that the Aura Strap 2 monitors can be connected with Apple Health. You can communicate data about your body fat, BMI, lean body mass, and other things that the Apple Watch cannot provide.


The Aura Strap 2’s fundamental functions are helpful, but for many people, they may not be worth paying $10 per month for the service. Thankfully, whether you have a subscription or not, you will get the essentials. They designed the Aura Strap to help you understand your body’s makeup and composition.

Unlike Apple Watch, the Aura Strap 2 doesn’t continuously gather or analyze health data. The sensors in the Aura Strap 2 create a circuit between electrodes and the user’s body to collect data utilizing bioelectrical impedance analysis.

Price & Availability

The Aura Strap 2 is only available in black and costs $149 on the Aura Devices website. It’s more expensive than the original $99Aura Strap, available in various colorful designs. In connection with the Strap 2, Aura is also releasing Aura Plus, a premium membership service. The subscription is essentially a paywall for certain additional premium services, including monthly reports, unique content, and an upcoming live chat option with personal trainers; it costs $10 per month or $80 per year.

Does the Aura Strap 2 water resistant?

Yes, you can use your AURA Strap while washing your hands or taking a shower. The gadget complies with IP68 waterproof requirements.

The Aura Strap 2’s accuracy is how good?

Ninety-five percent precTechnology is not brand-new. ision
The gold standard for bioimpedance measurements, the DEXA-scan, is now 95 percent accurate with the Aura Str-new. Metrics of body composition are now accessible on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

Can a smartwatch measure body fat?

A Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) sensor can assess your body composition, including the amount of fat or skeletal muscle in your ales. The sensor uses microcurrents to measure the body’s water, fat, and muscle content.


I contend that many people should choose a smart scale over the Strap if they already own a smart scale with a body composition capability. But if you appreciate the notion of having a body composition tracker with you at all times, you could enjoy the Aura Strap 2 provided it functions as intended. You can access more metrics with the Aura Strap 2 than the Apple Watch alone, which works nicely with the rest of the Apple ecosystem. These sensors are typically found on smart scales.

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