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Amazon Kindle Whitepaper Signature Edition Review-More larger screen!


When it comes to a modern e-reader, the 11th Generation Amazon Kindle Whitepaper Signature Edition is a game-changer. It checks all of the boxes for a high-end device. It boasts a larger 6.8-inch screen, 32GB of storage, USB-C connectivity, and the same white and amber LED lighting as the Kindle Oasis. The lights can be adjusted via a slider bar, but they can also be adjusted automatically based on your surroundings using the ambient light sensor.

The Signature Edition satisfies all of the consumers’ Kindle requirements. People had been pleading with the corporation for years to adopt USB-C, and they finally did. A better lighting system was also requested, and it is now available. The most important item that people probably wanted, no pun intended, was a larger screen with more writing on it, and Amazon listened. As a result, I believe this is the best Kindle ever manufactured.

Design & Display of Amazon Kindle

With one noteworthy exception, the look of the Amazon Kindle Whitepaper Signature Edition will be recognizable if you’ve used any recent Kindle Paperwhite. The screen is expandable from 6 to 6.8 inches in comparison to the 2018 model, although it is still the same size as the normal 2021 model. Despite the increased screen real estate, the resolution remains a good and now essentially standard 300ppi. Because it has an e-ink screen, it can only display material in black and white, like all Kindles.

Design of amazon kindle paperwhite signature edition

As a result, it is best suitable for text-based content – there is no practical benefit to reading colorful comics or novels that rely largely on pictures. That is the purpose of the Kindle app on your smartphone or tablet, with material able to sync between both. E-ink emits significantly less blue light than a color display, making it much friendlier on your eyes for long reading sessions. As a result, it’s an excellent choice for reading before bed, especially with the new adjustable warm light.

This function was first introduced by Amazon on the Kindle Oasis in 2019, however, it is now accessible on both new Paperwhites. Coming from a Kindle without a warm light, I was skeptical about how useful it could be. However, after a few nights of reading before bed, I’d be hesitant to go without it. In theory, the Signature Edition provides a significant advantage in terms of brightness that automatically adjusts to your surroundings. However, I noticed that it took a long time to recognize whether I was in a darker or brighter environment and make any changes. I frequently ended up tweaking this manually, which somewhat negates the purpose.


Durability of amazon kindle paperwhite signature edition

The Paperwhite Signature Edition, like the Amazon Kindle Whitepaper Signature 2021, has an IPX8 waterproof rating. Even though prior waterproof Kindles performed admirably in water tests, in a test performers put this device through its paces once more. They immersed the Paperwhite Signature Edition in 5 inches of tap water sink for 20 minutes. And what happened when taken out? The Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition continued to function normally.


The Amazon Kindle Whitepaper Signature Edition comes pre-installed with Amazon’s new Kindle software. It was published in August, however most Kindles purchased since 2015 have been updated. It makes major modifications to the user experience, with the primary goal of making navigating easier. The primary screen is now divisible into ‘Home’ and ‘Library,’ albeit the latter appears to be an opportunity for Amazon to promote books you haven’t yet downloaded. However, one-tap access to the book you last opened and reading lists is useful. The quick settings menu, which is similar to that of a smartphone, is also updatable. Instead of a separate button, it is now accessible by swiping down from the top of the screen. However, a minor flaw here was detected.

Amazon Kindle Whitepaper Signature Edition Review-More larger screen!

The name Kindle was not seen since the bottom half of each letter was cut off. Aside from that, each book now has some new-look icons. Also, the ability to display the cover of your current book on the lock screen. The Kindle Store has a new appearance that resembles the home screen. You can fast switch between Kindle and Audible books on this page, which we wish was available on the main library page. Currently, you must filter by Audible each time, which is inconvenient.


While this is a new model, the increased price when compared to the Paperwhite 2021 reflects Amazon’s progressive pricing hikes in recent years. The 2018 and 2021 Kindle Paperwhites were both $10 more expensive than previous models. The standard Paperwhite has 32GB of capacity, which is four times that of the Kindle Paperwhite 2021. (8GB). The Oasis starts at 8GB and can upgrade to 32GB for an additional $30. The recently released Nook Glowlight 4 comes equipped with 32GB of storage and costs $149.

Amazon Kindle Whitepaper Signature Edition Review-More larger screen!

Unlike the standard Paperwhite, Amazon does not charge you $20 to remove the lock screen advertisements that may irritate you. This frees up space on your Kindle screen to display the cover of the book you’re currently reading. As you may have observed, Amazon has included two things that would ordinarily cost $50. When looking at the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition in this light, the Qi-charging and auto-adjusting lighting are additional perks.

 Battery Life

Kindles have always had excellent battery life, but Amazon has taken things to the next level here. Both the normal Paperwhite and the Signature Edition are durable to last up to 10 weeks on a single charge, up from 8 weeks on the 2018 model.

However, that is based on 30 minutes of reading every day, with Wi-Fi turned off and the brightness set to 14 – right in the middle.

Amazon Kindle Whitepaper Signature Edition Review-More larger screen!

In testing, testers tried to push the Signature Edition a little farther by leaving Wi-Fi on and slightly increasing the brightness. With around 20 minutes of reading each night and a lot of other tests, the battery only declined by about 35% in four weeks. This shows that Amazon’s estimate isn’t far off, though keeping Bluetooth turned on will certainly deplete the battery considerably faster.

We are delighted Amazon has finally embraced USB-C charging, even though only the cable is provided in the box. Nonetheless, there is no rapid charging of any kind, with a full charge taking roughly 2.5 hours. The Signature Edition also includes wireless charging, which is a significant enhancement. It’s the first time we’ve seen the feature on a Kindle, and it works with all Qi-compatible pads.


We wish the Paperwhite 2021 was the only Paperwhite Signature Edition. While USB-C and display warming is welcome additions, the Paperwhite Kindle’s growing price is vexing. All of these features would be strong reasons to upgrade, but the $189 Paperwhite Signature Edition will come as a surprise to anyone who remembers the $129 Paperwhite (2018).

So, we continue to recommend the normal Kindle Paperwhite, which has the right screen crispness and waterproofing that you’ll like at the beach. The Signature Edition exists because the $249 Kindle Oasis may be too expensive for certain people, yet they still desire something more than the standard Paperwhite.

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