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GPTRadar Review: This tool can detect whether the content is human or AI-generated!


In the Era where everyone is using AI-powered sources to complete their tasks and generate creative content with the help of Artificial intelligence, it is important to ensure that people are using AI powers within the limits. For this reason, GPTRadar becomes an essential tool. The tool detects whether a computer or a human writes the content. It can also check whether the content is written by ChatGPT, Google Bard, or any other AI Platform.

GPTRadar is a precious tool for writers and content creators who want to ensure their work complies with Google’s guidelines. Researchers and educators can also use the device to study the features of AI-generated text.

However, GPTRadar AI-detector can also perform content detection of ChatGPT-like AI. It uses three variables to calculate a score for each text. If the score is higher then it indicates that AI tools performed the particular task. The radar will also help visually demonstrate the AI-generated content detection by highlighting potential AI-generated phrases in the text.

Know more about GPTRadar.

GPT Radar | AI text detector app

GPTRadar was first introduced in the year 2022 by Google AI in order to respond to the increasing problem of AI-generated text being used to create non-trustable AI content such as fake articles, social media posts, and product reviews. The AI-detecting radar is based on OpenAI's GPT 3 model and has been trained on a huge set of data, text, and codes. Hence, it allows GPTRadar to analyze text and identify the patterns that are connected with AI-generated phrases or text.

The GPTRadar was introduced to the public in the year 2023 with the sole purpose of detecting AI content to protect the guidelines issued by Google. This makes it a lifesaver for content writers and creators to check whether their piece of content falls under the guidelines of Google.

Given below are the pros and cons of GPTRadar:

  • Provides visual demonstration of findings which makes it even more easy to use in nature.
  • It can accurately detect ChatGPT-like AI-generated content which makes it more reliable.
  • The AI-detecting capabilities make it a lifesaver tool for content writers, creators, researchers, and educators.
  • The AI-detecting radar is not always perfect in nature and sometimes it misidentifies human-written text as AI-generated text or phrases.
  • Sometimes it is unclear how GPTRadar makes its decisions, which makes it a bit difficult to conclude the outcome.
  • It is not free to use which makes it a limitation for those who are looking for a free AI-detector.
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The powerful AI-generated text detecting tool Features GPTRadar can detect the AI presence in any type of content and its high degree of accuracy. The tool has n number of features that make it a lifesaver for writers, content creators, educators, and researchers.

Some of the important features of GPTRadar are given below:

Perplexity: It is a type of measure that is used to check how well a language model predicts the next word in a sequence. If the perplexity is high that means the platform is less confident in its predictions which can possibly be a sign of AI-generated text.
Burstiness: This measure considers the text sequences that are unlikely to occur in the human-written text. The higher the burstiness is found the more the chance that AI generates the text.
Visualization: The AI-detecting tool provides a visual demonstration of the AI presence it found in the areas or phrases by highlighting it. This makes it very helpful for Content creators and writers to check whether or not their content collides with AI content.
Confidence score: The tool provides a confidence score for each text which determines the presence of AI. If the Confidence score is higher it indicates that AI is generating the content.

Token Probability distribution in GPTRadar

The Token probability distribution is a type of measure that takes into consideration how likely each word is to appear in a text. The calculation is performed by dividing the number of times a term is used in the text by the total number of words in the whole text.

The purpose of the tool is to explore if there is any presence of AI-generated content. A pattern is noticed that there are more uneven token probability distributions than in human-written text. For example, AI-generated content more like uses rare words that are not frequently used by humans while writing content. The AI-generated content is also more likely to use repetitive patterns or phrases.

Below is an example of how the AI detector uses Token probability distribution to identify AI-generated text.

A human writes the following sentence:

I went to Barbar for a haircut.

The distribution of tokens in this text is very even which makes it a human-written text.

By following such a pattern of token distribution the AI-detecting tool can easily detect AI-based content from the text.

However, the token distribution system is not always accurate in its performance. There might be a human-written text likely to be similar to an AI-generated text. This makes it a limitation for the feature as it won’t be as reliable as it should be.

Guide to use GPTRadar.


GPTRadar is an amazing tool to detect ChatGPT-like AI-based content which makes it a lifesaver for Content creators and writers who want to upload their work within the guidelines established by Google. They can easily check their work on this platform and get to know whether their content collides with AI-generated text or not.

To check whether the content is legit human-written or not you need to follow the below given steps.

Step-1: Go to the website of GPTRadar

Step 2: Insert your text into the space as shown on the website

Third Step: Once you are done inserting your text, click on the “Analyze” button to let the tool explore the presence of AI in your content.

Step 4: Finally check the results below the text box. If the red portion is more than the green portion then it means that your content has more AI-generated text as compared to human-written text.

One of the limitations a person will face is the price of GPTRadar. The website provides 2000 free tokens, where 1 credit = 100 tokens, and will only check 125 words. This means it will only provide free-to-use availability for up to 20 credits making the word length 3300 words.

After which they will have to buy credits in order to check whether or not their content collides with AI or not. The price of 1 credit is $0.02* which makes it quite affordable, yet it can prove to be expensive if you are trying to check a huge pile of words.

Why do you need GPTRadar?

If you are a Student, Journalist, Content marketer, or Business owner then GPTRadar can be a great help to you. A student can take the help of GPTRadar to check their essay, a journalist can identify biased language with the help of it, a content marketer can improve the quality of their blog posts and a business owner can check whether or not their website falls under the search engine guidelines.

How reliable is GPTRadar?

The new tool in the market is currently under research and observation. There are some uncertainties about its accuracy and reliability. Although, many users have already evaluated and used the tool it has been found to be generally accurate.

Can it understand multiple languages?

Yes, The model is developed based on ChatGPT-like AI Models that can understand multiple languages. It can also generate content in multiple languages as these models are trained with a diverse range of text data from various languages. This helps them to understand and produce text in various multiple languages. However, the quality of the content generated may vary as it is dependent on what sort of language is used and how well the model has been trained for that needed language.

What is the future of AI detection tools?

With the increasing ChatGPT-like AI-based content, we cannot forget about the old plagiarism problem. It is the act of using the work that belongs to someone else without giving them the attribution required. To stay safe and improve the accuracy of SEO it is important to have both of them 100% unique in nature. Using content generated by a reputed language platform like CHatGPT without giving proper disclosure can damage your brand’s reputation. So be a safe writer by using such tools and improve your content. If you are using someone else’s content then don’t forget to give the writer the respect by giving them the attribution required.

For this reason, it is currently in the interest of any content writer or creator to ensure that their content on their website is correct and so there is an emergence of a tool that can check AI plagiarism.


GPTRadar Review: This tool can detect whether the content is human or AI-generated!

Overall, GPTRadar is an amazing and powerful AI-detector tool. It can be used to detect AI-generated text, analyze biased languages, improve your SEO, and help improve your writing skills. The AI-detecting tool is helpful to Content creators and writers. The tool helps them detect whether their content collides with AI-generated content like ChatGPT or not.

However, a writer must also know the tool’s limitations as the authenticity might not always be perfect. GPTRadar is quite affordable yet it can become expensive if you have a huge pile of words to check for. If you are not getting the expected results then there are many websites for you to check the detection with many websites such as ZeroGPT, Copyleaks, Sapling, etc. So, now you have the most easy-to-use and efficient tools to check the AI level for your content.

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