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Best PDF to Powerpoint Converters- 2023!


Delivering content via PDF is inferior to PowerPoint in terms of grabbing attention. Presenters can use PowerPoint to simplify complicated concepts, data, or numbers into understandable visualizations. Additionally, morphing methods may provide a lot of visual intrigue between various presentations. Creating presentations from PDFs that work on multiple devices is possible with PDF to PPT converters. Additionally, these converters let you edit PDF files by adding or deleting slides, changing text, or adding graphics. However, several PDF to PPT conversion tools are available, as mentioned below.



Zamzar provides a variety of methods to assist you in converting your files in the manner that is most practical for you. You may instantly change your documents, photographs, videos, and more to the layouts you require with it since file conversions are simple, dependable, and handy. They also provide an API for developers to alter files automatically and desktop technology, enabling conversions from the desktop. However, it’s extremely basic, practical, and easy to change PDF to PPT.

Steps to convert a PDF to PowerPoint by using Zamzar: 

  • Choose files from a URL, your PC, a device, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive. There are various file-supported Platforms, such as Windows and Mac. You may change files by dragging and dropping them.
  • Choose the file you wish to use. In this situation, choose PPT if you wish to alter PDF to PPT.
  • As soon as you choose your layout, the transition process begins. Alternatively, choose the transmit option and agree to the terms and conditions.


Zamzar is working to increase the efficiency of file conversion. Real-time PDF to Powerpoint conversion has recently been implemented, so you no longer have to enter your email to obtain your transformed file.

Operating Systems and 24*7 support team 

Anyone using a Mac, Linux, or Windows operating system can use Zamzar. You may contact the support team at any time, and they are available 365 days a year in addition to being able to alter your file.

User interface

Users demand simple file transitions. Because of this, Zamzar does not require an account to change files. You can change the file without adding or signing up for an account. 

  • speedy transition procedure
  • Simpleness of execution
  • Quick response time
  • no pop-ups or advertisements.
  • relatively few additional features
  • All file layouts are not transformed by it.

Adobe Acrobat

Our Pick
Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat created the PDF file, a software suite of applications and Web services for viewing, creating, manipulating, printing, and managing PDF files. Due to the ppt slides transition procedure, the PDF document’s content will be preserved in the PPT file. To complete the transition, utilize any web browser’s Acrobat PDF to ppt slides converter. Use the high-quality PDF to transform PPT slides in any web browser to share your work confidently.

Steps to convert a PDF to PowerPoint by using Adobe acrobat: 

  • Drag & drop files into the PDF drop zone or choose a file from the menu above.
  • Choose the PDF document that you wish to transmit to a PPTX file.
  • Watch Acrobat transform your file from PDF to PPT automatically.
  • Sign up to share it or get a transformed ppt file.

Quick transformation

Changing a PDF to a PPTX file takes only a few clicks. With Acrobat, you may alter PDF files to Microsoft PowerPoint and have the material look how you want it to.

Convert a multiple-slide PDF

Use any browser to use the Acrobat PDF to PowerPoint converter; all you need is an internet connection to use the online service for file transition. The material will display as expected on either the Mac or Windows operating systems, thanks to the free PDF converter tool’s preservation of the document layout.

The transformed PPT file can be edited.

After logging in, editing Microsoft Office files is simple on Acrobat web. Simply open the PowerPoint presentation file in Microsoft PowerPoint and begin editing after converting your PDF using the online Acrobat tool.

  • Retentions of formatting and layout
  • all platforms are supported
  • fast and excellent conversions
  • features an integrated OCR
  • enables batch and partial transition
  • Simple to use
  • maintains the document’s original layout
  • The free plan includes unlimited access to online materials.
  • It includes password security.
  • Too short trial time
  • To access all the features, you need a license.
  • Costly pricing.
  • Essential functionalities are missing in the free edition.
  • With this platform, there is some initial learning.



On prominent B2B software listing sites, Smallpdf has one of the highest ratings for PDF software. To begin, organize, and complete your work with digital records, it provides free services to compress, alter, and edit PDF records. In addition to being GDPR, eIDAS compliant, and ISO 27001 certified, it has enhanced TLS encryption for secure file transfers. More than a billion people have utilized the service to make working with digital records easier. However, it’s extremely easy to change PDF to PPT by following the below steps.

Steps to change a PDF to PowerPoint by using SmallPDF: 

  • In the toolbox, click Choose File.
  • Choose the PDF file to change.
  • It will immediately upload and begin editing the file.
  • Install your PPT when the extraction is finished.

Quick and easy transition in top quality

Converting from PDF to PPT is challenging but using Smallpdf makes it quite easy and convenient. The PDF converts without issue if it is in the presentation layout. Smallpdf has teamed up with Solid Documents, which provides the greatest transition available to deliver excellent efficiency.

Every operating system is functional, and conversion operates in the cloud

No matter what computer you use or what operating system it has, you can alter PDF to PPT on it. You don’t need to download anything on the computer because the cloud’s servers handle the processing of your data. Since customers don’t need to install apps, the conversion procedure on the cloud makes it less time-consuming.

Safety of the files

Privacy is important to everyone. Hence, one hour after the transition, Smallpdf ensures all files are removed from its servers. You can also check out Smallpdf’s confidentiality policy for more information.

  • Numerous PDF tools
  • Multi-platform
  • Great value
  • Syncing with Microsoft 365 programs
  • possible conversion optimization options
  • Enterprise and business plans are offered.
  • Compared to the PC version, the functionality is rather constrained.
  • Regular users might not be suitable for subscription plans.



Nitro is an application to produce and edit digital records and files in the Portable Document Format. It quickly transforms PDF files and PowerPoint into editable Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or other Microsoft office layouts, saving you time from having to sort through outdated paperwork. However, the following are the steps to change pdf into PowerPoint.

Steps to convert a PDF to PowerPoint by using Nitro: 

  1. Choose Powerpoint.
  2. Choose PowerPoint from the Convert category under the Home tab.
  3. Make arrangements for your file:
  4. Click Add Files, then use the browse button to add other PDF files. Use the Move down or Move up options after selecting a PDF file from the list to reorganize the records, or click Remove to remove a document from the list. Click Choose Pages to convert a specific set of pages. Enter the range of pages in the Pages area, and then utilize the output section to define additional information.
  5. Choose convert.
  6. After making the appropriate PDF file selections, click convert to finish the transition.

Maintains the Quality

Automation that corrects layout errors means that quality will never again be compromised for speed. It ensures that the original fonts, pictures, and formatting are maintained following the transition.

Convert multiple files simultaneously.

Converting many files at once will help you work more productively. In a single slide, easily convert vast collections of PDF documents into editable Microsoft Office or picture files.

  • Microsoft Office’s intuitive ribbon user interface
  • fantastic document conversion
  • Multi-platform
  • Expensive
  • may be greater than what casual users require.
  • OCR scanning contains flaws.

Soda PDF


Soda PDF is a completely functional PDF solution accessible as a desktop and web-based app, assisting your company in easily completing any document objectively. It may generate, read, edit, convert, protect, and distribute files in the Portable Document Format. You can access all Soda PDF functions from any mobile device in the cloud. You can also prepare and send your contracts using Soda PDF for e-signature.

Steps to convert a PDF to PowerPoint by using Soda PDF: 

  1. Select a file.
  2. Selecting the file you want to transfer from PDF to PowerPoint in a converter will be the first free step. This may be accomplished by transferring it from your PC or using a cloud storage platform like Google Drive or Dropbox. You may also drag and drop your PDF file into the upload box if you have it close at hand. Your document will then be transformed from PDF to PowerPoint.
  3. Install it
  4. Install your PowerPoint document converted from PDF to your computer and open it to access it. You may also view your files by clicking on a link that will be emailed to you and remain active for 24 hours.

High-Quality conversion

Any file type may be instantly converted into an edited PDF document with the simple-to-use Soda Converter tool without sacrificing the quality of your data. The best part is that you can change to PDF using our digital converter or the robust Soda PDF Desktop program.


Most PDF converters, such as soda pdf, are secure to use. Your file will be kept private if you upload it to one of the digital conversion programs. After 24 hours, all files on the secure servers will be deleted.

  • Superior free and paid options
  • Additional advanced business functions are available.
  • Desktop and web apps
  • OCR is not included in premium plans.



Regardless of your location or device, you can browse, fill out, annotate, or securely sign PDF documents using the compact, feature-rich converter. To increase the productivity of knowledge workers, it provides user-friendly desktop software, mobile applications, and cloud services. It also offers server software for massive PDF document management and data collection, enabling developers to integrate strong PDF technologies into their applications.

Steps to convert a PDF to PowerPoint by using Foxit: 

  • Drop your PDF file onto the online PDF by dragging it to the PPT converter.
  • Once you click on Start Conversion, Foxit’s service converts your PDF to a PowerPoint file. Just wait for the process to complete.
  • To install the converted PowerPoint file to your computer, choose the Download Your File option.

Accurate, safe, and secure. 

The free PDF to PPT converter quickly transforms PDF files into PPTX files. Formatting, hyperlinks, and other file properties are also converted. Your information is protected since the Foxit PDF to PPT online converter deletes both the original and transformed files after conversion.

Compatible with desktops and several operating systems

Install Foxit PDF Editor on your desktop to receive access to the Foxit online services and a tonne of other essential features. The converter supports all machines and operating systems. To utilize the digital converting tool, you only need a computer, browser, and Internet connection.

  • Multi-platform
  • Simple to use
  • superb OCR
  • Strong redaction techniques
  • Wet signatures on digital devices
  • Convert from the Website might have issues
  • Forms made with Foxit can appear differently in other PDF software.

How do I transfer a PDF into PPT?

There are several free-to-download Windows, Mac, and Web-based conversion tools.  Choose the slide in PowerPoint to which you wish to add the file, and then choose Insert > Object. Choose to Create from a file in the Insert Object box, input the location of the PDF file, or click Browse, locate the PDF file, and then choose OK.

What are the purposes of a PDF converter?

A PDF converter acts as a translator, taking the information in a PDF and digitally converting it into another form so that another application may understand it. The mechanics of this conversion, which vary depending on the format and might be complicated, all happen in the background.


Various online tools help you change PDF into PPT or convert ppt it into other formats. However, these are our six best PDF to Powerpoint Converters! Though all the tools feature fantastic efficiency and safe and secure conversions, Adobe Acrobat is our choice as it created the PDF format. So it should be no surprise that Adobe Acrobat is the best PDF-to-PowerPoint converter. Several specifically supported platforms, such as Windows, Mac, and Web-based free trial-free tools, are available.

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