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Apple iPhone 14 review: A Feature-full and reasonable buy?


Apple has launched its new model with some technical improvements and is exploring more advancements in fields such as camera quality, display screen, etc. Apple makes the standard promises about its newer models having the finest camera. But what’s fascinating is how that is accomplished through sophisticated processing and the raw force of using larger sensors. Apple has always satisfied its customers with its new product launch and has fulfilled every aspect that customer expects from the brand Apple. This is what Apple has earned over the years. The latest Apple iPhone 14 expects new features, lookout, and specifications. And also better optimization and operating system compared to the previous models. In our Apple iPhone 14 review, we have explained various new characteristics that have been eye-catching to customers and increasing their demand daily!


Apple iPhone 14

From knowing and understanding the entire Apple iPhone 14 review, we believe this phone is very considerate in overall performance and is available in markets. The phone was launched after the event that Apple conducted its September event. The event explored all new launches of Apple, which iPhone 14 among them. Apple kept the starting prices for the iPhone 14 & iPhone 14 Plus at $799 and $899, respectively. It has many great functionalities with an A15 powerful chip, a perfect OLED display, significant camera upgrades, new emergency features, car detection, rigid aluminum design, and water resistance.

  • Sustain IP68 dust/water resistance.
  • It is guarded by Scratch-resistant ceramic glass, including an oleophobic coating.
  • MagSafe wireless charging supports 15W.
  • Assistance 7.5W Qi magnetic quick charging.
  • NFC and 5G connectivity are available.
  • Better camera performance in poor lighting.
  • Emerges with 4K recording to gyro EIS stabilization support.
  • Emergency Satellite Message sending/receiving assistance.
  • LTPO Super Retina OLED exhibit with the high 120hz rate.
  • Support by 4nm Apple A15 Bionic chipset.
  • On iOS 16, customization is limited.
  • The charger must be bought separately.
  • There is no micro SD card slot.
  • no fingerprint sensor is available.
  • No reverence charging assistance.
  • 8K recording is not possible.
  • Apple does not reveal battery capacity or fast charging speed.
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01/30/2024 08:59 am GMT

What makes the iPhone 14 unique?

The iPhone 14 line includes:

  • New car-crash detection sensors.
  • Photonic Engine photo processing.
  • The withdrawal of the physical SIM card slot for US phones.
  • Advancements to both the rear and front-facing cameras.

Design with no significant changes

Apple iPhone 14 review: A Feature-full and reasonable buy?

As expected, significant changes and stylish build from Apple iPhone in terms of design and lookout, such expectations haven’t been fulfilled this time. The design is almost similar to the previous model. That is, the users can find iPhone 13, and only a minute difference. In our Apple iPhone 14 review, we have discovered how most of Apple’s customers aren’t satisfied with this decision of not emphasizing building the model. By making it look more similar and identical to the previous one. Apart from this, the refresh rate of the iPhone 14 OLED display is 60Hz and has a similar display screen size. It weighs 172 grams (6.07 ounces) as well as Width is 71.5 mm (2.82 inches), and its Height is146.7 mm (5.78 inches).

In addition, the iPhone 14 retains SIM technology. SIM cards cannot be removed from iPhones because they are built into the device. This isn’t the first time an iPhone has used eSIM technology. Apple has eliminated physical connectors off iPhones to make the phone thinner and allow for the installation of more crucial components. Regarding the color palette, the new fascinating iPhone 14 will be available in various gorgeous colors, including midnight, blue, starlight, purple, and product red. Compared to other iPhone models, this model lacks RGB color gamut and pill-shaped cutout design features.

Advanced dual-camera system

Apple iPhone 14 review

Regarding the Apple iPhone 14 review of the camera quality, The iPhone 14 features a new 12MP camera with a larger sensor than its predecessor, resulting in a 49 percent improvement in low-light performance. Moreover, the individual 1.22m photo sites can also deliver 48MP ProRaw files. The new Photonic Engine design boosts low-light performance even more, with a 2x gain on the front and ultra-wide cameras and a 2.5x improvement on the primary camera. Various camera modes have been introduced in this new model, such as the Action model, Cinematic model, and many more exciting features to attract the attention of camera freaks to capture their happy moments! An innovative primary camera & improved image processing allow you to capture even more stunning shots in all lighting conditions and shallow light.

Incredible features that fascinate customers of this newly produced iPhone 14, especially regarding the camera, are mentioned in our Apple iPhone 14 review.

  • 49 percent more light
  • Wide angle and Ultra wide-angle camera
  • 48-megapixel main camera
  • Exciting camera modes such as Action mode and Cinematic mode
  • An improved True Tone flash 

Here are some distinctive features in the Apple iPhone 14 review, which are superb and considered the best as you can have a photoshoot of yourself. And you don’t need anyone to capture your beauty. All you can do is enable these funky features and have fun!

Shutter shots

When you press the shutter, the new Photonic Engine goes above and beyond what a camera alone can do. It combines the best pixel value from exposure bracketing at a much earlier stage. This saves much more image data, allowing for brighter, lifelike colors and intricately rendered textures in low-light situations.
A Shutter appears to the right while the video recording is locked. During video recording, press the Shutter button to capture a still photo. When you’re finished video, tap the record button.

Action mode

Apple built Action mode here on iPhone 14 models to help sleek capture video that responds to large shaking, movements, and vibrations, also when footage is captured in the center of the action. Action mode can capture up to 2.8K at 60 fps, a step down from 4K, but it still supports HDR and Dolby Vision, providing fairly crisp video quality.

Night Mode

When the sensor senses a low-light environment, night mode is activated automatically. Whenever the feature is enabled, the Night mode symbol at the top of the screen turns yellow. According to how dark the scene is, the iPhone may take a few seconds or several minutes to snap a Night mode photo.

How to use Night Mode?

  • Switch on Night Shift.
  • Launch Control Center. To switch Night Shift on or off, press the Brightness control symbol.
  • Select Display and Brightness > Night Shift from the menu.
  • In the same display, you may program Night Shift to switch on automatically and change the color temperature.

Ultra Wide camera

Select the Ultra Wide camera to take unique perspectives and a much more significant portion of a scene. With a 123-degree field of vision, it significantly expands your view. Seeing nearly as much as one’s eyes can be much more comprehensive than the Wide-angle Camera.

Smart HDR 4

Smart HDR 4 detects up to four people in one shot & automatically adjusts contrast, lighting, and skin tone for each. This feature on newer iPhone models uses Apple’s A12 Bionic chip to change the dynamic range utilizing AI technology. With Smart HDR features, your camera shoots “buffer” frames before and after you press the shutter.

Perfect Portrait mode

Portrait mode is the page orientation in graphics or printing that prints the picture vertically across the page rather than horizontally. Portrait mode emphasizes your subject by artistically pixelating the background — but now the foreground. The factor in causing a depth-of-field effect when in Portrait mode. This allows you to take pictures with a perfect focus on the matter and a blurred context. All programs have the page orientation and printer sections set to portrait mode by default.

Built-in Privacy

Apple iPhone 14 review: A Feature-full and reasonable buy?

Privacy is a fundamental human right. It was also one of about there guiding principles. This is why Apple iPhone designs its products and services to protect it. That is the type of innovation they support. Having security is the most important aspect that users expect from every brand worthy of their money. Securing your account and contacts in this advanced world is difficult, even if you have a passcode. Here are a few fantastic features enabled in Apple iPhone 14 for better surfing without worry! Privacy is the significant element on which apple focuses and provides superb privacy features that users feel safe to use.


A passkey eradicates the need for a password by employing a one-of-a-kind digital key that can only be used on the site or app for which it was designed, So you don’t have to be concerned about website leakages or phishing. Passkeys are synced securely across Apple devices. Authenticate with Touch ID or Face ID, and you’re done.

Safety Check

Safety Check is a renewed emphasis in Settings that allows people subjected to domestic or familiar partner violence to reset the access they’ve granted to others rapidly. It also allows you to control who and what apps access your data.

App Tracking Transparency

Make better decisions about your applications and the access controls you give them. When apps want to track you all over applications and websites possessed by other companies, they must ask for your permission. In Settings, you can change your preferences for any platform or prevent applications from requiring permission.

Lock Hidden Albums

By default, your Photos Hidden & Recently Deleted albums are locked.
It can be unlocked using the authentication method on your device, Face ID, Touch ID, or your password.

Incredible performance

Apple iPhone 14 review

Apple has improved over the performance criteria, especially for this model, by gaining better performance by implementing the thermal system in this model of iPhone. Our Apple iPhone 14 review shows that this model is equipped with the same A15 Bionic chip but with an additional GPU core and minor camera improvements on the back and front. Compared to last year’s standard iPhone 13, the A15 Bionic chip in the iPhone 14 has one more GPU core.

The new 6-core CPU featuring two high-performance cores & four high-efficiency cores is up to 50% faster than the competition and performs demanding tasks effectively and efficiently. In contrast, the new 4-core GPU is up to 30% quicker than the competition & enables more lifelike images. Neural engines are a piece of hardware that accelerates and optimizes machine learning & neural network processes for speed and economy. It can speed up video analysis, voice control, and picture processing, and this device offers 16-core neural engine performance. Isn’t it great!

Additional Battery Life

Regarding charging, the Apple iPhone 14 has the same old 20W fast charging assistance as the other iPhone 14 models. Because of Magsafe technology, you could also charge your phone wirelessly. As the iPhone 14 is a new size, there is no direct comparison. It’s also located between the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro Max and has the most significant audio playback length. The iPhone 14 does have a video playback time of up to 20 hours, a streaming video playback time of 16 hours, and an audio playback time of up to 80 hours. But it can last up to 26 hours for video playback, 20 hours for streaming video playback, and 100 hours for audio playback.

Outstanding features

Apple iPhone 14 review: A Feature-full and reasonable buy?

Apple has never dissatisfied its users, and it’s a fact that till now, users are always excited and ready to buy Apple’s newly launched products. Irrespective of the product, whether Apple iPhones, Apple Watches, Apple Airtags, etc. Apple is the demanded brand that attracts customers by providing users with excellent features and specifications that its competitors could hardly provide and offer. Here are some exciting and outstanding features of the Apple iPhone 14; let’s look!

Screen Structure

Apple iPhone 14 has immensely worked on its screen structure, providing a larger screen with a retina display, making it more attractive and worth buying. This can be a very win-win feature for iPhone. Along with a bigger screen, it has also developed in various other segments, which will make you speechless and will not stop you from buying this masterpiece!

OLED technology

The abbreviation ‘OLED’ stands for Organic Light-Emitting Diode, a technology that uses LEDs to produce light from organic molecules. Such organic LEDs are employed to make what is regarded as the best display panels in the world. OLED technology produces unique touch for vibrant whites & true blacks.

High Resolution

Higher resolution refers to more pixels, which enables you to capture or display more visual data with more detail and clarity. QHD is currently the finest display users can have on their smartphones. It displays 14402560 pixels. -Smartphone displays are typically fragile and can break if dropped. Displays are also the most expensive component of a smartphone. With iPhone 14, high resolution & color accuracy make everything appear sharp and true to life.

True Tone 

True Tone is a display feature found on a few Apple products, including the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook line. It is a sensor technology that adjusts the illuminance of your screen based on your surroundings to make the screen relatively easy on the eyes. True Tone Display adjusts the color and brightness of one iPhone’s screen to match this same lighting in your environment. True Tone should not make a significant difference in the appearance of your display, but it could be the purpose your screen appears abnormally yellow.

Crash Detection

When the iPhone 14 detects a severe car accident, it will call 911 and warn your emergency numbers. This is very useful in this time, as numerous accidents occur daily and the injured persons cannot connect for help. Thus leading to various deaths, increasing the ratio of accidental deaths. Apple has taken a significant initiative in this field by protecting its users’ lives and making it more accessible for urgent and quick help and medical connections.

How is this feature helpful? Let us see more about it!

  • Sudden speed shifts

A new high G force accelerometer could detect extreme accelerations and decelerations of up to 256 G s.

  • Impact sound levels that are extremely loud

The microphone detects severe noise levels of a crash while you’re driving. All processing takes place on your iPhone for your privacy.

  • Changes in cabin pressure

A barometer could perhaps detect changes in pressure caused by airbag deployment. A high-dynamic range gyroscope detects drastic changes in a vehicle’s orientation.

Ambient light sensor

All iPhone 14 versions include a new light source sensor on the back, whereas earlier iPhone models only had a solitary ambient light sensor just above the display. The sensor helps adjust display brightness and decide illumination for the rear camera system. This can be useful when transitioning rapidly into and out of large backlit environments. This is also difficult to evaluate, especially since existing sensors offer camera and screen modifications.

Is the iPhone 14 similar to the iPhone 13?

The iPhone 13 and 14 have the same display, 5G connection, A15 Bionic CPU, and design. Nonetheless, the iPhone 14 has several improvements, including an extra GPU core, Emergency SOS through satellite, a Photonic Engine, & Action Mode.

Will the iPhone 14 consist of 3 cameras?

As before, Apple has used the tried-and-true equation of two cameras on non-Pro models and three with an additional LiDAR on Pro models. As a result, the iPhone 14 & iPhone 14 Plus have a camera module: a primary wide-angle camera and an ultra-wide-angle camera.


In our Apple iPhone 14 review, we conclude that Apple iPhone has been a great hit and is loved by customers worldwide. Apple finally puts the phone on par with Android competitors. And it beats everyone to the stratosphere with satellite-enabled communications. The phone, as well as the larger iPhone 14, get the latest Apple mobile transistors for what will be the most outstanding performance and a guarantee that you get what you pay for. The Apple iPhone 14 is a fantastic premium device that is also reasonably priced.

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