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Unlocking Savings: YouTube TV Student Discount Explained


YouTube is without a doubt the most popular video streaming platform on the internet. The video-streaming service was launched in 2006 and was subsequently acquired by Google for more than $1.6 Billion. The YouTube TV Student Discount is a great way to cut the cost of your cable subscription. But what exactly is it? Let us walk you through it. 

When smartphones gained popularity at the end of the 2000s, they were swiftly followed by the emergence of smart TVs and mobile applications. Both of them have experienced explosive growth in popularity. 

Statistics taken in surveys have indicated that more than 2 billion people watch YouTube videos every month. Mobile devices account for over 70% of all video views. 

If you are a student, you can save a significant amount of money by using the YouTube TV Student Discount. There is a technique for high school, college, and graduate students.

The students can immediately start saving money with this offer. Our blog will cover topics on how to determine your eligibility and receive a discount on all YouTube Premium streaming services with the Student Plan.

What is the YouTube TV Student Discount?

Only YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium are eligible for the YouTube TV student discount. While the YouTube TV Student Discount is not available right now, you can get a deal after the free trial in a creative way. 

You can get access to Premium YouTube Music if the regular music apps are not working for you. YouTube TV goes one step further than regular streaming services by introducing DVR services.

This means that you can record and store unlimited TV for just under one year! This remarkable model means that you are not limited by space for just an extremely reasonable time frame. 

YouTube wants to compete with satellite companies or traditional television cable channels instead of OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other similar streaming services. 

As time passes, YouTube TV keeps extending its list of channels because of the devices that you will enjoy the service on.

Who qualifies for the YouTube TV student discount?

Unfortunately, the YouTube TV student discount is only available to students enrolled in U.S. colleges and schools offering YouTube student plan membership. 

If you are not already a member, this is the best time to join up for YouTube TV or one of their limited-time specials. 

The requirements to be eligible for it are given below:

  • Student YouTube membership requires you to enroll in an institution of higher education.
  • Your School’s SheerID status must not be pending. SheerID is responsible for the verification process.

Does your school offer a YouTube Plan?

To check if your school offers a YouTube TV Student plan discount, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • Visit the home page for Plan for Student YouTube Premium or YouTube Premium Music.
  • Choose the free trial option. 
  • You will be able to see the SheerID form on your display. Fill in your school’s information on it.
  • After you have been accepted into the student membership, you will be able to have continued access to this service for 4 years. 
  • Do note that it will need to be renewed annually.

Benefits of YouTube TV Discount

Some accounts have free YouTube Premium access. You can also join up for a one-month free trial as a student to evaluate the streaming service. 

Students over the age of 16 who are studying in an accredited program for a degree at a recognized college or university are eligible to enroll in the $6.99 per month YouTube Premium Plan. 

The program also provides access to over 40 music services, such as Spotify and Apple service. YouTube Originals, such as Cobra Kai, are also included.

All-in-one Service

You can subscribe to this service and find everything in one place. There are no hidden fees or charges, just one simple network program for a flat rate. 

Access on Any Device

YouTube Television offers all of its channels on your choice of device. This means that you can start watching your favorite videos right in the comfort of your home on your smart television and carry it on your tablet. 

Reduced Lag Time

Google has gone to great lengths to make sure that this platform stands out among the virtual crowd. The streaming on YouTube Television is nearly indefectible. 

Lag time is mainly reduced, especially if you have an internet speed of 13 Mbps. 

Impressive Channel Lineup

The lineup of channels that the platform has is astounding. They offer more than eighty-five different channels. That includes original broadcasting, most of the leading networks, and a catalog of sports channels that the whole family could enjoy. 

Multiple Accounts for One Subscription

The platform lets you subscribe to over six accounts for one subscription. Three devices can work simultaneously on it. 

Enjoy Voice Control

A delightful and memorable point that YouTube television offers is that if you have a Google Home, it can function with just voice control. 

So you can use your voice to pick your channels, select a show, and control playback. 

Free Unlimited DVR Storage

A great point of view that you don’t find in other streaming services is the free and unlimited DVR storage. 

That means you can record and store your favorite series, pictures, etc., on the cloud with a retention period of over 9 months. With DVR, you can control the commands and use forward, pause, rewind, etc. 

Similar YouTube Interface

The interface is similar to the well-known YouTube landscape. Since most humans on Earth have visited and used YouTube, YouTube Television will be an extremely familiar interface. 

Picture Mode for Android Users

Last, just like YouTube videos, YouTube Television offers a picture mode for Android users. 

That means the users can watch mini interpretations of their show as they continue to do whatever they want on their phone.

What services are included in the YouTube TV student discount?

While we have mentioned it above in the blog, we would like to make a separate section for our readers. By joining the YouTube Service Premium Membership, you can gain access to a variety of YouTube’s services. 

YouTube TV

YouTube Television is a streaming program that provides live and on-demand entertainment. It includes sports, news, and even your favorite series. With YouTube TV, you can stream thousands of live and on-demand episodes and films on your device. There are no obligations or concealed fees. 

YouTube Music

This is a YouTube music premium service that provides a vast catalog of songs and albums from famous musical artists and the opportunity to post your recordings. 

It is accessible via Android and iOS mobile devices and browsers on desktops. When Google announced the launch of a music streaming platform in the summer of June 2018, they presented a new logo and name for the service. 

YouTube TV Student Discount also has a music package offering ad-free listening. It also provides the ability to save songs and playlists for offline listening. 

How do you get a YouTube TV Student Discount?

  • Click on the blue lettering highlighting the family and student options on the YouTube webpage. Do note that if you are located outside the United States, it will only show the possibility of family membership. 
  • When the option for student subscription appears, choose the tab Try For Free. You will then be prompted to visit Sheer ID for verification purposes. Select Continue moving forward. 
  • You will be handed an online form to complete. Click on “Submit” after entering your information. The verification is immediately conducted. If it is delayed for any reason, however, this could take up to 48 hours. 
  • If you cannot finish the verification, please get in touch with the Sheer ID at for assistance. 
  • After verifying your account, fill in your payment information and click on the buy button. 
  • You can now access your YouTube account and enjoy the features of the streaming medium. 

How do you join family groups and share YouTube TV signups?

To get a YouTube TV student discount, you may consider forming a group of students living in the same location and attending the same school. 

You can form a unit of six people and contribute the price of $130 each for a one-time payment. 

You can also use the service at a reduction for each member who would contribute $10.90 monthly to the family group. 

How does the Family Group Function?

You can create a family group to join YouTube TV plus other Google apps and services with over five other people and become the family head and manager. 

You will be the first to buy and set the home position and invite or remove family members from your group. 

Each family member of the group can produce their library of content on YouTube TV. 

What you watch and DVR are all yours, and YouTube won’t participate in your library or watch history with your group. 

Likewise, creating this unit will enable your members to watch on at least three devices simultaneously. 

How do you create a group to qualify for a YouTube TV student discount?

  • To subscribe, go to the settings in YouTube and click on Try Family.
  • Choose your profile, print, and share. 
  • Select set up.
  • Agree to the YouTube Paid Terms of Services and Google terms and policy. 
  • Choose cancel or next. 

After creating the unit, your members will accept a dispatch link to join and use their Google accounts to subscribe. 

What are the limitations of the family group? 

All the members must be 10 or above, have to live in the United States, not be part of another unit, and cannot subscribe using a g-suite account. This is another way to get a YouTube TV Student Discount using the unit. 

How can I reactivate YouTube and renew my student membership account?

To see when your student status expires, or to renew your student status, visit For help with the process of verification, email Sheer ID. If you need help with your status, get in touch with YouTube support.

How much is the YouTube TV student discount?

The student discount for students is $6.99 per month. It offers a 1-month free trial. After that, it is $6.99 for eligible students only. 


If you are not currently a YouTube TV subscriber, now is an excellent moment to sign up. 

The student offer provides a discounted pass to the most popular live TV. Because of that, if you were previously just considering joining, now would be the stretch for you. 

If you are already a subscriber with regular pricing and don’t require this discount at the moment, we hope this blog helped shed light on how amazing it is. 

To get it laterally, you can start a 14-day trial by subscribing to your account. After the trial expires you can get a YouTube unit made up of six students to partake in the cost. Besides your members can watch on 3 devices simultaneously.

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