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iPhone 14 – What new we are expecting?


Regardless of the way that the iPhone 13 is still the newcomer, the reports have successfully illustrated what’s in store from the so-called iPhone 14. We anticipate that the iPhone 14 should be present in September of 2022. Rumours propose we could see a significant redesign, new elements, and that’s just the beginning. Apple delivered the iPhone 13 series at its California Streaming event on September 14, 2021. While Apple’s 2021 iPhone lineup is still lovely new, rumours of the upcoming iPhone 14 are now warming up. Like its predecessors, the following version up is relied upon to offer a few exciting new components that might be of some value. Here’s the beginning and end we know so far with regards to the iPhone 14.

What will the iPhone 14 be called?

Given that the iPhone introduced in 2021 was without a doubt marked as the 13. We expect the 2022 iPhone to be the iPhone 14. Regardless of whether Apple at any point gets back to the “S” branding remains not yet clear.

There’s likewise the possibility that Apple abandons numbers on the iPhone line through and through. New iPhones are designated essentially by their size, “Pro” or non-Pro, and year. This would coordinate with how Apple has done with the iPad lineup in the past the last few years.

Apple marketing names stay under wraps as late as possible. This implies we’ll need to wait until 2022 to learn what that year’s release will be authoritatively called.

Release date

iPhone 14

We’ve heard no clue on a potential release date for the iPhone 14. In any case, passing by past Apple Phone dispatch events. We would hope to see the iPhone 14 make its introduction in September 2022.


As for value, it’s additionally difficult to predict. We guess the iPhone 14 will organize with the expense of the iPhone 13, which starts at $799 for the normal iPhone 13 and $999 for the 13 Pro. There could be no iPhone 14 Mini by any stretch of the imagination, so we would expect a greater 6.7-inch iPhone 14, Max, to cost $899.

From there, the iPhone 14 Pro could cost $999 and the 14 Pro Max $1,099 or more. 

Will there an iPhone 14 Mini?

Despite the iPhone 12, Mini’s reportedly poor sales, Apple has uncovered an iPhone 13 Mini. Regardless, the Mini could be toast after that, as the organization will apparently work up the iPhone 14 arrangement for 2022. There could be a bigger iPhone 14 Plus or Max to along the ordinary 6.1-inch. So there would be two ordinary size phones and two bigger-screen iPhone 14 models

The iPhone 14 Max will be the swap for a Mini-phone, offering a 6.7-inch display just without accompanying a load of expert components and thus a hefty price tag. Given the hunger for greater phones, a significant yet more sensible iPhone could be the ideal thing for iPhone fans.

There will be no 5.4 inch iPhone in 2022 in light of the fact that Apple is getting away with the “Mini” line following lacklustre sales. The iPhone 13 Mini will be the remainder of the Mini phones and going ahead, Apple is expected to focus on bigger-sized iPhones.

We are hoping for a 6.1-inch iPhone 14, and Pro, and a 6.7-inch is iPhone 14 Max, and a 6.7-inch is iPhone 14 Pro Max, with the greater 6.7-inch iPhone replacing the Mini model.


iPhone 14

The iPhone 14 will appear like an iPhone 12 crossed with an iPhone 4. In any case, on those edges could be a mute button and a group of adjusted buttons for volume central.

The sides of the iPhone 14 could be created out of titanium, which could make it unbreakable and more grounded than the past iPhones, while the back would hold the glass finish at any rate apparently with a gleaming silk-like finish. There are rumours that a next edge iPhone will be portless.

iPhone 14

Quite possibly the main change for the iPhone 14 over its predecessors is tipped to be the return of Touch ID. Just as opposed to getting integrated into a power button, it will apparently be embedded under the iPhone14’s display, similar to a lot of fingerprint sensors on the best Android phones.

At a time where people are wearing masks to try not to get Covid-19, Face ID can struggle to identify iPhone users, so having a type of Touch ID would take care of that issue.


iPhone 14

Given the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max have a 120Hz refresh rate display, would it be extraordinary to see all iPhone 14 models have such a screen, logical utilizing an LTPO panel or an advancement of that display tech. Notwithstanding, one report says that at least one iPhone 14 model with sport an LTPS display, which implies a 60Hz board could be staying around. 

ProMotion Display

All four of the iPhone 14 models coming in 2022 could support 120Hz ProMotion display innovation instead of simply the Pro models, however, that is not a sure thing as some data recommends the ProMotion will be an iPhone 14 Pro feature.

Reports has suggested that somewhere around one of the iPhone models coming one year from now will utilize a standard LTPS OLED display without 120Hz ProMotion innovation.


iPhone 14

We have not heard an incredible arrangement about the cameras of the iPhone 14 up until now. One report from Apple tips a 48MP primary sensor for the iPhone 14 Pro models, which would be a major leap from the 12MP camera on the iPhone 13.

iPhone 14

Better telephoto capacities would likewise be appreciated, as the iPhone lags behind any semblance of the Samsung Galaxy S21. It would be fairly flawless if Apple drew motivation from the Galaxy S21 Ultra and pick a secondary telephoto camera with something like a 10x optical zoom. 

One Apple patent focuses on Apple working with a periscope-style zoom camera, which could advance toward the iPhone 14, or possibly the Pro models. 

Battery life and charging  

So far we just have tidbits of data on the potential iPhone 14 specs. We’re fairly sure that 2022’s iPhone will utilize an A-series chip design by Apple. Liable to be the A16, the chip will almost certainly offer a notable boost in both processor and graphics execution over the A15 Bionic tipped for the iPhone 13.

The iPhone 14 is tipped to incorporate a 4nm chip from TSMC, which would be a lot more modest and more capable than the 5nm A15 Bionic schedule for the iPhone 13. However, a new report claims that TSMC is having an issue creating the smaller chips, which implies the iPhone 14 could stay with a 5nm chipset. If in this way, it will be the initial time an IPhone’s gone three years with the equivalent size system-on-chip.

It’s likewise possible that the iPhone 14 will highlight an Apple-made 5G modem, following  Apple’s obtaining of Intel’s modem business. This would clearly give Apple more command over both the 5G presentation and battery life sway.


On the storage side, we would anticipate that Apple to continue with the choices it has for the iPhone 13 range, which starts at 128GB and go up to 1TB for the Pro models. 

However, a new rumour has the iPhone 14 tipped to get an enormous 2TB of locally available storage. Given no Samsung phone offers this, and they have recently been liberal with storage, we are sceptical of an iPhone having the most storage on a cell phone to date. 

Admittedly with the ProRez video on offer, which can bite up storage, it would apparently make sense for Apple to expand the storage of its Pro phones. However, we’re actually taking such a rumour with a genuine pinch of salt. 


No notch

The greatest change that we at present expect with the 2022 iPhone is the evacuation of the notch cutout. The notch design was first introduced with the iPhone X, and it has remained something very similar from that point forward. The notch is the place where Apple houses its sensors for things like Face ID.

Solid Apple examiner reports that Apple will drop the indent in 2022, and start with the very good quality iPhone 14 Pro. It further depicts the design change as a “punch-hole design.” Meanwhile, other reports have reported that the iPhone 14 is set to highlight a “complete redesign.”

Reports say that the punch-hole configuration will potentially work out true to form in case Apple’s prototyping and creation work out as expected. Apple’s current objective is to bring the hole-punch configuration just to the very good quality iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. All things considered, the standard iPhone 14 will retain the notch design except if Apple exceeds product yield goals.

If the punch-hole design sounds recognizable, that is on the grounds that it’s presently utilized on some high-end Android flagships. It’s a good idea for Apple to adopt this design with the iPhone 14.

YouTuber and leakers also corroborated the punch-hole design, and the professing to have seen real-life pictures of the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

On the iPhone 14 Pro, the “punch-hole” would house the camera that is correct now situated in the indent. What stays unclear is the fate of Face ID. It’s conceivable that Apple abandons Face ID in favour of under-display Touch ID.

Here is the innovation presently situate in the iPhone’s notch:

  • Infrared camera
  • Flood illuminator
  • Proximity sensor
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Speaker
  • Microphone
  • Front camera
  • Dot projector

That is a great deal of innovation to put somewhere else.

Touch ID

While early iPhone 14 rumours demonstrated that Apple would bring under-display Touch ID to the iPhone. More recent reporting proposes that Apple has been compelled to delay under-display Touch ID to 2023 instead.

According to one report, Apple has faced “lower than anticipated development progress” on its work to incorporate Touch ID into the iPhone’s display. It is additionally possible Apple takes a less driven strategy and incorporates Touch ID into the iPhone’s power button, like the iPad Air and iPad Mini.

No camera bump

According to reports, in some measure, a few models of the iPhone 14 won’t include a camera bump. The iPhone features a projecting camera bump because of the slim design of the iPhone and the central thickness of the camera components.

Apple will truly have to manage without the camera knock with the iPhone 14 by making the iPhone itself thicker.

Camera improvements

The iPhone 14 will likewise incorporate dramatic improvements to the front-facing camera.. The greatest change will be the upgrade to the front-facing camera’s auto-focus components. The front-facing iPhone camera has the best approach to catch up to the rear camera.

To the extent of the back camera, The iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max will be moved up to 48-megapixels, an increment from the 12-megapixel sensor in iPhone 12.

Albeit the sensor is 48 megapixels, it is possible that yield pictures from the iPhone will regardless be 12-megapixels in goal. Like some Android phones, Apple could utilize a smart scaling algorithm that takes the raw 48-megapixel information and makes a  12-megapixel output picture with more detail and less noise.

The camera system will similarly be designed for the iPhone 14, supporting an 8K recording curiously.

Screen sizes

The moreover predicts that the iPhone 14 will not include a ‘Mini’ structure factor like the iPhone 12 and 13. Taking everything into account, Kuo recommends that Apple will offer four iPhones in two distinctive screen sizes: 6.1-inches and 6.7-inches.

So it very well may be, the iPhone 14 and 14 Max, then, the iPhone 14 Pro, and Pro Max. It will be terrible to see the 5.4-inch structure factor cease following two years, notwithstanding, reports exhibit the device has not sold practically similarly as Apple had anticipated.

Goodbye Lighting Port

For quite a while, reports have suggested that Apple could present a port-less iPhone. This iPhone would not include a Lightning port, all things being equal, it would be totally wireless. This was once rumoured to come in 2021, yet that didn’t happen.

Therefore, it’s conceivable that the iPhone 14 is the first iPhone that is accessible without a Lightning port. Rather than Lightning, the iPhone 14 would support wireless charging just as Apple’s most up-to-date MagSafe technology. Apple is probably going to roll out this change at the very good quality first with the 14 Pro. The lower-end models would follow over the course of the following, not many years.


The iPhone 13 was a minor upgrade in contrast with its predecessor. In any case, moving ahead, the iPhone 14 could include the absolute most drastic changes in the device’s history.

Of course, the dispatch is still miles away—so what we at present know is restricted. More will almost certainly come out throughout the next few months. So up to that point, how about we all enjoy and get used to the iPhone 13!

*These are assumptions , they may vary

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