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Best Point-Of-Sale (POS) Systems!

POS systems
POS systems

A POS system, often known as a point-of-sale, streamlines retail transactions. You may make payments and track your sales using such a system. The company may collect consumer payments and monitor selling data. This system is utilised by restaurants, online merchants, and other businesses.  They are essential for various processes, including payment processing, inventory control, and reporting. There are many POS-type options available, making it confusing which one to go for. However, the following are our best systems for eCommerce, markets and grocers, restaurants, all-rounder purposes etc.

IT Retail: Best for markets and Grocers

IT Retail

Established in 1992, ITS is a renowned EPOS vendor that integrates with several symbol wholesalers and groups to give computerized ordering, instant pricing changes, and delivery. A point-of-sale system designed by retailers for retailers is IT Retail. Thousands of grocery stores, markets, general stores, and specialized retailers utilize it countrywide and have been doing so for more than 28 years.

IT Retail is an excellent option for food-based businesses that wish to invest in several checkouts in their locations because the monthly cost starts at $79 per store. Thanks to IT Retail’s strong analytics and specialized tools, grocers can adjust and see sales from any location.

Key Functions:

Robust Inventory:

The cloud back office for IT Retail has a good stock management system. They compile products that fall below a certain inventory threshold into a printed report arranged by the vendor. To put it another way, to manage inventory, tools are superhuman.

Support for Single and Multiple Site Software:

The Winpos EPOS till software provides you with the protection you want while still being simple for the cashiers to operate. It offers a multi-site solution for merchants with several locations, enabling you to manage your product selection and price strategy and access thorough selling and profit information from one central place. The Retail Manager back office (RM2) gives you detailed reporting and stock control while being simple to use and maintain.

Modern payment technologies:

Forward and IT Retail POS supports store payments. The POS accepts EMV, debit, EBT Cash, EBT Food, gift cards, and other payment methods. An inactive internet connection cannot stop the payment system. IT Retail’s solutions offer the most current payment methods, including complete support for cutting-edge technologies like Google Pay and Apple Pay.


The retail IT industry provides a range of functions. The front-end register (software and hardware), cloud back office, and payments are all good things it offers. Additionally, it offers Retail professionals for supermarkets, Retail Enterprise for supermarket chains, and all solutions for local grocers.

  • Manufactured for grocers by grocers
  • Dynamic interface
  • Strong connections with client service
  • Easily adaptable to other outside software
  • Cloud-based
  • Slow problem resolution from support
  • Glitchy
  • Expensive

TouchBistro: Best for Restaurant


TouchBistro is an all-in-one POS for restaurant point sale solution that simplifies and streamlines operations for restaurateurs and makes running a restaurant easier. Making better firm decisions, increasing sales, and improving service are all aided by it. TouchBistro is a worldwide innovator that is transforming how restaurateurs conduct business. It powers restaurants in over 100 countries.

Servers may stay with clients and immediately submit orders to the kitchen instead of often going between customers and order management computers. The single-entry mechanism used by TouchBistro boosts productivity while lowering mistakes. The presentation of menu items in vivid colour with meticulous detail is possible. Menus may be modified fast, easily, and even published online.

Key Functions and Features:

Simplified Payment Methods:

With a variety of EMV-compliant device solutions, features credit card payment processors, and extensive encouragement for non-integrated payments and conventional cash drawers, TouchBistro streamlines the payment process.

Management of tables and floor plans:

You may precisely set up your company’s floor plan at your point of sale thanks to TouchBistro’s table and floor plan management tools. You can take orders, move consumers, and control your floor with a visual interface while enhancing customer service.

Management of Inventory: 

You can keep track of your restaurant’s inventory using TouchBistro’s inventory control services. Without using formulae or spreadsheets, TouchBistro’s methodology guarantees that you can easily understand what’s happening with your items.

Numerous Features: 

Touchbistro offers several characteristics, including restaurant management, stock management, customer management, employee management, reporting, reservations, and integrations.

  • The user interface is simple.
  • Several characteristics are unique to restaurants.
  • Multiple payment processors are integrated into the software.
  • iOS-based
  • affordable monthly price
  • Fast Ordering Procedure
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • Not all-inclusive
  • Add-ons can be expensive.
  • It provides no free trial
  • Admins may only create customer accounts.

Lightspeed: Best for Retail shop


An all-in-one selling platform, the Lightspeed Retail POS serves both online and offline enterprises. The e-commerce, customer loyalty, analytics, payments, and accounting facets of your company are managed by Retail POS. The mobile POS and commerce platform from Lightspeed is used by more than 45,000 businesses to handle over $17 billion in transactions yearly.

Key Functions:

Access to multiple stores and selling channels.

Utilize the integrated e-commerce capabilities and integrations to sell on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram and online and offline marketplaces. Selling tangible items and services alongside digital ones might be beneficial. Additionally, users may effortlessly complete orders with local delivery zones, shipping, and in-store pickup.

Automated Transaction Saving

The fantastic aspect of Lightspeed checkout is that you can always pull the transaction back up to finish after exploring other areas of your POS system, such as your client list or inventory log.

Easy Usability:

Lightspeed is ideal for simple usage. It has a busy interface, a dedicated account manager, and a branded POS dashboard. It includes one-on-one guided onboarding and setup, bulk product upload, and data modification. However, all of these characteristics make it simple for clients to use.

Various Payment Methods

With Lightspeed’s checkout procedure, you have a selection of payment methods, including gift cards, layaway, on-hold, checks, process credit-debit cards, and NFC mobile wallet payments.

  • Every account is assigned a manager.
  • Stock control with a granular matrix
  • A wonderful choice for restaurants and golf courses
  • data visualizations in more than 50 pre-set reports
  • A platform for integrated e-commerce
  • 24/7 client assistance
  • Offers 14-day free trial
  • Learning a user interface might take some time
  • Long-term agreements
  • It could be costly for small firms.
  • Cancelling is difficult.
  • There are few shipping integrations.

Square: All Rounder


With one simple-to-use interface, Square is a fully integrated POS system that assists you with your firm’s transactions. Suppose you combine an inventory management system for a customer, a register, and several other cutting-edge POS capabilities into one system. In that case, Square is an excellent point-of-sale solution. The tools are adaptable while also being strong and efficient. A square is a wonderful option for anyone with basic needs for the commerce aspect of their organization because it has a user-friendly mobile app and few capabilities that aren’t required now.

Key Functions:

Location management

If your company has several locations, you can manage them from your Square Dashboard online. Create distinctive company profiles for every location, with precise firm hours and unique bank accounts or tags to distinguish transfers. Devices can also be managed geographically.


It has online ordering capabilities that allow users to sell online and in-store, with inventory and track sales automatically linked with POS systems. Additionally, it has eGift Cards. Sell clients digital gift cards 24/7. Customers can send eGift Cards by email once you’ve set up your free eGift Cards ordering website. eGift Cards are accepted both in-person and online.

Numerous characteristics with add option

The overall feature set offered by Square is remarkable and suitable for many businesses. You can add different characteristics that sync with the standard Square POS functionality, such as loyalty programs gift or an appointment planners. Having so many alternatives in one environment might be time-saving for small businesses.

  • Fair pricing
  • No ongoing charges
  • Variety of hardware options
  • able to run in offline mode
  • Options to scale and upgrade
  • comprehensive inventory management
  • Possible account suspensions or freezes
  • High costs for larger companies
  • not compatible with Windows desktop or tablet
  • Client support is scarce

PayPal Zettle: Best for No Monthly fee

Zettle by Paypal

Zettle is a PayPal point-of-sale (POS) that enables businesses to take numerous in-person payments using their PayPal account. Retailers and manufacturers may make and arrange product listings using the program, and they can also add information like images and descriptions. The company’s paid products do not have monthly contracts.

Zettle solely charges for processing the cards depending on whether a transaction is swiped or billed. Zettle also offers consumers a recognizable and simple user integration. When clients see the logo, they feel immediately at ease because of the company’s trustworthy brand. Zettle’s clear pricing is among its finest functions.

Key Functions:

Payment processing system: 

The mobile PayPal programme powers PayPal Zettle, a pos and payment processing system with either a mobile card reader or a chip reader. The program includes billing, reporting, and inventory, and administrators may add up to 1,000 users per account.

Several Features: 

The Zettle POS provides various functions such as API, Compliance Management, Billing & Invoicing, Contactless NFC, Data Import/Export, Data Synchronization, Credit Card Processing, and Discount Management. It includes Electronic Payments and signatures, Inventory Management and Tracking, e-commerce management, etc. 

Payment Characteristics: 

Without additional hardware, it enables you to take contactless card payments while on the road. Payment may be made at the Zettle POS using various methods, including Apple Pay, Android Pay, Google Pay, Mastercard, VISA, and all other major debit cards. It enables delivery of online invoices and Payment Links to get paid remotely and accepts contactless payments in less than 5 seconds. Without a daily cap, it accepts payments, provides digital receipts, and stores them all in the cloud.

  • No monthly charges
  • allows recurring payments
  • Fantastic apps
  • powerful capabilities
  • Monitor all PayPal payments from each selling channel in one place.
  • Accept QR codes for Venmo and PayPal payments.
  • inventory control
  • The integration between eCommerce platforms
  • Transaction fees for settlement are highly pricey.
  • Zettle payments typically take two to three business days to settle.
  • Zettle hardware does not include a wall plug.
  • works with a cellular or Wi-Fi signal
  • HTML cannot be used to create descriptions
  • The lower number of add-ons than rivals

Shopify: Best for ECommerce


Popular e-commerce platform Shopify enables companies of all sizes to build and operate online stores. You don't have to assemble or manage the underlying infrastructure because it is a hosted platform. Shopify handles everything for you. To protect the information of your consumers, it has built-in SSL certificates.

The scalable infrastructure of Shopify guarantees that your store can manage traffic spikes during promotions and sales. It comes in various pricing plans. The Basic Plan for small businesses and individuals. The Shopify plan for small businesses. The Advanced Plan for the medium to large size businesses. For three days, Shopify can be used without a credit card. Select a package that fits your business's size and level when your trial ends.

Mobile Responsiveness and Extensive App Store:

Shopify ensures your store is fully responsive in light of the growing popularity of mobile devices for online shopping, giving customers using smartphones and tablets a seamless buying experience. Numerous integrations and third-party apps are available in the Shopify App Store to improve the functionality of your store. With only a few clicks, you can add services like email marketing, SEO improvement, and analytics.

User-Friendly Interface with Versatile Store Customization: 

Shopify's user-friendly and straightforward interface enables users with various levels of technical experience to create and handle their online stores easily. Every step of the process, from adding products to customizing the design, is made to be easy. To assist you in creating a distinctive and aesthetically pleasing online storefront, Shopify provides a large selection of customizable templates and themes. Additionally, it offers complete access to CSS and HTML, enabling people with coding knowledge to customize it even further.

  • It is a drag-and-drop platform
  • Has its App store
  • Various themes and customization options
  • Monthly subscription fees can be costly for small businesses

Do POS systems vary from each other?

Each system provides various functions based on the kind of business or size it was designed for. POS Systems for restaurants will feature services to manage consumer sitting, while retail POS systems will likely offer inventory counts with product variations. While some pos methods include a built-in terminal, others demand that you utilise an additional point-of-sale terminal.

POS systems: Are they worth it?

The initial cost of applying a powerful system can range from $2,000 to $20,000, based on the software, hardware, and alternative or add-on features. However, most business owners would agree that the control and cost savings these systems offer quickly pay for themselves. Apart from this, a known pos- cash register can also be used.


This POS system’s setup may operate differently based on whether you sell online only, have a physical storefront, or both. A barcode scanner, card reader, cash drawer, and receipt printer are available in modern POS systems, which combine hardware and software. We can suggest the Best POS systems as follows:

  • TouchBistro: The best System for Restaurant
  • IT Retail: The best System for Markets and Grocers
  • Lightspeed: The best System for Retailers
  • PayPal Zettle: The best System if you want with no monthly fee
  • Square: For All rounder purpose
  • Shopify: The best System for Ecommerce

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