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Nothing Phone 1 – Will this Phone be able to turn the tables on Apple?


The Nothing Phone 1 has been verified, and this entrepreneur hopes to build something genuinely unique. It’s been not many years since a new smartphone manufacturer entered the fray, but the firm that brought us the Nothing Ear 1 is offering something remarkable.

Nothing has more credibility than its creator, Carl Pei, who helped launch the popular phone brand OnePlus. But, with OnePlus having strayed far from its initial objective of top specifications for less, perhaps the Nothing Phone 1 is set to fill that now-vacant market niche.

As it turns up, we know quite a lot more than you might expect, because the design and CPU have been officially verified, and the rest specifications have been either leaked or strongly reported.

Therefore, what else is there to learn? Let’s go through everything we’ve learned so far about the Nothing phone 1, including the planned release date, price, design, features, and more.

Price & Availability

Nothing Phone 1

Nothing indicated a summer release date when it originally stated that it was focusing on Phone 1. The corporation kept its word and planned a launch event for July 12, 2022, at 11 a.m. ET / 2 p.m. PT / 4 p.m. BST. A subsequent leak suggests that the phone would be released on July 21, coinciding with the formal launch event.

Nothing has guaranteed that it will follow OnePlus’s strategy for the launch of its debut smartphone. In the beginning, Nothing Phone 1 will only be available through invites, which you must sign up for on the Nothing website. It makes sense considering that Carl Pei was the company’s founder and driving force in its early days.

To pre-order, you must pay a non-refundable £20 deposit to obtain a ticket that will allow you to press the pre-order button on July 12. Nothing will provide a £20 discount and an extra surprise for individuals who choose this way.


Nothing Phone 1

The most enticing aspect is the phone’s design, which was ultimately shown on June 15th. You’ve probably seen it at the top of the page. However, here are two more images of the phone from its real-world premiere at the Art Basel event. Anyone who has seen the Ear 1 headphones will recognize the design language, with a mix of white and translucent plastic that hints at the phone’s internals without outright disclosing too much of it. There’s also a volume rocker on one side and a power button across the other.

A hands-on video broadcast exclusively by MKBHD provided further information, indicating that the clear back is composed of glass & that the white accents embellishing it are LEDs. They provide distinct light shows dependent on the notification noises you use. This is intended to assist you in determining who is phoning or messaging you without ever flipping the phone around.

Later, updated renderings revealed a previously unseen black variant of the Nothing Phone. It makes the white LED strips in the rear pop out more than the white version, but else is identical. Essentially, the Nothing Phone 1 resembles the iPhone 12, right down to the boxy design and dual-camera setup in the upper left corner of the rear.

Software – Nothing OS

Nothing Phone 1 - Will this Phone be able to turn the tables on Apple?

The Nothing Phone 1 will run Android 12. However, Nothing claims that its Nothing OS layer will take a few distinct methods. It will “effortlessly link and merge Nothing goods and products from those other world-leading businesses”, according to Carl Pei. He compares his concept to the ease with which the Apple ecosystem operates.

In that regard, Nothing OS is will be lightweight, including just the greatest features of “pure” Android. Through “bespoke typefaces, colors, graphical components, and noises,” the software and hardware are expected to integrate seamlessly. This is a lot of marketing jargon for saying that it will most likely be a skin similar to stock Android while still having a different style.

Nothing claims that by integrating the images across several screens, using the Nothing Phone 1 would seem smooth. For example, when you unlock the smartphone, the dot matrix clock on the always-on screen remains in the same place.

Nothing also emphasizes its distinct visual language with custom fonts, colors, and graphical components. For example, the weather widget employs the same dot matrix typeface as the company’s logo, resulting in smooth animations. Nothing’s apps, such as the voice recorder app, have a vintage and fun style. You can rewind & fast forward by using an analog tape wheel.

Nothing Phone 1 – Specifications

RAM And Internal Storage

Nothing has been confirmed, but the Phone 1 is expected to be powered by a Snapdragon 778G+ processor with 8GB or 12GB of RAM & 128GB or 256GB of storage. This Snapdragon CPU appears to be a more sophisticated version of the standard type, with wireless charging functionality. Previous reports point to the premium Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, but with the official confirmation, this is not going to materialize.

The Nothing Phone 1 also claims “smooth and fast performance” by providing customers with the processing power and RAM they require for the specific program they’re operating. And the applications you use the most will launch faster, indicating that the Phone 1 is learning from your usage.


Nothing Phone 1 - Will this Phone be able to turn the tables on Apple?

The appearance of what appears to be an always-on screen in the screenshots above suggests that the phone would require an Amoled screen to make this function. Hopefully, this means a high refresh rate similar to the popular 120Hz norm found on more costly Android phones.


Nothing Phone 1

According to other sources, the surveillance system might have three cameras. A 50MP primary lens, an unnamed 8MP secondary lens, and a third unknown 2MP lens are all possibilities. However, given that the back only reveals two lenses, that last one is out the window. Selfies are expected to be handled by a 32MP camera.

Battery Life

Nothing Phone 1

In terms of power and charging, the Nothing Phone might have a 4,500mAh battery and 45W fast charging. Wireless charging & reverse wireless charging are also supported. Nothing is clearly going for a well-made mid-range phone rather than a high-end flagship.

What is special in Nothing phone 1?

The Nothing Phone 1 looks to sport a 6.55-inch AMOLED screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz. The gadget will also include two back cameras, one with a 50-megapixel primary sensor and the other with a 16-megapixel secondary sensor. A 16-megapixel sensor is likely in the selfie camera.


The Android smartphone ecosystem has shrunk in recent years, with LG, HTC, and other vendors dropping out. And, for those searching for something really interesting and fresh, Samsung’s dominance has perhaps grown monotonous. We’re expecting the Nothing Phone 1 makes a sensation, but this fledgling firm has a lot to prove in a crowded industry.

Looking at the leaks and reports, the large level of enthusiasm surrounding this phone seems a bit perplexing. But that’s the power of Carl Pei, the one-man propaganda factory. But, with everything out of the way, it appears like we’ll be getting a solid mid-range phone with an intriguing design.

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