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Ikea Sonos Symfonisk Bookshelf Speaker: The cheapest Sonos speaker yet!


IKEA and Sonos partnered on the IKEA SYMFONISK Bookshelf. This rectangular IKEA Sonos symfonisk bookshelf speaker will suit any home decor. It may be put on the wall and used as a shelf. So, the wall-mounting brackets are not included and must be modified at any time. It has a bright sound profile that you can tune with the bass and high sliders. including the Sonos S2 companion app. It also has the Sonos Trueplay room-correction function. This adjusts the sound of the speaker based on the sound quality of your environment. However, this is only available on Apple devices. Furthermore, because this Ikea Sonos symfonisk bookshelf speaker does not support Bluetooth, you may only use it to play audio through an internet connection.

The bookshelf speaker, on the other hand, looks like a speaker. However, it is the most affordable Sonos speaker available right away. That is notable in and of itself. Is the newly formed tag team of Ikea and Sonos achieving its potential? They’re off to a strong start, with two launch goods that are easily worth the money if you like design.

Price and availability:

Price and availability: Ikea Sonos Symfonisk Bookshelf Speaker

The Symfonisk bookshelf is now available from Ikea. If you want one, you’ll have to go to an Ikea store or purchase online from a Scandinavian company. Also, you can purchase online from amazon. It is available in the US and its price is $229.00.

Sound of ikea sonos symfonisk bookshelf speaker


With a few differences, the Symfonisk line has its unique sound that is similar to the superb $200 Sonos One smart speaker. The One has a somewhat lowered bass, but the Symfonisk Bookshelf and Lamp sound more open and smooth.

As a single speaker, I found the Bookshelf to be brighter than the One, but weak in the bass.

The bass is expressive but a little ragged with brighter records, but it sounds better than a wireless speaker at this price should. It works well as a background speaker, and I can see bookshops or coffee shops using the Shelf to play music for their customers.

The Symfonisk wasn’t as believable as a single Sonos One as a stereo pair, and the channels occasionally dropped out or went out of sync, resulting in a confused stereo picture. When it came into focus, then, it provided a nice musical experience.

Features of the Ikea Sonos Symfonisk Bookshelf Speaker

Features: Ikea Sonos Symfonisk Bookshelf Speaker

Consider this: the Symfonisk bookshelf speaker is the cheapest Sonos multi-room component on the market, costing half the price of a Sonos One and two-thirds the price of the other IKEA speaker in the new range. 
It’s also fully integrated into the current ecosystem and can connect to any other Sonos kit you own. It is entirely controlled through the app, will receive all of the same upgrades as the rest of the company’s goods, and you can even connect two together to perform in dual.

Setup of Ikea Sonos Symfonisk Bookshelf Speaker

Setup: Ikea Sonos Symfonisk Bookshelf Speaker

The Ikea Symfonisk is suitable with the Sonos Trueplay calibration system. Although the results may vary depending on your space. If you don’t like the final sound, you may turn With enough adjustments on and off in the Sonos app to compare them.

The Bookshelf was used in a variety of arrangements, including as a single unit, in stereo, and as rears for three distinct sound bars. While the front speaker option was the greatest, the other options were very interesting. Each required its own setup, and to get the speakers to register.


The production greatly outstanding bass depth on tunes with heavy sub-bass content, such as The Knife’s “Silent Shout.” At maximum volume, streaming through AirPlay 2 from an iPhone 8. The bass depth was excellent and clear at lower volume settings. Most of which have hard deep bass at different levels of difficulty in different ranges.

Shelf life

Shelf life

If the other Symfonisk speaker seems to be a crazy novelty with its created light bulb socket, the bookshelf involved a number to be more basic at first look.

The small, high speaker has a completely simple look and was designed to fit nicely into most ordinary Ikea shelving units, blending into the background. On the front, there’s simply a single little power LED, as well as play/pause and volume controls.

But this is where the optional extras come into play. The kitchen hooks allow you to hang them from any existing Ikea kitchen rail. a popular choice to take multi-room audio into the kitchen while keeping the speaker high enough to avoid spills and splashes.

Perhaps the wall-mounting solutions are more interesting. Of course, wall-mounted speakers are nothing new, but place them up horizontally and they’ll serve as a little bookshelf, supporting up to 3kg of weight.

The mounting kit also includes a silicone pad so you can set books, plants, or anything else on top without worrying about the vibrations shaking things off – or having too much of an effect on the sound.

How do I reset the symfonisk bookshelf?

Continue to hold the PLAY/PAUSE Button until the light between the Volume Down. And the PLAY/PAUSE Button turns Orange. Press and hold the PLAY/PAUSE Button. The light should now flash blue for a few seconds before becoming green. The IKEA SYMFONISK Bookshelf speaker has been successfully factory reset when the light goes green.

Does symfonisk need ethernet?

Of course, the computer or network drive must always be turned on and, ideally, linked through a wired ethernet connection for maximum stability.

Can symfonisk be connected to the TV?

Because symfonisk speakers have outputs, they cannot be connected to a TV, laptop, or projector. They may, however, be used as back speakers in a Sonos home theatre system.


The Ikea Symfonisk WiFi Bookshelf Speaker produces great sound for its size. This is connected with the Sonos ecosystem. That can be used as an AirPlay speaker, and it also looks beautiful. Its low price makes it even more interesting. Sure, Bluetooth compatibility would be good, but that isn’t present in any Sonos device. And Ikea’s 12-inch Eneby is still a fantastic alternative if you want a Bluetooth speaker for less than $10. As of now, the $100 Symfonisk is the least cost speaker that fits with Sonos’. Multi-room ecosystem, making it a fantastic choice for construction. And updating a whole-home wireless sound system, and our Editors’ Choice.

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