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KitchenAid 13 Cup Food Processor: Remarkably simple to Operate!


This KitchenAid 13 Cup Food Processor is remarkably simple to operate. This large-capacity machine saves you time and space, including a twist-free bowl & accessory storage caddy. While it is more expensive, it is more versatile and can handle larger food preparation chores, making it a great addition to several kitchens.

As you’ll see in the KitchenAid 13 Cup Food Processor, its huge capacity makes it unsuitable for minor operations. However, its overall look and performance easily place it among our top food processors.

Price and availability

KitchenAid 13 Cup Food Processor: Remarkably simple to Operate!

Bed Bath & Beyond and Crate & Barrel both sell the KitchenAid 13 Cup Food Processor for $199. It comes in white, silver, onyx black, red, and matte black and comes with a one-year limited guarantee.



A KitchenAid 13 Cup Food Processor would be a more substantial piece of equipment that takes up a lot of counter space. Because its tall design won’t fit below most overhanging cupboards (measuring 8.7 x 8.75 x 17.44 inches), you should consider where you’ll put it before buying. It only weighs 9.7 pounds, making it easy to transport and store when not in use. This 9.7-pound weight is light compared to other models, including the Magimix Food Processor 14 Cup, which weighs 17 pounds, making this machine easier to pick up and carry.

The multi-purpose blade, variable slicing discs, reversible shredding disc, & dough blade are included in this food processor. The supplied storage caddy holds all accessories neatly and compactly, and the caddy lies inside the bowls for a space-saving storage medium.

KitchenAid 13 Cup Food Processor: Crucial Design Aspect

KitchenAid 13 Cup Food Processor: Crucial Design Aspect

The hinged retractable locking lid is a crucial design aspect. Instead of twisting the lid on and off the bowl as you would with a standard food processor, the lid just latches on and flips open once unlocked, making it even more convenient. The lid and bowl are kept together as one piece in this design. However, the lid can be removed for cleaning. It comes with a Snap and Goes bowl, which you simply set on top of the base without twisting.

This machine has three large, easy-to-operate buttons. They have a great, secure feel, and they’re large enough to work even if your hands are filthy or moist. You can vary the machine’s intensity without having to deal with sophisticated settings thanks to the buttons’ pulse, low, high, & off options.

The overall design of the food processor is elegant. It has a contemporary design with some distinctive design elements, such as the lid, and if left on display, this will look completely at home in a kitchen design. This type also is available in four different colors, making it simple to match it to your current kitchen appliances.


KitchenAid 13 Cup Food Processor: Performance

With a 500-watt motor, the KitchenAid 13 Cup Food Processor never felt underpowered. Its decibel level was 82.3 dBA, giving it a quieter and more comfortable model to use. Its Cuisinart 14 Cup Custom Food Processor was the quietest device, at 65.2 decibels, while the Hamilton Beach Bowl Scraper 10 Cup was the worst at 93.9 decibels.

The performance of the food processor varied. It took three seconds to chop an onion. The slice was even, and the bits that resulted were little.

The carrot and russet potato had to be pre-cut when it was time to slice. The food processor’s auto-off mechanism prohibits it from operating unless you insert the chute depressor. To make room for that feature, you had to cut carrots and pre-cut the potatoes to fit them into the chute. Although the chute has a simple three-chamber design, the auto-off feature may need you to pre-cut items.

The carrot was sliced unevenly, resulting in some irregularities. Because some pieces were caught on top of the disc and others were chopped horizontally after bouncing on it, the thickness and size of the slices varied.

The russet potato performed significantly better, cutting in 7 seconds and yielding uniform chunks. The machine sliced fast and did not appear to have any difficulty with potatoes or carrots.

Cheese Grated

We got a continuous grate when grating cheese. However, you ran into a problem. While the 13-pound block of cheese fit smoothly into the chute, a few of the cheese built up in the lid and chute throughout the grating process.

You let the food processor operate for 20 seconds, which was substantially longer than the other machines required. The grated cheese was uniform. But when it came time to clean up, you had to work hard to get the excess cheese out of the lid and chute.

When pureeing hummus, the machine’s enormous volume proved to be an issue. Because the bowl is so large, the hummus spreads thinly over the basin, making it more difficult for the blade to puree the mixture completely. As a result, you’ve never been able to achieve a genuinely smooth consistency.

The dough for the cookies had the same problem. The device continually pushed the contents to the bowl’s edges, resulting in uneven blending.

The machine eventually blended the bowl, but it took a long time to scrape the bowl’s edges. Larger dough batches may produce better results.

Ease of use and cleaning

The food processor was simple to operate. The fact that the lid locks onto the basin without the need to screw it on and then off saves time. Especially when making recipes that require you to open and close the lid frequently, such as cookie dough. The ability to just place the bowl on the base without having to worry about spinning it to secure it saves time it makes the machine more user-friendly.

The adjustable slicing disc further enhanced the machine’s ease of operation. The disc may be adjusted by twisting the plastic setting on the bottom, which takes only a few seconds. It’s straightforward to use.

The accessories are very simple to utilize. The blades easily slip over again and lock onto the shaft. At the same time, the slicing as grating discs snap into place on the detachable spindle. The supplied storage caddy keeps all the accessories tidy and small, and it fits comfortably within the bowl, ensuring they stay clean.

It was simple to clean the machine. The lid can be removed from the bowl and cleaned separately. The attachments are likewise simple to use and maintain, and the foundation is simple to clean. Dishwasher-safe parts and accessories are included, and a cord wrap keeps the base tidy.


This KitchenAid 13 Cup Food Processor includes several

unique features that make it simple to operate. If you frequently need to open the top to add ingredients, the lid lock function comes in handy. The machine’s slicing performance can also customize with an adjustable slicing blade for accurate results.

While you did see some performance concerns, the majority of them were due to the bowl’s enormous volume. However, we wouldn’t suggest this food processor for small recipes like hummus. It is a fantastic choice for larger meal prep tasks.

Because this machine is larger and higher than most, it’s best well-suit for large kitchens with ample storage especially since it won’t fit under most cabinets. At the same time, the option to keep the attachments inside the bowl while not in use is a convenient feature that saves room. The capacity of this machine is identical to that of our top pick, a Magimix Food Processor 14 Cup. However, the Magimix has different bowl sizes, making it better suited to smaller food preparation jobs than the KitchenAid. This KitchenAid model is simple to use and weighs less than the Magimix’s 17 pounds, so it’s a good alternative for anyone searching for a higher-capacity machine that’s easy to transport and store.

This model may be the one for you if you need a food processor that can handle a lot of large-scale chores. Choose the Cuisinart Elemental 8 Cup Food Processor if you’re seeking a smaller, more compact machine with a silent operation, an easy-to-use design, and the ability to perform both large and little chores, such as mixing cookie dough and pureeing hummus.

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