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Logitech Crayon for iPad review- The kid-friendly digital pencil!


The Logitech Crayon uses similar technology as the Apple Pencil on the iPad. But before buying it, it’s better to know the pros and cons of the latest digital pencil. Here is a review of Logitech Crayon for iPad.

Logitech Crayon used with current iPads

Originally, Logitech Crayon could only be used with the 2018 9.7-inch iPad. But now it will be supported by all of Apple’s current iPad models. Thus, it not only works with the new iPad Air and iPad Mini but also with the 2018 12.9-inch iPad Pro that runs a beta version of iOS 12.2.


Logitech Crayon for iPad

The Logitech Crayon is a 6.5-inch pencil with an aluminium body and is designed as a flat rectangular pencil that won’t easily roll away and fit comfortably in your hand. It is lightweight and weighs only 0.7-ounces also, the metal body is cool to touch. The pencil is sleek with a minimalist design and an orange tip and cap. You get a special tool with it that fits into two tiny holes on the side of the stylus. This releases the front end in case the tip needs to be removed. Although you might feel that a twist-off tip could make for quicker replacement, you could more easily lose or break it.

At the top, there is an orange rubber cap that protects the Lightning charging port. Unlike the Apple Pencil port, it can be charged using a standard Lightning cable. This makes it easy to use than trying to use an iPad with a charging Apple Pencil. While using Apple Pencil, losing the removable cap that protects the Lightning charger is quite a common issue. To solve this issue, Logitech simply tethered it to the stylus body. You can flip off the silicone cap to get its charging port and it is attached to the body by a small rubber loop.

Setup and Performance

Unpair Apple Pencil

Although you don’t get a set-up guide with the box, you can go to the Logitech website, under the Support menu you will find the downloadable quick start guide and instruction manual. Firstly you need to unpair your iPad with the Apple Pencil if you used it previously.

  • Open the Settings app on iPad.
  • Click on Bluetooth. This will open the list of paired devices and the devices available for pairing.
  • Go to the Apple Pencil and select “Forget This Device.”

Connect with Logitech Crayon

For the Crayon, you don’t need to manually pair it via Bluetooth, all you have to do is power it up by pressing the orange button. When you long-press the power button, it turns the Crayon on and off, and a short press triggers the battery life indicator LED. If the LED is green, the Crayon is fully charged to 10 percent battery, whereas if it is red battery life is less than 10 percent. Moreover, when it starts blinking red, the battery is below five per cent.

Work across the iPad’s entire operating system

For the internals, the Logitech Crayon works the same as Apple Pencil. Thus, you can work across the iPad’s entire operating system. With the Crayon, you can swipe on the Home screen, use it in a variety of supported drawing apps, tap the keyboard with it, highlight text in iBooks, and anything else. It works almost similar to a standard stylus.

Does it work similar to Apple Pencil?

Logitech Crayon for iPad vs Apple Pencil

The Crayon’s tip is 2mm thin making it a precise tool for drawing and taking notes accurately. It is great with the narrower strokes of pens and pencils and is compatible with many apps that support the Apple Pencil. Similar to the Apple Pencil, the Logitech Crayon also supports dynamic line weight. Thus, the lines you draw appear thicker or thinner based on the angle at which the stylus is held. Although, it does not support pressure sensitivity and uses only tilt to control the line thickness.

Is Logitech Crayon Kid-Proof?

If you are worried about your stylus being broken or tampered with by kids, Logitech is way ahead of you here. The designers made the crayon of aluminium and rubber, so it’s tough. The tip is protected with a special cover that can’t be removed without a special tool. So your kids can’t pry the nib out of its base. The bottom of the stylus has a removable cover that is tethered to Crayon so it won’t get lost or swallowed by kids. Moreover, the flat design is similar to pencils used in kindergarten and early grades. So, it won’t easily roll off the table. Although you can never be completely sure about kids, the basic structure of the stylus is designed keeping the main points in mind.

Battery Life

According to Logitech, the battery for Crayon lasts up to seven hours. This lasts perfectly throughout a busy school day. Moreover, it automatically shuts off if it is not used in 30 minutes to save battery life. Also, a quick two-minute charge provides enough power for 30 minutes of use.


Although, the Logitech Crayon design is based on the Apple Pencil and uses some similar technology and the fine tip of the Apple Pencil. But the Crayon has many other design delights that differ from the Apple Pencil. It has a wider and flatter body that won’t roll away, the charging port comes with a cap tethered with the body aiming it harder to lose. The crayon is good for note-takers, sketchers making it a good option for the students as it is budget-friendly. Although it lacks pressure sensitivity, so if you are a designer or an illustrator, you might have to give up on Logitech Crayon.

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