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Escape Academy- a game for a detective!

Escape academy
Escape academy

An obvious solution can occasionally become a deceptively challenging puzzle. Escape Academy game is a brand-new independent game that takes the concept of an escape room to your lounge room, exemplifies this. It’s a game-changing concept that succeeds in many ways, but not without battling to find some answers.

That’s not a result of a lack of knowledge. The first-person puzzle game by Coin Crew Games was built by individuals who, before the pandemic, found actual escape rooms. Coin Crew sought to accurately capture that experience in a computer game. It simulates the gratifying delight that results from cracking a tricky problem.

Although it attempts to imitate the suspense of a true escape room. Escape Academy offers expertly generating puzzles that shine in a co-op context. I’m already eager to sign up for a better, more challenging sequel because of the game’s few stages and a short playtime.

The main purpose of the game

The main purpose of the game- Escape Academy

Players are immediately able to enroll in a university that exists solely to instruct pupils in the art of escape as the game starts. The game has a spy narrative that unites its several puzzle chambers, but it’s really just creative stage dressing to make some entertaining testing. Even in the shortest of speech interstitials, there are hints of imaginative worldbuilding, although they get a little lost.

The key area where Escape Academy shines is puzzle design. As they acquire Pokémon-like badges all throughout the game, players will tackle a little more than dozen puzzle chambers. Each chamber is completely unique from the others and contains a variety of creative puzzles that fit the theme. You are currently brewing a cup of tea in one room, for instance. You suddenly find yourselves in a greenhouse with a burner in the middle.

Throughout the level, You determine a lock combination by placing tea leaves under a microscope while counting the components of its cells. In another scene that unfolds like an action film, you are radioing numbers to your professor while watching her plan a prison break on security monitors.

It’s especially wonderful because, even in the late-game rooms, none of them seem complex or cryptic. Having too many signals and things You might interact with at once will never make you feel confused. You would typically have a few essential items on hand at once and some obvious level design cues to guide your focus. Since it’s not here to make you feel lost, that in particular actually feels like a true escape room. Knowing that you must play the piano when you see one only leaves you to determine which other problem will provide the correct key combinations. Even if you do make a mistake, the liberal hint system provides helpful cues, making the game considerably more approachable for users of all ages.

Hard works of the game

Hard works of the game

Each level is full of logical riddles that are simple to understand. It makes it obvious that perhaps the game was carefully available by escape room specialists. Replicating the high-stakes tension that real-world escape rooms create is a little messier. In those situations, teams are racing against the time to get out of the room before the 25-year-old working the front desk expels them.

That very same manic spirit can’t fully be taken by Escape Academy. Also, every level has a time restriction, and a threatening clock at the top of the page counts down, but this is just a deception. There is no penalty if the time limit expires. Simply said, the room keeps going as usual. The only drawback is that you’ll receive a somewhat lower grade on your report card at the completion of each level.

Those grades don’t really provide much of a motivation to perform better. Players cannot compare their results or even the times it takes for the room to clear on the leaderboards. It makes sense that there isn’t much of a rivalry on the friend’s list after the completion of the task of a room. Knowing the solutions to every challenge, you could quickly replay it and earn an A+. Other than trying it in co-op, there is no real incentive to return to a level.

That is where the differences between the real-world and virtual escape room experiences become apparent. A true one should only be undertaken once. An escape room can be an exciting night out since failure is a possibility. But failing in a game doesn’t have the same significance. You may always try again or reset. You just had to cut the proper wiring on a bomb in one room. If You make a mistake, the only thing that would happen was that the time would run out a few minutes. You are free to make as many mistakes as You want until You finally cut the proper wire. So what is the game trying to mention. “You can’t try again until you pay for another attempt,” or anything similar?

Some clever ways

Escape Academy does a commendable job of coming up with additional inventive ways to create stress. Real escape rooms are safe environments with low stakes, however, they can cause mild terror. Players are thrown into a flaming library or a string of gradually flooding rooms in this scenario. Although the lack of a significant fail penalty proves to be a true obstacle, those conditions make the rush to escape feel more thrilling.

If there really was a little more availability in the bundle, I wouldn’t dislike that as much. There are just about a dozen rooms in Escape Academy, many of which You will complete quickly before the given time limit. As a normal user, you complete it in just under three hours. An epilogue would let you return at any moment and relive previous chambers, but that wouldn’t be that entertaining.

Play with a friend

Play with a friend

Everyone will strongly advise you to play Escape Academy with a friend if you plan to do so. Split-screen mode allows two players to finish the entire tale, and this is where the game excels. Although You usually play the game alone, the co-op was where You will get the most fun. At that point, as your puzzle partner and you dance around the room shouting hints at one another and exchanging notes, the game felt much more wonderfully chaotic. It Takes Two’s place in the list of top “couples games.”

With two players, every tiny design element shines out. In a split-screen scenario, where the first player can keep up a note while the other works on a puzzle, the option to pin a hint to the screen works very well. A level typically has at least 2 tasks that can be done simultaneously. Allowing players to divide and conquer while staying relatively close to one another. It also makes a great choice for parents wishing to play a game with their child due to the simpler puzzle design.

Escape Academy does a great job of capturing the social aspect of escape rooms, even though it can’t fully capture every detail. The game is best appreciated as a way to strengthen relationships. Similar to how an escape room night out usually finishes in a pub, it serves as an excuse to have a buddy over and chat afterward. Its conciseness and sweetness make it the ideal addition to a social gathering.

When it will be fun to play Escape Academy game

If you are planning to play Escape Academy then the only suggestion is to play with your friends. Because the enjoyment of solving logical puzzles is to solve with a funny friend. So, the real fun of playing Escape Academy is playing with a friend.

Is Escape Academy cool in the comparison with an Escape room?

So, if you ask the users they will just say that it is a copy of the Escape room but Escape Academy is an improvement of the Escape room. Although some of the things are similar to it, you will get a different vibe from playing Escape Academy.

Escape Academy is a worthy game or not?

Without compromising any mechanical depth, Escape Academy game is a fantastic experience that transforms escape room problems into short stories. It has no dead weight during its four hours of running duration and is just the right amount of difficulty for people of all ages.


The charming puzzle game Escape Academy just wishes to spread the appeal of escape rooms to everyone. Each level has a selection of dexterous logic puzzles which are always enjoyable to complete, especially with a friend. Due to the useless time constraints that drain the tension from the room. It is more difficult to give players a real sensation of defeat. It’s one of the most enjoyable ways to spend a Friday gaming night this summer, despite its efforts to capture the excitement of actual escape rooms.

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