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Find Apple Music lyrics on various Apple devices now!

To all the more probable experience your tracks, you can examine Apple Music lyrics as the songs are playing. You can moreover search for a song by the lyrics. Doing both is for the most part direct interaction, and the tool is open across various devices, including iPhone/iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. Lyrics aren’t available for every song in the Music application. In addition, express lyrics and lyrics search isn’t available in all countries or areas. Here we will perceive how you can find lyrics on Apple Music on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

Finding Apple Music lyrics on iPhone/iPad

The accompanying advances on the Music app for iPhone, iPod contact, iPad. View the Apple Music lyrics as under :

  • Hit the Music app on your device.
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  • Pick a song to play.
  • Select the song on the Now Playing screen.

  • Hit the Lyrics icon at the base left of the Now Playing screen.
  • On the off chance that Apple Music Lyrics aren’t accessible, the icon will not be featured.

The lyrics change as the song gets played so you can follow as you tune in. You can tap any line to jump to a particular hold back. For turning off the lyrics, tap the Lyrics icon again. To see the full lyrics for pretty much nothing, press and hold the song title, then tap View Full Lyrics.

Finding Apple Music lyrics on Apple TV

  • Pick the Music app on Apple TV.
  • Select a song to start playing.
find lyrics on Apple Music
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Lyrics begin playing as per usual. To jump to a specific abstain, you can swipe up or down on the Touch surface on the Siri Remote. To turn lyrics off, press the Menu button on your far off, by then select Lyrics in the upper-right corner of the screen.

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For viewing the full lyrics for next to nothing, hard press the upper right of the Touch surface on the Siri Remote. Pick View Full Lyrics in the spring up menu.

find lyrics on Apple Music

Apple Music lyrics on Mac

  • Go to the Music app on your PC.
  • Play a song.
  • Pick the Lyrics symbol at the upper right.
find lyrics on Apple Music

In case that there are lyrics to the song, they’ll appear in a spring up menu on the right.

You can jump to a particular section by investigating, by then clicking any line in the lyrics. To see the lyrics in full screen, pick Windows > Full-Screen Player on the menu bar. The full lyrics are also open by picking the More symbol aside from a song. Starting there, click Get Info, by then the Lyrics tab.

 Time-synced lyrics: Turn on or off

  • Hit the Apple Music app. 
  • Play any song from the Apple music list.
  • At the base of the screen, hit the song that’s playing.
  • Hit lyrics. This is present in the lower-left corner of the screen.

Assuming time-synced lyrics aren’t accessible, you may see the full lyrics for the song all things being equal.

Despite your gadget, you can find songs by composing in a piece of a section in the Search box.

The lyrics button greyed out!

Assuming nothing happens when you tap Lyrics , possibly you’re playing a song that is not from the Apple Music list, or lyrics aren’t accessible for that song.

Report a concern

iOS 13 presented lyrics include called time-synced lyrics. It’s anything but a wonderful visualizer activity with lyrics that follow the timestamp of the music.

On the off chance that you notice absent or inaccurate time-synced lyrics, you can report it straightforwardly in the Apple Music app.

  • While seeing time-synced lyrics, touch and hold a section.
  • In the sheet that appears, tap the lines that you need to report.
  • Look to the lower part of the offer sheet and tap Report a Concern.
  • Keep following the onscreen prompts to report your concern.


Have you as of late wound up singing some song lyrics just to find that you can’t recall the real name of the song they have a place with? You don’t generally know the name of a song or the artist’s name when you’re looking for music, yet there’s a decent possibility you know probably a portion of the lyrics.

As an Apple Music subscriber, you can rapidly look through the whole ‌Apple Music‌ list utilizing only a short verse phrase, permitting you to discover the song being referred to and add it to your library or your #1 playlist for supervision.

iOS 12 allows you to utilize your tremendous information on lyrics to discover the songs you need in Apple Music, and it’s not difficult to do.

Read More!

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