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If you are someone who is always up for a selfie, then the TrueDepth front camera of the iPhone is just for you. You can click pictures for your social media account or just for your memories, the pictures will not be less than any DSLR camera. If you want to know some tips and tricks for good selfies, you are at the right place. Here is how you can take great Portrait lighting selfies on your iPhone.

What do you get with Portrait Mode?

Before starting with the tips and tricks, let’s learn what the Portrait mode is. The Portrait mode was launched with the iPhone 7 and has continued since then. With the Portrait mode, the camera lens separates the background from the subject. And in turn, adds a blur effect to the background to give a DSLR kind of effect. Not only this, the Portrait mode even has some lighting effects, which you can use to highlight the subject of your picture. This lighting effect is called Portrait lighting.

Although, the iPhone has the Portrait mode for the rear camera, with the TrueDepth front camera you can get the same effect. You can do this because even though the front camera doesn’t have multiple lenses, it uses sensors to detect the depth. The TrueDepth system checks this the makes a depth map for the picture.

Take selfies in Portrait mode

Here is how you can take selfies in the Portrait mode:

  • Open the Camera app on your iPhone .
  • Scroll over to go to Portrait mode.
  • Click on the Camera Swap button. This will switch the camera to the front-facing camera.
  • You can select any Portrait Lighting effect.
  • If your camera is not placed properly, you will get prompts to adjust that. You can get prompts to adjust the light or to use flash, or to simply put the camera at the correct distance.
  • When everything is set, you can click your selfie.

Portrait lighting selfies iPhone

Portrait lighting selfies with iPhone

For picture-perfect selfies, the following tips can be helpful:

Portrait mode Selfie

Although you can get a good selfie with your iPhone 2-megapixel front camera. But you won’t get a depth effect with this. Thus, you will have to take your selfie in the Portrait mode to get a depth effect. But remember that, if you want a Live Photo then you will have to take your picture in the default front camera.

Set the angle slightly upward

If you click a selfie from a lower angle it will give you a picture with a double chin and a big nose, which might not look that great. So to get a good selfie, take the picture from a slightly upward angle. Moreover, if you take the selfie from a way too high an angle, you will get a surprised face with a frown. Which you might not want to share on your social media.

For the perfect selfie: firstly, set your mobile in front of your face and keep your hand at a right angle. Move your camera towards the side you feel you look better. Them slightly move the camera upward and try to get a slight view of the top of your head. Click your selfie at this angle to get a great selfie.

Adjust the brightness- Portrait lighting selfies with iPhone

Adjust the brightness- Portrait lighting selfies with iPhone X

When you click a selfie, your camera will automatically adjust the brightness. Sometimes it may result in a picture that might look overexposed or way too dark. You can follow these steps to adjust the brightness of your selfie:

  1. When you open the camera, you will see a small sun with a slider. If you move it downwards, it will lower the brightness.
  2. Otherwise, you can change the Portrait mode’s light metering to get better lighting.

Click your selfie with the volume button

The volume button will act as a Shutter button for your camera. Clicking pictures with the volume button is more comfortable than clicking on the screen. This is much helpful as you don’t get the Burst Mode in Portrait. So when you are ready to click your selfie, you can press the volume up button and it will snap your picture.

Use Retina Flash and Portrait Lighting for your selfies

Use Retina Flash and

You can use the Retina flash or add a Portrait Lighting feature to get great selfies. To start the Retina Flash, all you have to do is turn on your Flash and click your selfie as usual. Although you can add the Portrait Lighting while taking the picture but adding it later might be more effective. Here is how you need to proceed with this:

  1. Pop up the Photos app .
  2. Open the picture in which you want to add Portrait Lighting.
  3. Click on Edit.
  4. Click on the cube, it will bring different lighting features.
  5. Select the one you want for your picture.
  6. Click on Done.

Stage Light Selfies

If you want to completely remove the background for your picture you can add the Stage Light or Stage Light Mono to your picture. You can do this because of the TrueDepth system of the iPhone X.

Portrait lighting selfies iPhone

Click selfies with friends- Portrait lighting selfies with iPhone

With the portrait mode, you need to be careful while taking a selfie with your friends. If the angle is not right, the others might get detected as background and will get blurred out. You can completely remove the blur effect from the picture too, here is how you prcoeed with:

  • Pop up the Photos app on your device.
  • Open the picture from which you want to remove the blur.
  • Click on Edit.
  • You will find a yellow Portrait button on the top of the picture. Click on it and it will turn off the portrait mode in the picture.
  • Click on Done.
Click selfies with friends

Although, if you don’t want to completely remove the blur effect, you can use an editing app like Focos. Here is how you proceed with that:

  1. Open Focos on your iPhone .
  2. Select the picture you want to edit.
  3. If you click on the farthest person in the picture, you can try to adjust the focus.
  4. Although, if it doesn’t work click on the Effect pane and it will show you the depth map.
  5. You can use the slider to adjust the depth map.
  6. You can check the Preview of the picture to see if the blur is removed from the person.
  7. Click on Save.

Try different expressions

You can either follow the trend and do a pout for your selfie or do something different from the trend. To add a little spice to your selfies you can try different expressions which you can share on your social media or share with your friends. You can use these different expressions as a reaction to a message from your friend. This can be a fun and cool way to click selfies. You don’t need to put up a big smile for your selfies or do a pout, you can make some silly faces to share with your friends.

Conclusion- Portrait lighting selfies with iPhone

With Apple‘s TrueDepth system in iPhone X and above, you can take selfies in Portrait mode. Although the iPhone X doesn’t contain multiple lenses in your front camera, the TrueDepth system draws a depth map for your picture. With this system, you get the blur effect for your background which can create a great effect for your selfies. For better effect, you can even use Retina Flash for your selfies. Also, you can add Portrait lighting features to your picture to play with it. Moreover, with stage light, you can make the background completely dark.

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