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Check your Apple Watch generation and serial number!

In case you’re attempting to investigate an issue with your Apple Watch or are looking for a band, you’ll need to know the serial number or model number of your wearable. Presently, there are five models of the Apple Watch (first generation also known as Series 0) to Apple Watch Series 4. Every series accompanies its own arrangement of model numbers. Whether or not you’re simply inquisitive to know which generation Apple Watch you’ve been bound to your wrist this whole time or you need to record some data for an impending appointment, there are a ton of reasons why you may need to discover your Apple Watch’s serial number or know which generation Apple Watch you’re rockin’. The inspiring news is it’s too simple to even consider finding this data! In reality, It’s easy to check Apple watch generation and serial number. Let us see how!

Find your Apple Watch model number-

On your iPhone

Pop open up the Watch app on your iPhone and afterwards follow these straightforward strides to see your Apple Watch model number.

  1. Go to the My Watch tab at the base and afterwards select General.
  2. Hit About.
  3. Go down to Model and if that it begins with the letter M, tap it.
  4. You’ll then, at that point see your model number start with the letter A.

On your watch

  • Navigate to the Settings app on respective Apple Watch.
  • Hit General.
check Apple Watch generation
  • Hit About and scroll down.
  • Look for your Serial Number.
check Apple Watch generation
check Apple Watch generation

On the back of Apple Watch

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When you have your model number, you can make a beeline for the Apple support website to get your series number. Simply search through the model numbers for every series until you see yours.

Then again, you can take a gander at the rear of your Apple Watch. The serial number will be shown, alongside your Watch’s case size.

check Apple Watch generation

Finishing Off!

It’s one of those straightforward seemingly insignificant details, to check the Apple watch generation and serial number . Be that as it may, in case that you have never searched for possibly one, you probably won’t have realized where to discover them up to this point.

If that you have questions like these about your Apple Watch or other Apple devices, recall that you can leave us a comment beneath.

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