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Surprisingly your iPhone 11 can glow in the dark!


iPhone 11 is extraordinary for a lot of reasons. It’s reasonable, powerful, and highlights an impressive camera. The device likewise… glows? Apple’s new iPhone 11 appears to have a covered-up “feature” that is reasonable not a feature by any means. Essentially, it glows in the dark. The back of Apple’s iPhone 11 is a single piece of glass with a raised camera bump, from this equivalent sheet of glass. Nearby two cameras, the iPhone 11 blaze is encircled by glass inside this bump, and when turned on in a dark room, the light ranges across the entire phone, making a truly cool glow in the dark effect. We couldn’t say whether this was intentional or not. However numerous iPhone 11 owners are finding that it appears as though the device is glowing when the flashlight is turned on.

Biggest effect on the iPhone 11

Apple launched the iPhone 11 on 10th September 2019 and it is the replacement for iPhone XR. It accompanies a brand new dual-camera setup, a slight redesign as far as colour choices, and apparently, now it can glow in dark too! This was found by iPhone 11 proprietors when they turned on the flashlight on the rear of their phones.

When you activate the flash and afterwards cover it up with a piece of tape, card, or simply your finger you’ll see the back of the phone enlighten. The equivalent goes for the edges, too.

iPhone 11 ‘Glow’ in the Dark

The result is quite gorgeous, and we’d love to see an iPhone that does this as a matter of course. That is far-fetched due to the reasonable battery impact this will cause. However, the reality it’s possible is still beautiful cool.We shrouded the flash in our photos with a piece of cardboard to give a prevalent glance at the back of a Green iPhone 11 and it looks pretty amazing:

iPhone 11 ‘Glow’ in the Dark

iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro devices have a new back design that is made from a single piece of glass. The raised, squarish camera bump is likewise essential for this glass back. What appears to cause this is how the iPhone 11’s flash is furthermore encircled by this glass camera bump. It appears as though the light is really bleeding out of the camera bump, causing the diffused light spillage on the remainder of the glass back. All in all, it’s probably unintentional.

Glow effect

Numerous iPhone 11 owners were amazed at testing the phone’s flashlight function.

The effect can be found in the YouTube video below. Showing off what resembles a green iPhone 11 — without a case — glowing in the dark with its flashlight turned on. Other users affirmed that their own iPhones glow. However, while it’s in reality pretty cool, there’s a decent chance that this is not intended behaviour.

Because when you turn on the flashlight, an exceptionally unique glow effect happens. Simply look here:

Surprisingly your iPhone 11 can glow in the dark!

It’s not satisfactory which specific colours that this light drain influences. It seems as though you can get it on green and red iPhone 11 models. However, you will not have the option to on black iPhone 11 models Probable reason is because of the glass being excessively dark for the effect.

While there is a comparative effect on the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, user reports recommend that it’s considerably more muted. That is logical because of the frosted, matte glass utilized on those devices.

On the other hand, a few users detailed that you can get a comparative effect if you have a clear case on your iPhone.

Turn the Flashlight On & Off

If you’d prefer to attempt this yourself, you’ll need to do it in a dark environment. It’s likely useful if you cover the real flash with a piece of tape or something almost identical. That way, you’ll get a greater amount of the diffused light rather than simply the flash.

It may likewise be useful to turn up your iPhone’s flashlight brightness. That is done by long-pushing on the Flashlight symbol in Control Center.

You can get to your flashlight from the Control Center of any iPhone or iPad Pro. Yet the system for acquiring to the Control Center differs depending whereupon model iPhone you have. Here is the way to operate the flashlight from the Control Center:

  • Look down from the upper right corner of your Home or your Lock screen.
  • Hit the flashlight icon turn it on.
  • Select the flashlight icon again to off the flashlight.
iPhone 11 ‘Glow’ in the Dark
iPhone 11 ‘Glow’ in the Dark

Another intriguing party trick might be to try different things with the light drain and the LED Flash for Alerts setting. You can turn that on in:

  • Enter Settings on the iPhone home screen.
  • Hit on the Accessibility.
  • Look down to the Hearing section and hit the Audio/Visual. On older versions of the iOS, skip the Audio/Visual step and on second thought hit the LED Flash for Alerts.
  • Switch on the LED Flash for Alerts slider. This enables the warning light for all alarms. If you need the notification light to be enabled at whatever point you set your iPhone to silent mode, move the Flash on Silent slider to on/green.
  • If you decide you don’t need the notification light any longer, repeat the initial five steps, and afterward switch off the LED Flash for Alerts slider.
Surprisingly your iPhone 11 can glow in the dark!
Surprisingly your iPhone 11 can glow in the dark!
Surprisingly your iPhone 11 can glow in the dark!


On the 10th of September, Apple delivered the iPhone models 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max.

In pith, the camera was the greatest news of the year. This increments the battery life as well as the colour deviations.

Close by two cameras, the iPhone 11 flash is circled by glass inside this bump, and when turned on in a dark room. The lights span across the whole phone, making a truly cool glow-in-the-dark effect.

This gives an extremely cool impact, and we imagine that it will make it a much more valuable device in dark. This feature of the iPhone 11 glowing was not mentioned during Apple’s press conference basically in light of the fact that it was a happy accident because of its design. Additionally, this impact is by all accounts just on the iPhone 11 and not the iPhone 11 Pro models.

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