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Do you know Apple AirTag can precisely find your lost items as well as your lost child!


AirTag, Apple’s long-awaited location-tracking device, has finally been released, and while it’s little, it’ll come in handy if you’re a serial lost of keys, wallets, and other valuables.

If you have an airbag and an iPhone 11 or higher, you can use the Find My app to get accurate instructions to the item in addition to generating an electronic beep if you can’t find it. Precision Finding is an iPhone feature that uses the accelerometer, camera, & gyroscope to deliver on-screen directions, the current distance from the AirTag, & haptic feedback when you’re close to finding it.

Apple’s Find My Device network could also be used to locate an AirTag that you consider lost rather than misplaced: simply set the AirTag to Lost mode, unless another device on a network travels by the AirTag, you’ll receive an anonymous position update. You may also add a mobile number to a misplaced AirTag so that if it’s found, anyone can tap it with their iPhone or any other NFC-enabled device to see the phone number and contact you. Let us see what else it can do.

“Apple AirTag Precision Finding makes it simple to find your misplaced items as well as your lost child if you have attached Airtag with your child.”

Short Review

Apple has also given much care to privacy, implementing some safeguards to guarantee that AirTags are not misused. This means you can’t register an Apple AirTag on someone else’s behalf, and your iPhone, iPad, or another iOS device can detect if an unidentified AirTag is following you, warning you that the owner could see your location. Furthermore, if the airbag is removed from its use for an extended time but continues to move, it will make a noise to bring attention to itself.

If someone takes an item with an Apple AirTag and receives an unknown AirTag warning, they could choose to halt the notifications for a day or forever if the AirTag connects to an Apple ID that belongs to your home sharing group.

A disc-shaped tracker could be managed to slip into a wallet or bag, but you’ll need to purchase an optional key fob or loop to attach it to keys or other items; however, these will cost the same as, if not more, than the AirTag itself, indicating that the AirTag it’s not the most reasonably priced location tracker on the market. It also only works on iOS smartphones, like many other Apple goods.

However, if you frequently forget where you put your keys and wallet, or simply want the assurance that you can quickly locate a forgotten item, an AirTag is a wise investment.

Price and availability

Apple Airtags was released on 30, April 2021. An individual Apple AirTag prices $29 / £29 / AU$45, or $99 / £99 / AU$149 for a set of four.

To connect an AirTag to keys, motorcycles, or other goods, you’ll have to purchase a separate key fob or loop, which are available in silicon or leather and start at $29 / £29 / AU$45.

Belkin, a third-party brand, makes a pair of fully approved AirTag holders that seem to be available alongside Apple’s accessories at the Apple Store and are a little less expensive, and we expect to see additional third-party accessories appear on Amazon and elsewhere shortly.



The AirTag is about the size of a quarter or a £2 coin, measuring 1.26 x 1.26 x 0.31 inches / 3.19 x 3.19 x 0.8cm & weighing only 0.4oz / 11g. The stainless disc features a detachable plastic cover that secures the AirTag’s CR2032 battery and a built speaker that emits a sound when the Find My app is on to an iPhone, iPad, or Mac use to locate it.

The AirTag comes without a clip or tag, so it put into a backpack, wallet, or coat pocket. Optional key fobs & loops in leather & silicone can buy from Apple or third-party vendors like Belkin if you wish to attach them to keys or even other items.

The AirTag has an IP67 rating, which means it can withstand an accidental dunk in a muddy ditch or a bath, and it’s also eligible for Apple’s free engraving service. This allows you to add text, numbers, and emojis to a smooth plastic sheet, making it easier to distinguish between AirTags if you have several. However, you found that after only a few days of use, both edges of the AirTag should damage.

Apple hasn’t stated the Bluetooth range of AirTags. However, we believe it supports Bluetooth 5.0, is the most recent version of the technology, and has a range of 800 feet / 240 meters, given it creates into the iPhone 12.


The AirTag, like other iPhone accessories, was a breeze to set up. The AirTag issued a short beep once we removed the package and quickly recognized it by our iPhone. You were also able to give the AirTag a name, and it connects to the Apple ID, so appears in the Devices tab. It was very straightforward to insert the AirTag into the leather key fob & loop accessories, allowing us to connect them to the keys and a bag’s strap.

When you tap the AirTag in the Find My app’s objects list, you’ll see many options, like Play Sound. You found that it takes a few seconds to Find My to link to the AirTag and produce three cycles or five electrical beeps, which measured 64db on the sound meter – loud enough for us to hear it from behind the pile of pillows we’d buried it beneath on the sofa.

The seven-second cycle of electrical beeps is long enough to identify something in the same room or next door, but it wasn’t enough once we were upstairs and our misplaced item was downstairs. We had to hit the Play Audio option four times until we could get close enough from the AirTag to hear it in this case.

Apple AirTag: Precision Finding feature


This is where Precision Finding comes in handy. This app uses Ultra-wideband radio technology to determine the direction and distance your iPhone seems to be from the AirTag, and then displays that information on-screen and via haptic feedback to assist you in finding the AirTag.

Overall, we discovered that the on-screen range (displayed in feet or meters) and directions made it easier to locate our (deliberately disguised) AirTag.

When we moved inside after leaving our AirTag in the garden. The iPhone 12 originally failed to connect to the AirTag and urged us to go to a different position. It made a connection to the AirTag when we got closer, but the connection was feeble. When it was 21ft / 6 meters distant, it finally connected to the AirTag.

When we set the AirTag from our front garden and strolled across the road until we were 30 feet / 9 meters away. The iPhone created an almost instantaneous connection with AirTag and guided us to it without losing the signal.

Bluetooth range from AirTags

Because you’re out of the Bluetooth range of an AirTag, Apple’s Find My Device network can assist you to locate your Key Finder. We discovered that it only took half an hour for a nearby iPhone to inform us of the AirTag’s location after we left it in a busy town center and returned home, marking it as lost.

We could also ask Siri to find an AirTag, which began a series of brief electrical beeps. But we had to open the Find My app to use Precision Finding.

Battery life

Apple AirTag: Battery life

Power the Apple’s AirTag by a CR2032 battery, which Apple claims will only last more than a year. If the tracker activates four times per day and Precision Finding utilizes once per day.

The battery is simple to replace: place the AirTag with the colored side down, lay two fingers just on the metal side, and twist to the left to release the metal cover, revealing the battery.



Its AirTag Leather Loop ($39), AirTag Leather Key Ring ($35), and AirTag Loop ($29) are just a few of Apple’s AirTag accessories. There’s also a choice of AirTag Hermès leather attachments, which start at $299 and then go up to $449 if you’re feeling particularly posh.

Nomad, Belkin, Spigen Moment, Dbrand, and more companies are selling AirTag accessories. A few of the third-party choices at a reasonable price. AirTag accessories from Belkin start at $12.95.


Apple AirTag Precision Finding makes it simple to find misplaced item as well as your lost child if you have attached Airtag with your child.

I wish the design was a little more sturdy and the loudness a little louder. But the Apple AirTag is well worth the money and the wait thanks to its ease of use Precision Finding feature. Apple, on the other hand, has to fine-tune its privacy controls to better thwart stalkers.

Because of the on-screen directions & distance countdown. The Precision Finding function makes it significantly easier to find misplaced goods than simply listening for the AirTag’s sound. It’s presently the one and only location tracker just on the market that does so.

Apple built various privacy features into AirTags to prevent their misuse. It includes having your iPhone or iPad notify you if such an unknown AirTag is traveling with you and preventing you from creating an AirTag on behalf of someone else.

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