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Google Nest Thermostat OR Nest Learning Thermostat-Which should you choose?


At the point when it comes to smart thermostats, the Google Nest Learning Thermostat has since quite a while ago ruled. It’s not difficult to set up, log your family’s temperature inclinations. And consequently controls your HVAC dependent on how warm or cold it is in your home. Reasonable with up to 95% of most heating and cooling system, Nest Learning is an exceptional indoor regulator. Here we will see the contrast between Google Nest Thermostat vs Google Nest Learning Thermostat.

Going for practically a colossal piece of the expense of Nest Learning, the rethought Google Nest Thermostat is the new child around. Gone is the dial of years past for new intuitive touch controls and a Pixel 4-enlivened mirror show.

In case you’re on the lookout for a Google-marked thermostat but aren’t sure which Nest item to jump on, we have you covered.

Google Nest Thermostat

Google Nest Thermostat vs. Google Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Smart Thermostat is a strong, easy-to-use model that offers a lot of energy-saving provisions. It was put up at around $99 at Amazon, Kohl’s, and Home Depot. Energy Star-certified, the Smart thermostat limits your energy utilization while maximizing your comfort levels.


  • Energy-efficient: It turns itself down when you leave, so you’re not heating or cooling an unfilled house. Likewise, a green Nest Leaf symbol will show up on the display when you pick an energy-efficient temperature setting.
  • Savings Finder: This highlights investigations of your energy use and recommends approaches to modify your thermostat setting to assist you with saving energy.
  • Remote control: The Smart thermostat can be gotten from any place to change the temperature in your home by utilizing the Google Home app on your phone or another device.
  • System monitoring: The Smart thermostat accompanies an HVAC oversight work that tracks designs in your heating and AC systems, making you aware of any anomalies. It can likewise be programmed to send system maintenance reminders.
  • Easy to install:  This thermostat can be installed in a short time or less, according to Google, and is viable with 85% of heating and cooling systems.


  • Reliability issues: While the Smart thermostat has a great many positive reviews, especially with respect to energy efficiency, a few customers complained that their thermostats would suddenly switch modes, leaving them boiling or freezing around evening time.
  • It relies on a battery: Nest Smart thermostat contains an internal battery that re-recharges when plugged into the wall, which is adequate for most homes. Notwithstanding, a power outage or wiring issues will deliver your thermostat futile. This present thermostat’s powerful consumption (with wifi availability and color screens) can overwhelm the battery when regulating complicated HVAC systems.
  • You will need to install a C wire (common wire): In the past, thermostats haven’t required a power source other than batteries, so you most likely will not have a current C-wire setup. To guarantee a consistent power supply to the thermostat, you will probably require an electrical expert to install one.
  • It doesn’t include external sensors: External sensors can be put in different rooms to permit the thermostat to follow your movement for energy proficiency and ensure that the ambient temperatures in all rooms are inside your programme comfort range. Nest as of late began selling external temperature sensors. However, you should pay more, at around $172 for a pack of three.

Google Nest Learning Thermostat 

Google Nest Thermostat vs. Google Nest Learning Thermostat

Google’s Nest Learning Thermostat retails at around $199 and is moreover accessible at Amazon, Home Depot, and kohl’s. The Learning thermostat is Google’s superior model. Notwithstanding every one of the components presented by the Nest Smart thermostat, the Learning thermostat can likewise get familiar with your schedule over time and adjust your settings automatically. This capacity can be disabled in Auto-schedule if that you like.

Pros :

  • Nighttime motion sensor: The unit will illuminate to display room temperature when it detects development around nighttime.
  • Self-programmable: It learns your schedule and the temperature setting you incline toward then programs itself to assist you with saving energy.
  • Home/Away Assist: This work permits the thermostat to auto-adjust to an Eco setting when you leave, so you’re not heating or cooling an empty house.
  • Remote control: Multiple relatives can change the temperature from anyplace utilizing the Home app.
  • Energy History: You can follow your energy utilization on your mobile device or utilize Quick View on the actual thermostat.
  • Nest Leaf: A green leaf symbol will show up on the display while picking an energy-efficient temperature setting.
  • System monitoring: The Learning thermostat additionally accompanies the HVAC oversight work, which tracks your heating and AC system patterns and alerts you to any irregularities. It also can be customized to send system maintenance reminders.
  • Easy to install: The Learning thermostat is viable with 95% of the HVAC system.


  • Doesn’t need a C wire, yet most likely requirements one: If your HVAC system doesn’t have a C wire, these thermostats pull power straightforwardly from different wires when the air conditioning or heat is on. At the point when neither one of the systems is running, the Learning thermostat will turn your HVAC system on to control itself. This “power stealing” practice might conceivably cut off the HVAC system.
  • Software execution can be unreliable: The Learning thermostat has confronted a few software errors in the beyond a couple of years, leaving its users uncomfortable in their own homes. Reviewers have reported having a difficult time troubleshooting system failurs and finding support from Google. Software updates appear to have addressed to the majority of these issues.


Google Nest Thermostat OR Nest Learning Thermostat-Which should you choose?

The most recent Google Nest Thermostat measures 3.3 inches in width. It comes in four particular colours: Snow, Sand, Fog, and Charcoal. If that you’re upgrading from a bulkier indoor regulator, you can purchase the $15 colour composed with the trim pack to conceal the openings left by your old model.

Probably the greatest chance for the fourth-generation Nest is the deficiency of the turn-dial. Thermostat adjustments and other menu highlights are presently mapped to a haptic strip on the right half of the Nest. There’s likewise a brand new display. The past Nest generation (Nest Thermostat, Thermostat E, and Nest Learning) utilizes a 24-bit LCD show. While the LCD part remains, a mirrored lens finishes the display. Temperature readings and other data shine through the mirror when you connect with the thermostat. At the point when no data is displayed, the mirror capacities as… a mirror. This redesigned model is additionally backed by a similar Soli monitoring technology that Google incorporated into their Pixel 4. This permits the Nest Thermostat to determine when you’re remaining before it without the requirement for traditional motion sensors.

The Nest Learning Thermostat maintains the O.G. turn-dial of past Nest iterations. The thermostat is 3.3 inches in diameter and is available in different colours, including white, black, polished steel, and more.


Google Nest Thermostat OR Nest Learning Thermostat-Which should you choose?

The fourth-gen Nest Thermostat carries a couple of new features to the table. First off, there’s no active temperature monitoring. All things considered, you use the Google Home app (more on that beneath) to make customized schedules for your Nest. You can disclose to it things like when you will be home when you will be away. And what time of day you’d like the heat to start up. Through the Google Home app, the latest Nest will send you an HVAC system notifications, just as make ideas for approaches to bring down your energy bill. When you leave your home, the Nest will naturally enter Eco Mode to monitor energy while you’re away.

Sadly, the lower price implies we lose a few things, as well. The new Nest isn’t viable with Nest Temperature Sensors. There’s additionally no rechargeable battery, no included trim plate, and no advantageous Farsight display.

As far as tech, the almost decade-old Nest Learning Thermostat can in any case accomplish more. The flagship thermostat actively learns your family’s temperature preferences, can connect and interact with extra Nest Temperature Sensors for far better temperature guidelines, and is controlled by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Both Nest and Nest Learning are viable with most major HVAC brands. The new Nest is useful for controlling up to 85% of generally warming/cooling plans. While Nest Learning can deal with up to 95% of the HVAC system.


Google Nest Thermostat OR Nest Learning Thermostat-Which should you choose?

On examining the manual control components of the two thermostats, however, shouldn’t something be said about their lengthy capabilities? Obviously, you can control the two thermostats with your number one Google Home smart speakers. Amazon households will likewise be satisfied to realize that the two thermostats are Alexa-compatible, as well. Both voice assistants permit you to raise and lower the temperature, cycle between heating and cooling options.

As far as setup and mobile app controls, the standard Nest can be controlled in a hurry with the Google Home app. The Nest Learning Thermostat must be controlled (and set up) with the Nest app.

Price and warranty

The fourth-gen Nest Thermostat is open to pre-request for $129 and is a direct result of beginning delivery in a few weeks. The Nest Learning Thermostat ordinarily sells for $249. The standard Nest accompanies a one-year limited warranty, while the Nest Learning accompanies two years.


In case you are shopping simply dependent on a financial plan, there is no doubt that the new Nest Thermostat is your smartest choice. They have packed it with intelligent components, looks magnificent, and is not difficult to control. It’s likewise somewhat less imposing for those that are upgrading from an essential thermostat. Yet, in case you’re shopping for the best elements, the Nest Learning Thermostat is most likely the better decision. Google’s lead thermostat effectively learns the best ways to deal with keeping your home hot and cool, can be associated with other Nest Temperature Sensors.

The decision is yours.

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