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Learn how you can use your iPhone, Android phone or smartwatch in emergency situations with SOS!


Current smartphones and smartwatches permit you to set emergency SOS highlights that will ping your latest location to emergency contacts in a circumstance where you can’t chat on the phone. Both Apple and Google devices give this office these highlights in the iOS and Android stages. Other wearable producers have additionally begun including these highlights. We suggest setting up an emergency SOS on your device whether you have an iPhone, Android phone, Apple Watch, Samsung, Garmin Watch, or location following since there may be different There is an assortment of scenarios where you will most likely be unable to call someone or make a phone call, however, you will actually want to figure out how to send your location to entrusted people with only a single tick or step.

So assuming that you are in an emergency circumstance it merits setting since it will be a savior guard and God for yourself and you will express gratitude toward us for teaching you to act in such circumstances.

Here we will perceive the way you can set up SOS emergency on your iPhone, Android phone, and smartwatches from Garmin and Apple. These do not include fitness trackers or wearables to have such SOS elements, however, most smartphones do.

Emergency SOS mechanism on Apple and iPhone

Emergency SOS on iPhone
Learn how you can use your iPhone, Android phone or smartwatch in emergency situations with SOS! 9

Emergency SOS is already available on your iPhone and works in all countries. In some countries, you will be allowed only be able to choose one particular emergency service.

You can easily make an emergency services call from your iPhone. But there are different ways to set up on different iPhones depending upon the model you have.

Emergency SOS is now accessible on your iPhone and works in all nations, however in certain spots, you may simply have the option to pick one specific emergency service.

You can without much of a stretch settle on an emergency call from your iPhone.There are many ways of setting up various iPhones relying on the model you have.

SOS on iPhone 8 or above

Emergency SOS on iphone 8 and above
Learn how you can use your iPhone, Android phone or smartwatch in emergency situations with SOS! 10

Assuming that you have iPhone 8 or above. These incorporate iPhones released after 2017.

Here’s what to do: You need to hold down the side button and the volume buttons.

Recollect the combination: side button + volume buttons.

When you press these, a slider on the screen will show up and it will say “Emergency SOS”.

Drag this across, to make a call to the emergency services.

If you can’t drag and slide this across, keep on holding down the buttons and you’ll find your phone makes an alert noise with a countdown. That countdown will wrap up with the phone calling the emergency services so this is especially valuable in the event that you can’t remove your phone from a pocket.

One compelling way and a more prudent way is to set up emergency contacts as it will then message your contacts promptly a while later with your location data from there, the sky is the limit.

iPhone 7 and below

Emergency SOS on iphone 7 and below

This progression is for the older iPhones. Here you need to hit the side button five times in rapid succession, and now and again, you just have to hit the button three times. Similar advances: An Emergency SOS slider will seem where you can quickly call.

At the point when the call has finished, it’ll then send your emergency contacts a text message with your ongoing location. You have the choice to drop this before the messages are sent, yet for this, to work you’ll have to have emergency contacts set up. Try not to stress we have here included how to set up emergency contact set up on the grounds that we think it is the main advance which you shouldn’t skip.

Adding an emergency contact on iPhone

We prescribe you to add emergency contacts in numerous specific situations and reasons:

  • it can tell emergency services to identify who to contact and which devices to reach.
  • these individuals will quickly get a message about your area after your call with the emergency services.
  • In the event that you at any point wind up in a difficult situation — medically etc. — Apple is there to help as fast as could really be expected.
  • when set off, it will call your region’s emergency services division and automatically inform your emergency contacts
  • This straightforward tip could save your life absolutely never get languid to do this.

To set this up follow:

set up emergency contact on iphone
  • Click on the Health app.
  • Press the profile picture.
  • Here, you’ll find a choice called Medical ID and at the lower part of the page, you’ll find a choice called emergency contacts.
  • enter the details of the contact, a relationship and their phone number.
  • Tap done indeed.
  • You can have numerous emergency contacts on your iPhone at one time.

Emergency SOS mechanism on Apple Watch

sos on apple watch  SOS on Apple Watch
SOS on Apple Watch

SOS similar mechanism exists on Apple Watch. Yet, how to activate it?

Just by holding the side button down for a couple of seconds until the Emergency SOS appears. Yet, in the event that you don’t have the LTE version of the Apple Watch, you will require an iPhone. In the event that you have the LTE version, it’s ideal. We suggest you buy one.

Keep holding down the button, and a countdown will start and toward the finish of the countdown, the call to emergency services will start.

From that point forward, your emergency contacts will get a text with your location. It’s equivalent process that of an iPhone.

Emergency SOS mechanism on Android phones

SOS on Android
SOS on Android phone

These SOS highlights vary on various Android phones. You can do this via searching in your phone’s Settings for words, for example, SOS messages or emergency.

Samsung: Samsung phones have a component called Send SOS Messages. On the Samsung phone, press the side key three times to send a message on your contact with your location automatically. It will normally interface pictures using your rear and front camera, as well as an audio recording of the minutes before the message, is sent.

Xiaomi phones: These phones have an element called Emergency SOS. On the Xiaomi, phone, press the power button on your phone five times with hardly a pause in between. Doing this your location and SOS message will be sent. The qualification here with the Samsung phone is that it does exclude pictures or an audio recording.

Oppo and Realme phones: On Oppo and Realme phones this element is called Emergency SOS. You get the choice of picking between a phone call straightforwardly to your emergency contacts. Or on the other hand, set up to send a message all things are equal.

However, not all Android phones permit SOS and sending a message to your contacts straightforwardly. You really want to search for your phone’s producer’s details.

Third-party apps to share location

There are third-party apps intended to remotely share the location.

You can utilize third-party apps like WhatsApp. WhatsApp permits you to share your particular location. This plainly won’t be an appropriate decision for conditions where you truly need to quickly have the choice to contact individuals.

SOS Mechanism on Garmin watches

A Garmin watch

There are 2 choices for emergency SOS found on the Garmin Connect App: Incident Detection and Assistance.

It messages picked contact when it identifies an unforeseen deceleration or impact while you’re doing wellness exercises like running or cycling.

The message likewise has a Google Maps interface that will show your location. With this, emergency contact can look and find you.

It likewise has a Live track feature which is important feature of setting up SOS on Garmin Watch.

LiveTrack makes a persistent point of view on your location during an activity, so friends and family can track it. The LiveTrack page shows the average speed from the second the activity was started and doesn’t consider when the gadget is halted, for instance, when you stop at a crosswalk.

Before you can use both of these components, you’ll need to set up at atleast one emergency contact.

  • Tap the button at the upper left to open the main menu, and select Contacts.
  • Tap the symbol at the upper right and select Create Contact.
  • Enter the individual’s first and last name, their phone number, and accepting that you really want to, their email address.
  • Exactly when you’re done, tap Save.
  • Presently return to the primary menu, select Safety and Tracking, and pick Incident Detection or LiveTrack to set up your contact.
  • You can have the two features empowered, with a similar emergency contact or different ones.
  • Remember that both these features require a cell connection, so you’ll require either an LTE watch or a Bluetooth connection to your phone.

SOS on Samsung watches

Learn how you can use your iPhone, Android phone or smartwatch in emergency situations with SOS!

SOS isn’t set up obviously on Samsung’s smartwatches. These incorporate the most recent Galaxy Watch 4. It’s furthermore not open on the Galaxy Fit or Galaxy Fit 2. Expecting you to see the message Emergency calls simply on your Samsung smartwatch, that is a sign you haven’t set up cell connectivity and that the feature will potentially work accepting that you have your phone on you.

You’ll have to empower it yourself.
Regardless, Samsung’s Emergency SOS as of now won’t call nearby emergency services. Taking everything into account, it will call and illuminate the pre-picked emergency contacts of your location. At the point when you set up your contacts, you can order Emergency SOS by rapidly pressing the Power button three times.

Set up process

  • Go to the Galaxy Wearable app.
  • Pick Watch Settings.
  • Tap Advanced Features.
  • Hit SOS.
  • Hit on the flip switch named “When Home Key pressed 3 times”.
  • There is likewise an additional Count down prior to sending the toggle.
  • At the point when that’s what you empower, this will add a five-second delay so you can drop in the event of accidental presses.
  • You can likewise alternatively turn on the switch When a hard fall is identified.
  • To pick emergency contacts, tap Create Contact or Select From Contacts.
  • There will be an Emergency Contacts menu.
  • From that, you can assign contacts to send texts and calls.
  • To assign who will get texts, select Send messages to and pick a contact.
  • For calls, select Make SOS call and afterwards select a contact.

No SOS on Fitbit

Tragically, no Fitbit smartwatch tracker integrates SOS or emergency features. It’s apparently the principal prohibition in the Fitbit climate. There’s no power strategy for including your Fitbit to contact others in emergencies.


Setting up SOS on your device is very important, whether you have iPhone, Android phone Apple Watch, Samsung, or Garmin Watch. Expecting you want a wearable with SOS and emergency features, which could it be smart for you to buy?
Accepting you own an iPhone, you s purchase an Apple Watch. In case you own an Android phone, consider getting a gadget from Samsung or Garmin.

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