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How to draw or write on PDF?


Traditional PDF readers make it difficult to draw or write freely on documents. Many applications, including Adobe‘s own Acrobat Reader, make it simple to highlight content or sign documents. Others allow you to change the document layout for a fee. However, if you don’t have a printer, you won’t be able to make changes to certain plans you’ve been supplied and these apps won’t offer you the resources you need. Here are the easiest, free methods for you to draw or write on a PDF, whether you’re using a tablet or iPad, a Mac, or a Windows PC.

Rather, here are the quickest and easiest ways to convert your PDFs into a type that you or your kids can draw or write on. Many of them work on the same basic premise: you convert a PDF document into one or more pictures, which you can subsequently draw or write on with an art app. here we will discuss workflows that use only free programs, but if you want to use paid software like Adobe Photoshop or a mobile application like Procreate, you may do so as well.

Draw or write on PDF using a Mac or PC

How to draw or write on PDF?

If you’re using a Mac or Computer, the easiest approach to get what you desire is to use Adobe Photoshop, which allows you to open PDFs right in the software and select which pages you would like to open as separate layers or documents. Following a 30-day trial, Photoshop costs £10/US$10 monthly; the subscription also includes Photoshop for the iPad, but it can’t view PDFs.

Rather, as with iPads and tablets, the modest screengrab may be your best option for creating pictures that you can draw on in art software.

draw or write on pdf

If you got a PDF with numerous pages, you may convert it to numerous JPGs for free using However, because we know nothing about the persons behind it, it’s probably best not to use it to mark legal papers.

You’ll require art software to write or draw with once you’ve got your screengrabs. The freeware Autodesk Sketchbook application, which is available on both Mac and Windows, is your best buddy here.

Draw or write on PDF using an iPad

draw or write on pdf

To begin, convert your PDF to an image (or a sequence of pictures). If your PDF only includes one page, the simplest method is to take a screenshot of it. Simply press the top button together with either the home button (if your iPad includes one) or the Volume Up button (if it doesn’t).

If your PDF contains numerous pages, it’s usually better to snap a screengrab of each page individually. Alternatively, you can utilise one of the processes below on a Mac or PC and then upload the data to the iPad. One can convert your PDFs to JPGs utilizing a site like, but one will either have to download each JPG individually or download a ZIP file, which is inconvenient on iOS because you can’t unzip all the files at once.

You’ll require an art app after you’ve got your photographs. If you only want to add annotations to a paper or letters or numbers to a worksheet, we will recommend Autodesk Sketchbook since it’s free, has a wonderful collection of tools, and most importantly is simple to use for children as well as adults. Sketch also includes a wonderful variety of art tools, as you’d anticipate from an app designed by a firm whose other applications are used to produce the visual effects for major Hollywood movies.

Draw or write on PDF using a tablet

The simplest procedure is to screen capture each page – however how you accomplish this differs for each tablet.

draw or write on pdf

Now draw or write on the graphics you made with the free Autodesk Sketchbook applications for Android.


You’ll need to use a separate software if you’re using an Amazon Fire tablet because Autodesk may not have an edition of Sketch for that device. Instead, software like ArtFlow should suffice for your requirements.


As you can mark text in PDFs, modify PDFs to add or delete information, and sign PDF files, many PDF viewers make it difficult to write or draw on them.

If all you want to do is put letters in a crossword puzzle or make changes to a plan, you might not be able to discover the tools you need. These are the ways to write or draw on a PDF on Tablet, Mac, and Windows.

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