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Watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch in Epic 2024!

watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch
watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch

Watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch! Ahh, what a dream it is. The Nintendo Switch has been available for many years now, has two variants and a third is on the way, yet it still falls short in the home media sector. As of this moment, you cannot get Netflix on Nintendo Switch officially. Despite having applications like Hulu, Funimation, and YouTube on eShop, Nintendo has never commented on the absence.

does the nintendo switch have netflix

With Netflix no longer available on the Wii U and 3DS, Netflix is no longer supported on any Nintendo console—at least not officially. So can I get Netflix on Nintendo Switch, you ask? A solution is available if you’re determined to watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch. Here are the steps to watching Netflix for Nintendo Switch.

Is Netflix available on the Nintendo eShop?

netflix nintendo switch

Netflix, one of the world’s most popular streaming platforms, has infiltrated practically every technical nook and crevice. It’s accessible for download on many devices, including smart TVs and phones, to the most recent consoles. With such great demand, it appears that Netflix should be available on Switch. However, the Netflix software is currently unavailable on the Nintendo eShop. You may, however, utilize a workaround to watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch.

nintendo netflix

Netflix was previously accessible in the eShop on earlier Nintendo platforms. The Wii had a Nintendo app until January 2019, after which it was discontinued. Netflix was formerly available on Wii U, New Nintendo 3DS/3DS XL, Nintendo 2DS, & New Nintendo 3DS/3DS XL portable platforms. Netflix isn’t longer available on any Nintendo platform.

How to Install Netflix on a Nintendo Switch?

can you get netflix on nintendo switch

Does Nintendo Switch have Netflix? No, it does not. But you can still watch Netflix on it. You must open the hidden browser to watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch. To get there, follow these easy instructions.

1. On the Switch’s home screen, go to System Settings.

nintendo switch netflix

2. Choose Internet from the option on the left.

3. Scroll down to Internet Settings.

netflix nintendo switch

4. Locate the Wi-Fi connection you’re using and press A.

5. Change Settings should be selected.

can you play netflix on nintendo switch

6. Change the DNS settings from Automatic to Manual.

can i get netflix on nintendo switch

7. On the Primary DNS, press A to enter and save it.

netflix nintendo switch

8. When it indicates the settings have been saved, click OK.

9. When the pop-up disappears, return to the previous menu and select Connect to This Network.

10. This will inform you that “Registration will be required to access this network,” choose Next.

does nintendo switch have netflix

11. The SwitchBru DNS screen will appear, and you can choose “GO” and continue to Google or enter a URL from the left-hand option.

can you get netflix on nintendo switch

12. Search for Netflix, click on the link, or put into the enter URL window and click Continue.

switch netflix app

13. This will take you to the main Netflix page, where you can log in or sign up to start streaming.

Can you watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch in any other way?

can you have netflix on nintendo switch

The other way to watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch is to install Android on the console. This is not the recommended method since if you brick your system, Nintendo will not provide a repair or replacement. You must first ensure that your Nintendo Switch could be hacked. So before you perform this, remember hacking.

does nintendo switch have netflix

You will not be able to override the Switch’s operating system, so don’t be concerned that they won’t be able to utilize the device to play your favorite games. However, because you’re altering your system, you should do so at your own risk.

how to download netflix on nintendo switch lite

If you’re OK with the dangers and your Switch is hackable, you can follow the steps framed in this XDA Developers forum post. It’s anything but an incredibly complicated process, yet you truly do need to be a bit tech-sharp to make it happen. You’ll require a high-speed microSD card with no less than 16GB of storage and a USB-C cable to connect from your Switch to your PC.

Which streaming services are available on Nintendo Switch?

nintendo netflix

You may use the Hulu app to watch movies and television shows on your Switch without compromising your system with the Netflix workaround. You may also use the YouTube app on Nintendo Switch to watch your favorite channels and other free stuff. If you enjoy anime, the Funimation & Pokémon TV apps on Nintendo Switch are available, with the latter allowing free access to previous seasons of Pokémon.


With applications like CrunchyRoll accessible on the Nintendo Switch, you’d think downloading Netflix would be simple. Unfortunately, the software is not yet accessible in the eShop. But everything is not lost! You’ll be able to watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch flawlessly if you use the Switch’s hidden browser!





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