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Ever wonder how to trace an IP address? Here’s how!


It’s difficult to know who you’re chatting with online. Being able to reveal the identity or location of communications you receive is a useful ability to master, whether it’s attempting to figure out who’s sending you spam emails or discovering where a website’s server is located. In simple terms, it is possible to trace an IP address.

Here are some helpful hints for tracing IP addresses to check out the persons and companies you’re interacting with.

What is an IP address?

IP stands for Internet Protocol, and it’s the unique number that distinguishes your router from the entire internet. It is your own public IP address, so every computer on your business or residential network will have its unique IP address so the router can transfer data to the appropriate device.

When a computer sends a message, email, or any other data to an external server, like your email provider, the public IP address is included. This allows people in the know to find down the sender’s origin, or at least the server they used.

It’s worth noting that there are a variety of strategies for hiding or masking one’s IP address, with technologies like VPNs becoming incredibly common. It’s really tough to track down somebody in such situations, but if they haven’t been so meticulous, it should be feasible to figure out who or where they are.

How one can trace an IP address of an E-mail?

It’s not hard to monitor an IP if you’re getting emails you don’t trust or just want to discover where they originated from.

1. First, you’ll need to locate the email’s header information.

The procedure on Gmail is arguably the easiest. To do so, view the email in question in Gmail. The symbol of an arrow facing down may be seen on the right side, near the Reply button. Click Show Original from the list after clicking this.

trace an IP address through email

2. This will generate a new window with the header’s lengthy strings of data. To copy the information you require, hit the Copy to Clipboard option.

original message of email

3. Now visit WhatsMyIP and go to the search bar at the top of the screen.


4. Search for ‘Trace E-mail’

5. Scroll down to ‘Trace email analyzer’ and paste the copied text there.

6. After copying the text click the below ‘Find email sender’ button.

trace email analyzer

7. Now the site will show up the source name and IP address.

Ever wonder how to trace an IP address? Here's how!

How to Trace an IP Address via the Command Prompt? 

Finding out where your data packets are traveling by tracing an IP address is an excellent approach to do it. It will provide you with the IP addresses of all devices connected to your computer, which you may use to obtain information such as estimated longitude and latitude or your Internet service provider.

The “tracert” command on the command prompt is the simplest method to achieve this. While you’re at it, you can also look up the IP address of almost any website.

1. Start a command prompt

To begin, hit the Windows key plus the “R” button simultaneously. Then, in the text box that opens, write “cmd” and hit “OK.”

command prompt

2. Ping the website you’re looking for.

To retrieve the IP address of a website, enter “ping” accompanied by the URL.

trace an IP address

3. Execute the “Tracert” command here on the IP address.

You may observe where your data is traveling by using the “tracert” command.

trace an IP address

4. Use an IP Lookup Tool to find these IPs.

Websites such as What Is My IP Address allow you to look for the estimated location of every IP address for free.

Is it possible to look up someone else’s IP address?

Definitely. You can trace the IP address as long as the device is turned on, connected to your computer, and not obscured by a proxy server or VPN. You may use the “netstat -an” command on the command prompt to get the IP of a device you’re linked to. This will display a list of every device that is communicating with yours.

Is it possible for someone to trace your IP address?

Absolutely. They can trace the IP addresses of your devices in an identical manner that you can trace other people’s IP addresses. Obviously, some individuals are concerned about their privacy, therefore if you want to mask your IP address, you must utilize a VPN.

Can one find the hostname through IP Address?

Every computer with a public IP address may have its hostname determined by sending the address to a DNS server. Because the machines on a small business network possess private IP addresses, their hostnames can only be discovered if the network does have a local DNS server. You must use a Windows application to query the host itself to find the hostname of a machine with a private IP address and no local DNS server.


Though you are unlikely to need to trace an IP address on a daily basis, it is good to be aware of the tools available to others. Without a solid VPN, someone might easily obtain information such as an approximate estimate of your location & internet service provider.

If you’re worried about your internet privacy or having trouble connecting to a website, tracing an IP address might be a useful tool. After all, knowing where your data travels is the first step in masking your IP and controlling where your data flows in the future.

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