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Ninja Professional Food Processor: Compact but Powerful machine!


A Ninja Professional Advanced Food Processor is a multi-functional food processor that can handle a variety of tasks with just a few attachments. This food processor is designed to be small but powerful, with storage for the disc attachments and a weight of fewer than 8 pounds. It can mix the dough, slices, purees, and so more, and its preset settings make it easy to select the best option for the food you’re working with.

The Ninja Professional Food Processor reveals that the machine’s space-saving design has both advantages and disadvantages.

Price and availability

Ninja Professional Food Processor: Price and availability

A food processor is a low-cost option that may replace a variety of kitchen gadgets, as well as a mixer and grater. Bed Bath & Beyond and Ninja do have the Ninja Professional Advanced 9-Cup Food Processor with Auto-IQ for $99.99. It comes in a grey color.



This Ninja Professional Food Processor has a rectangular base that takes up very little space on the counter. This food processor’s dimensions are 7.32 x 9.88 x 15.55 inches, making it easy to store in a cupboard. It comes with a clear bowl adapter with a handle and a matte grey finish.

You can do a lot with this food processor because it comes with three discs: a crinkle cut disc, a grating disc, and a convertible slicing and shredding disc. Those discs fit perfectly into the plastic storage container that comes with the set. The container keeps the discs orderly and protects you from getting your fingers sliced on the blades.

Chop, Puree, Dough, & Disc are the four presets on the machine. These preset make it easier to operate; all you have to do is press the appropriate button for the function you desire. Overall, this food processor has a sleek design that’s perfect for small kitchens with little storage and surface space.

It’s important to note that this food processor is fairly light, weighing only 7.65 pounds and making it simple to transport, lift, & place on a counter. While the lightweight design may cause stability concerns and “walking” while in operation, this food processor has four hard plastic feet that stick to the counter without requiring you to press down just on the food processor. The food processor didn’t walk or move, indicating that the feet provide a fairly tight hold. The disadvantage is that moving the processor from the counter when you’re done can be a little tough, but wrapping one arm around and giving it a solid tug seems to be a successful solution.

Performance of Ninja Professional Food Processor

Ninja Professional Food Processor: Performance

The 9-cup capacity of this food processor comfortably handles a full recipe of cookie dough. It mixed the dough thoroughly and uniformly at each stage, even when only a modest amount of butter & sugar was incorporated into the bowl. It handled the flour beautifully and proceeded to fully mix the dough after only scraping the bowl once, leaving it light and airy.

The puree mode barely lasted approximately two minutes when preparing hummus, and it had to be restarted several times. Even after pureeing the finished mixture for six minutes, the hummus never became smooth. A Magimix 14-Cup Food Processor, for example, created a smoother, lighter purée in half the time.

Disc attachments

The disc attachments yielded a mixed bag of outcomes. You need to chop a russet potato in half to get it through the feed chute since it was so little. The potato is simply cut through with the slicing disc, which takes around seconds to cut both halves. There is no pressure on the motor because the slices were equal and regular.

It is more difficult to slice a carrot with the same disc. The last bit of the carrot goes sideways and becomes trapped in the disc’s blade like that of the carrot, which has been placed whole and is chopped down to a final inch. During this procedure, the blade appears to shake and become unsteady, but the slices generated are even consistent.

Cheese grating is also a challenge. The grating disc appears to be unsteady once more, as well as the 6-ounce block of cheddar cheese appears to be pressing down on the disc’s edge. The cheese is shredded in about 13 seconds in the food processor, but huge chunks linger on top of a disc. Restarting the processor did not result in the grating of those portions.


Ninja Professional Food Processor: Chopping

The benefits of the food processor’s settings truly shine when it came to chopping up an onion. While previous food processors swiftly crossed the boundary between chopping & pureeing, the chopping mode on this food processor operates in three-second bursts. Each cycle had a little gap in between, and the onion was finely & uniformly chopped after three rounds. We just turned off the setting that once the onion is chopped to our liking, there was no danger of the bits becoming pureed.

This food processor is a force to be reckoned with. It never seemed to struggle to work, as well as the motor never seemed to be overworked. The discs offer uneven outcomes when it comes to different sorts of meals.

Ease of use and cleaning

Ease of use and cleaning

A Ninja Professional Food Processor is a relatively simple machine to operate. The bowl slides into the base with ease, so locking it in is simple. The lid, which makes a solid lock but may also readily be removed, is the same. The lid has a silicone gasket that gives it a nice, solid fit. It helps to avoid spills while also reducing slippage and noise while closing the lid.

A chopping blade, as well as a dough blade, are there in the processor, and both fit easily into the bowl. On top of a disc spindle, there are three discs: grating, crinkle cut, & slicing/shredding. The bowl readily accommodates that spindle. All of these parts fit together simply, and swapping them out is simple and quick.

A Ninja Professional Advanced Food Processor has four presets that remove some of the guesswork from the process. Chopping, pureeing, making dough, and then using the discs are all controlled by a single button press. The operation stop by hitting the button a second time. It also has three settings: low, high, and pulse, all of which are simple to operate.

It’s quite simple to clean this food processor. Its attachments are dishwasher safe, although they should only clean in the top rack. The dough blade has multiple ridges that take significant scrubbing, but the bowl is easy to wash by hand.


A Ninja Professional Advanced Food Processor with Auto-IQ is appealing for a variety of reasons. Its default settings allow you exact control over functions such as chopping & mixing dough, thus you don’t have to bother about selecting the correct selections manually. Its attachments make it a multipurpose machine that can handle tough items like carrots or cookie dough with ease.

Despite some disc stability difficulties, this food processor worked admirably. It’s small and light, and it’s a good value for $149.99 if you’re searching for versatility. If space isn’t an issue, our top recommendation, the Magimix Food Processor 14 Cup, is a good option.

It Magimix is much larger than Ninja, measuring 19.5 x 10.5 x 20.5 inches, but it also offers more adaptability. The Magimix comes with three bowls, as well as a dough blade, blender mix, knife blade, egg whisk, 2mm & 4mm slicing & grating discs, a spatula, as well as an information and recipe book. It features a storage box, just like the Ninja, to maintain those accessories tidy and clean.

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