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Acer Swift 5- The laptop with boastful performance!


Acer Swift 5 is a reliable laptop that can handle various daily computer tasks. Due to its effectiveness and rapid start-up time, it is the perfect laptop for work and education. Moreover, it has good performance that handles numerous processor-intensive tasks without sluggishness.

The Gorilla Glass antimicrobial display is one of the Acer Swift 5, and it looks as good as it functions. The screen is a blessing and more than justifies the price increase, even if it is a premium component for a mid-range laptop.
It feels robust and heavy, is wonderfully responsive to touch, and effectively repels dust and fingerprints. Having a touchscreen on a laptop that isn’t a tablet with a computer is refreshing. The screen seems like a natural progression of the laptop.


Acer Swift 5

The Acer Swift 5 is the only laptop you need to consider if you’re seeking one with a stunning and streamlined appearance. It stands out among other midrange laptops from a distance because of its straightforward yet elegant design. It is made from soft antimicrobial Gorilla Glass, mint green and gold highlights aerospace-grade aluminum and a backlit keyboard.
The 1080p screen, which responds instantly to each tap and flick, is comparable to the touchpad in that it is silky and allows for easy finger gliding. Users can’t imagine this laptop without the touchscreen because it feels amazingly natural.

When you open an Acer Swift 5, you’ll see that the chassis’ hinge piece includes two tiny rubber feet yet is oriented so that the deck will raise a little off your desk.

Price and Availability

Acer Swift 5- The laptop with boastful performance!
Acer Swift 5- The laptop with boastful performance! 6

The price of an Acer Swift 5 is $1,499, £1,499, or AU$2,899. This will give you a 16GB LPDDR5 RAM, a 1TB PCIe SSD, an Intel Core i7-1260P processor, and Intel Iris Xe graphics. The configuration is the same in Australia, except for the RAM, which is 16GB LPDDR4, and it’s a little bit slower.

Like the Swift 5, the Razer Book 13 is now running last-generation technology. The Samsung Galaxy Book Version is considerably less expensive than the Swift 5 compared to the prices of two other comparable laptops. Still, it has fewer full specifications, such as a last-gen Intel Core i5. However, it has excellent performance and features and starts less expensive.


Acer Swift 5

Stereo speakers are a great mix. Upper treble sounds come through clearly and cleanly. But bass tones are less distinct, and the limits become apparent once the volume is turned up past 70%.

Despite this, they’re not horrible; TV programming sounds adequate. The speakers’ location underneath the deck, which means some of the audio will be reflected off of your desk or taken by your lap, a pillow, or your duvet, is the worst thing about them.


Acer Swift 5- The laptop with boastful performance!
Acer Swift 5- The laptop with boastful performance! 7

The Acer Swift 5 laptop is well-ventilated thanks to the dual-fan configuration, which is quiet and effective. No overheating problems occurred throughout our daily testing; at most, it got warm after prolonged use, but nothing alarming.

High-end games will undoubtedly struggle on this system. Still, the reality that it can do productivity activities and a number of the best computer games, including Cuphead and Disco Elysium, makes its pricing seem much more reasonable. It can easily handle low- and moderately demanding games because its benchmark results are better than those of other laptops with comparable specifications.
Although overall performance is comparable, the price is justified. The touchscreen and the ability to play games passably well give it the edge over other computers in the same price and spec range. It’s still a little more expensive than other less costly options that provide the same level of productivity. If you’re just searching for the best corporate laptop for work, users could be able to find a Dell and Lenovo laptop for less money that works just as well.

Battery life

When stressed out by numerous programs running in the background, the Acer Swift 5 has excellent battery life for something like the amount of electricity it has.

It took six hours for the battery to completely drain when watching a 1080p movie , which entails playing Tears of Steel repeatedly on balanced power settings.

The battery can be recharged quickly, so there won’t be much time spent.

Trackpad & Keyboard

Acer Swift 5

The layout and typing experience of the Acer Swift 5’s keyboard is comparable to those of the Acer Swift 3 and Acer Aspire 5 2020.

Keycaps smoothly depress and pingback. None of the keycaps are individually illuminated, and the entire board has a backlight. So you may efficiently operate in a conference room, lecture hall, or the depths of the earth.

The trackpad doesn’t seem particularly plasticky, even if it lacks a quality glass or rubberized finish. Swiping and swishing through menus never truly feels like a chore because there is only a little bit of resistance.

Purchase it if

You desire a computer with an expensive touchscreen.
The Gorilla Glass screen is sensitive and transparent, and its antimicrobial properties ensure that it takes up the least amount of dust and filth possible between cleanings.

You desire a tiny, lightweight laptop.
This is among the most lightweight laptops available, weighing only 2.65 lbs. Also, have a thickness of 0.59 in, especially considering its larger 14-inch display with the skinny bezel.

Don’t purchase it if

You need a less expensive laptop.
The price is relatively high, and many less expensive solutions are available if you don’t require the touchscreen or gaming capabilities in Acer Swift 5.

You’re looking for a laptop with more battery life.
With typical use, the battery life lasts nearly eight hours. Moreover, it lasts six hours if under heavy use with continuous video playback. However, other competitors have higher battery lifetimes because of slightly worse performance.


An Acer Swift 5 is a standout midrange device with a long-lasting battery, outstanding speakers, and a crisp 1080p touchscreen. It also performs surprisingly well as a laptop for light gaming but at a higher cost.

Despite this, the price range begins at around £1000. If that’s out of your price range, you might want to think about the Acer Swift 3 and maybe HP Envy 13. Although smaller, it provides comparable light-but-powerful performance for about £150 to $200 less.

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