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iPhone 15 Launch Event! All information about the new tech giant!

Apple’s next big event is nearly here. The company has just sent out the iPhone 15 launch event invite on Friday, September 12 at 1 PM ET/ 10 AM PT, where it will unveil its newest pride to a group of selected people. Apple also announced its newest lineup of Apple watches. Read this article if you want to read more about the iPhone 15 launch, release date, features, and advancements.

In the invitation that Apple sent out, the company says its “Wonderlust” event will take place live from Apple Park. The invitation also included the Apple logo in gray, blue, and black, which could be teasing the color spectrum of the iPhone 15 Pro lineup. So before we all fall in love with the newest flagship product of Apple, let’s look at some key points that we have grouped from various rumors and announcements.

iPhone 15 at a glance

Apple is expected to release four models in the iPhone 15 series, following the same book from the iPhone 14 Famiglia, iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max are the ones that come next. 

Out of the four models, we know for sure that two of the smaller iPhones will have 6.1-inch screens, while the other two will arrive with 6.7-inch displays. The regular Joe standard iPhone 15 will be the most affordable of the quadruple, as is always the case with Apple products. The anticipated features include two back cameras and a 6.1-inch display. Then at a slightly higher cost will come the standard iPhone 15 plus with its 6.7-inch and a bigger battery. The downside of that is that it only has two cameras. 

Then you will meet the royalty of the bunch, the more expensive Pro models. Both are anticipated to feature a new A17 Bionic chip, along with an increase in RAM. The smaller of the royalty is the iPhone 15 Pro, coming in at 6.1 inches and a familiar triple rear camera setup that is as iconic as the half-eaten Apple. And finally, last but definitely not least, we will have a larger iPhone 15 Pro Max, which will be the first iPhone ever to have a 5X-6X periscope zoom camera instead of the standard 3X telephoto one.


What are Apple models, if not the reason for that large gaping hole in our bank account? As long as Apple continues to launch model after model of their projects, consumers will continue to empty out their wallets, both metaphorically and physically. And on that cheerful note, let’s discuss the pricing for this year’s lineup in the iPhone 15 launch event of the supposed improvements on the existing lineup. 

We have heard a rumor floating around in the air that Apple might raise the price for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. The price increase has also been suggested by analyst Jeff Pu, who also believes that Apple could launch the models starting from $1,099, which is significantly up from the iPhone 14 Pro. 
If one were to believe Jeff Pu’s predictions, the starting price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max would be $1,199. Another analyst has suggested that the iPhone 15 Pro Max could be $200 more expensive than the previous version, which is the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

iPhone 15 Release Date

iPhone 15 release date

On September 12th, Apple will officially announce the iPhone 15 launch event, marking the first-ever unveiling of the iPhone models. This also gives us a pretty good timeframe for when the iPhone models will actually hit the store. Apple generally releases its gadgets 10 days after its product launch. This means you will likely be able to buy the standard iPhone 15 Pro models on September 22nd. Sony camera part shortage raised Apple event delay concerns earlier this year.

iPhone Pro Max shipping suggests Apple may have discreetly resolved prior issues encountered during production.


iPhone 15 Launch Event! All information about the new tech giant!

iPhone 15 standard models might adopt 48MP cameras following the iPhone 14 Pro’s megapixel boost to 48MP. It could also include the 3 stacked sensors for an enhanced light intake. 

Analysts in the industry believe the standard models will get Pro models like cameras this time. In addition to that, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is tipped to feature a periscope camera for better long-range photography and zoom capacities, apparently along with enhanced lenses for better quality images. The Pro models could offer a 6x optical zoom, up from 3x on the iPhone 14 Pro Max. 
iPhone 15 Pro’s LiDAR may upgrade, with a supplier shift for the AR/portrait mode auxiliary sensor anticipated. This means that those specific camera modes will have enhanced efficiency. 

Battery Life 

iPhone 15 launch event

The rumors that we have heard about the battery life have made us exponentially happier.
Rumors suggest that the models will feature an increased battery capacity. Increased batteries are positive, potentially addressing the battery life decline seen between iPhone 14 and 14 Pro.

A new stacked battery system, employing the same technology that powers electric vehicles, could potentially manage this upgrade. This could also enable faster charging on future iPhone models.

While we have heard no rumors on the charging front yet, it is widely assumed that we will still get a maximum of 20W like with other recent iPhone models. The charging speed of the iPhone models could be increased to 27W according to one of our sources. However, more recent rumors have claimed that we could see that number rise to 35W instead. Either way that it goes, it sure is a win for us. But we do confess that the latter option would definitely be more convenient for use. 


iPhone 11 Pro Max was last curved-edge. Leaks suggest new Pro Models might reintroduce curved design.
iPhone 15 dummy units display rounded edges, aligning with the current iPhone size and shape.

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg claims that all iPhone 15 Pro Models will get the Dynamic Island, backed up by real-life photos of the basic iPhone 15 Plus. This could get the potential developers spurred on to make apps that adapt to the morphine camera cutout/ display feature, further adding to its capabilities. The camera bump on the back of the iPhone 15 could also get a new design.

iPhone 15 Pro’s lenses could double in size, per initial renders, indicating a significant upgrade.


The iPhone 15 Max doesn’t appear to have gotten anywhere near as giant as planned, with the exception of its lenses that protrude less. Apple may also be adding titanium frames for the Pro models. As known by that one leak on Twitter, the iPhone 15 Pro series will specifically use grade 5 titanium, which is also known as Ti-6Al-4V. Masses hint iPhone 15 may weigh slightly less than the iPhone 14, per underground publishing.
Leaked iPhone 15 Pro cases show repositioned buttons and, a cutout for action buttons. Which could potentially replace the mute tab, which is also being introduced as part of the beauty changes.


iPhone 15 launch event

Apple shifts to USB-C, and varied iPhone 15 connectivity speeds. IPhone 15 Pro: USB 3.2. iPhone 15 & 15 Plus: USB-C, USB 2.0 speeds anticipated.
To align with the industry and satisfy EU regulators, Apple is expected to undertake this significant action. They must follow the new law by October 2024, probably applying the change worldwide instead of just on iPhones. Apple adopting USB-C for iPhone charging could lead to many compatible accessories for iPhone users. It allows for easier interconnectivity as more gadgets will move to USB-C in the upcoming year.

Dynamic Island

iPhone 15 Launch Event! All information about the new tech giant!

Having debuted in the iPhone 14 lineup, Dynamic Island is anticipated to undergo upgrades during the iPhone 15 launch event.

Ming-chi Kuo, another analyst, expects that the iPhone 15 lineup’s refurbished system will include an integrated proximity sensor. That sensor would be used to catch when the iPhone is being held close to the consumer’s ear so that it can turn off the screen to help prevent accidental presses of the key from being detected.


iPhone 15 Launch Event! All information about the new tech giant!

Apple has been providing all iPhone models with 128GB of storage as a starting line, but this might change with the iPhone 15 series at the iPhone 15 launch event. 

Below are all the different storage versions for each of the iPhone 15 models that we expect to see. The projected scenario maintains that the regular and Plus models will retain their starting storage capacities. The high-end models, however, might begin with 256GB of built-in storage, doubling the previous capacity.


We certainly expect an A17 Bionic chipset for some iPhone 15 models, though not all of them. Last Friday, September, only the iPhone 14 benefited from an all-new chipset, while the regular ones used a slightly souped-up version of the A15. We could assume that this is the new normal. So going by that, the iPhone 15 Pro handsets could get the A17, while the regular iPhone 15 might get an enhanced version of the A16. 

A source in the technology world claims that Apple plans to bump up the capacity and specifications of the iPhone 15’s RAM. For the high-end ones, that could equal 8GB in total.

Should you buy it?

If you are planning to buy a new iPhone in the near future, you should hold off for at least a few more moments and see what the iPhone 15 lineup has to offer. It will likely provide transformational upgrades across the board and displace several models on the list of the best iPhones. 

That said, following the iPhone 15’s unveiling next month, iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 will likely be available at new with an added discount. So, we recommend not purchasing any available iPhone models ahead of Apple’s September affair, as those models may soon become cheaper. 

Will the iPhone 15 be lighter?

iPhone 15 Pro will lean on a titanium frame instead of stainless steel, and that should make for a significantly lighter device.

Will Apple make the iPhone 15 with a curved design?

There have been words that lean on all four iPhones having curved edges. 

Will the iPhone 15 have a glass back?

An unconfirmed leak suggests that the new iPhone 15 model will have a frosted glass back, which has been a design detail that the enterprise has always limited to the Pro iPhone model. It will replace the regular glossy black on the previous iPhone.


Given all these leaks, what have we learned about iPhone 15? The anticipated introduction of USB-C could tempt those yet to fall for the charms of the iOS train. The predicted gains of the 3nm A17 chip for the iPhone 15 Pro Series, as well as the periscope zoom camera could cement the already commanding lead that the enterprise has over the best Android mobiles in terms of raw speed and camera performances coming September. 

Overall, tech gurus and pundits are expected to be filled with unsurprising glee and excitement due to the iPhone 15 launch event. It is always fun to predict what new surprises the enterprise has for us.

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